Skull Candy noise isolating earphones £5 instore @ Tesco

Skull Candy noise isolating earphones £5 instore @ Tesco

Found 7th Sep 2016
Usually £10, great earphones and they come in plenty of colours. I have had a pair of these for ages and have had no issues, great sound etc. Bought in my local Tesco in Lisburn but had a yellow sticker so they may be available in other stores at the reduced price.
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Been £5 for while in my local Tesco

Great headphones
Nice find. I might grab some for the iPhone 7.

Nice find. I might grab some for the iPhone 7.

iPhone 7 hasn't been released yet?. :-)
Had to buy a pair of these the other week after my Sony pair died in work. Far better build quality than I expected and far better build quality than the cheap Sony and JVC units I've had previously.

I do suspect that this price is possibly one of those where it's made to look like a discount but is actually the price the manufacturer wants to sell at. Still a good value buy though.

?iPhone 7 hasn't been released yet?. :-)

Think about it...

Think about it...

​This is the internet. You leave your brain at the door.

?iPhone 7 hasn't been released yet?. :-)

​I think it is a jab at lack of headphones on the new iPhone 7

Nice find. Head added.
The new iPhone 7 comes with a headphone
My bad!, hehehe, I'd NOT as yet heard the 'Stories' on the rumour mill?, what's with alllll these Tech Companies forced compliance policies or something? (of some things?), thats up man?, hmmmmmmmm. :-(

Ahhhhhhhhhh well?.

Here's the Story for those (like my former self) who had NOT yet heard of this too (untill about 4 hours ago when I was on Yahoo Web Site, lol):

Why the headphone jack must die…tml
On a slightly different note, have a look at this one too (as it may intrigue some?):

Just One Photo Can Silently Hack Millions Of Androids…-GB
Picked up a pair. Great sound quality. Bargain for a fiver. Not much different from my £30 sennheiser pair. Will go back and buy more. My kids go through headphones like there's no tomorrow.
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