Skins - Series 1 And 2 (DVD) £15.20 @ Sendit

Skins - Series 1 And 2 (DVD) £15.20 @ Sendit

Found 22nd Oct 2008
The critically acclaimed drama about a group of pill popping, dope smoking, off the rails 17 year olds, that's a mixture of humorous, heartbreaking and sometimes shocking stories. The gang are: Tony, the most popular boy in town and his kind hearted sidekick Sid; quick witted and stunning Michelle; total nutter, but adorable Cassie; best mates Anwar and Maxxie; super bright Jal and Chris, the original party animal.

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I must be missing something as last night when this was posted, and still now, it comes up for me as
"Skins - Series 1 And 2
RRP: £39.99 You Save: £23.10
DVD £16.89"
ie £1.69 more than posted ???
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