Skins series 1 boxset - £3.00 delivered @ Tesco Outlet

Skins series 1 boxset - £3.00 delivered @ Tesco Outlet

Found 20th Jun 2011Made hot 21st Jun 2011
3 discs for £3 - and one of C4's most refreshing recent dramas to boot


Been meaning to catch up with this. Great find!

Definately the best series (well that and 2).

The second and third batch just wernt quite as involving.

Series 1 and 2 were the best IMO, but maybe because I was younger than them then... series 3 and 4 were okay, and 5 was **** poor... by season 5 though I was older than the characters, wheras seasons 1 and 2 I was a bit younger, and seasons 3 and 4 I was almost the same age. At season 5 I watched one episode and couldn't stand it... it appears far more contrived when you're older than them I guess

look out for me in a few of the scenes.

I believe one of the guys is meant to be naked in a classroom, I'm the brown guy at the window shouting and doing the "**** gesture" repeatedly.

Also in the house party scene slumped in the corner with spaghetti on my head. Blue t-shirt.

Thank you. This had passed me by but good to see that people think this early stuff is better than the stuff I have seen. Cause that was pretty good

Nice price, though it is available for free on 4OD....

Still, you can't go wrong for £3 and it's the best generation of Skins. Heat added!

I liked this cast of characters, but I also liked 2nd cast

Heat added

The latest series was garbage though

agree with the above - first gen (1 and 2) was fantastic.... worth getting series 1 and 2 if possible...
second gen (3 and 4) was still great, but not quite as good....
don't touch 5... and don't touch the american remake.

free at blinkbox
ps3 and pc

All gone now.

None left, ****!!…b=2

available used from £3.37 free delivery

Dispatched today


Dispatched today

Arrived today.

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Well done to all those who managed to buy and enjoy your purchases!
(And I don't work for Tesco btw)

Sid and Cassie
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