skobbler LITE Navigation - UK/Ireland for iPhone FREE

skobbler LITE Navigation - UK/Ireland for iPhone FREE

Found 16th Jun 2010
Posted this a few months ago for £1.19 and it ois now FREE
Number 1 selling app in Germany and now converted for the UK

Fully Featured Navigation

skobbler is well featured, with the mod cons youd expect to find on more expensive sat nav gadgets and applications:

· Turn-by-turn GPS navigation
· Visual and voice-guided navigation
· 2.5D birds eye view graphics
· Day and night display modes
· iPod music playback during navigation
· Automatic continuation of navigation after incoming calls
· Pedestrian mode
· Take me home function
· Dynamic map updates at no extra cost
· User-editable maps of UK and Ireland (OpenStreetMap data)
· Bookmarks for favourite destinations



good post but crap software from the reviews

Still showing as £1.19 when I Click on the link!!

Lite is free

So that's twice it's been posted as free here, twice it turns out to be £1.19, and twice the reason is "oh it's the lite version that is free". Lite versions generally are, where's the deal?


good post but crap software from the reviews

The full version does have some poor reviews but the Lite (the free one), has mostly favourable reviews.

The link does NOT point to the free version. You need to search for it in iTunes.

The OP isn't for the lite version, maybe that's why.

I downloaded this app for FREE which is the lite version... i used it in London's Covent Garden yesterday... it was REALLY slow loading and even though it DID come up with the correct route (eventually) it didn't really work as a sat nav should.... i was in the 3rd street en route and it was still showing me in the first street...and this was walking... so who knows what it would be like driving.... be in Manchester and still show you in London?? try it for yourselves but i found the iphone's built in mapping system better

I used this a few weeks ago after seeing this post. It's not bad. But I only used as I didn't know the exact route to where I wanted to go. After putting the postcode in; it sent me the way I expected. But then decided to pick a totally different area. About 8 miles from the destination I wanted! It was good up until this point.
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