Sky at Night magazine 5 months for £5

Sky at Night magazine 5 months for £5

Found 7th Jan 2012
Great deal for any fellow Astronomers out there. 5 months subscription for 5 quid, then either continue the sub at 19.99 for 6 months or cancel. I'm going to just continue at 19.99 for 6 months as it's still a good deal.
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can u cancled the dd as soon as the fiver has gone out?

sometimes they stop the mag immediately
Not sure mate, but it does say they will send you a letter in the post 10 days prior to them taking the first direct debit, so if I were you I would just wait until I receive the letter then cancel.
you can cancel and still opt to get the remaining issues. but usually in those 5 months there is another offer to take advantage of. been subscribing since issue 1..
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