Skullcandy Hesh Headphones (Black and Red) £31.99 @ Play
Skullcandy Hesh Headphones (Black and Red) £31.99 @ Play

Skullcandy Hesh Headphones (Black and Red) £31.99 @ Play

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The cheapest I have seen these headphones, and I have been searching for a while now.
These are some of the loudest headphones out there, both in terms of audio volume and visual style. Red leather headstrap, and Zebra skin coloured fur? Only crazy people would wear that, that's why I got a pair.

Pretty pricey for a pair of headphones, audio quality is good, but I would mainly say you are paying for the style. Get these if you want to make a statement while sitting on the tube, or if you're one of those skater kids.

Product description:
With 50mm High Explosive power drivers the Skullcandy HESH will pump sound into your skull with an intensity found in no other headphone.
The HESH features the biggest power driver you can get coupled with sound-boosting parabolic ear-cups to produce studio quality sound in an affordable package.

# 50mm power drivers
# Dome-shaped earcups
# Soft leather touch earpads
# Leather headwrap
# Home stereo adaptor
# In-line volume control
# Travel bag
# Frequency Response: 100 - 18,000 Hz
# Impedance: 32 Ohms
# Ear Coupling Earpads
# Cable: 1.2m
# Plug Type: 3.5mm (with 6.3mm adaptor)

Other models/colours are available, but not only are the Black/Red the most extravagant, they are also the cheapest


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reviews on amazon say: flimsy and break easy.

I have a pair in black and I am sorry to report that they are, frankly, rubbish.

When I got them I thought they sounded OK, but soon after I dropped them and one side stopped working properly. I managed for a while to get them working with some technical adjustment (an occasional tap on the desk) but they were never right.

So I bought some Sennheiser HD 555s for £56.72 from Amazon. Yes I know the Sennheisers are twice as much as the Skullcandys but the build and sound quality are light years better.

Before I binned the Skullcandys I decided to take them apart and see if I could fix them. Inside the soldering on the connections is about the worst I have seen on cheap electronics, the plastic moulding is rubbish and they hadn't even glued the fabric over the drivers straight. Obviously made very quickly and cheaply in a sweatshop in China. I resoldered the joints and they now seem to work, though much much worse than the Sennheisers. I have kept them in the back of the cupboard as spares.

All in all they look great but that is about it, the quality does not justify the price tag.

I won't vote hot or cold because they might suit someone and this may be a good price but personally I wouldn't bother again.
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