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Sky price increase- got £17 pm for 12 months for Fibre Max and Line rental - negotiate through CHAT link (retention deal)
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Posted 27th Feb 2019Posted 27th Feb 2019
No email yet, I checked my Sky Fibre Max future billing which will increase from £18pm to £40pm from April. My current contract ends late March. This was the original Sky Fibre Unl… Read more
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£25 and £10 "admin" fee


Let me know how you get on. I tried calling and still offer of £25 with boost and 9.95 delivery charge.


Same here - will cancel with 14 days to go and see where that gets me. Failing that off to Vodafone for £21 a month. Hope their service has improved


When I looked at the app I could see that my future bills were going to increase substantially. I phoned Sky and before I made my case to the operator, he said that that my current deal is extended for another 12 months.


Nice! How did you get this via live chat or phone?

Free sky talk anytime extra (currently £8) was going up to £10 in april but was given it free for 18 months
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Posted 26th Feb 2019Posted 26th Feb 2019LocalLocal
Free sky talk anytime extra (currently £8) was going up to £10 in april but was given it free for 18 months
Obviously everyone is well aware of the sky increases in april. I phoned up today to re-negotiate a package however they said i currently have max discounts on my packages and coul… Read more

Anyone else had success haggling a better deal with SKY? Mine is going up by £8 a month,


Great post - hot. I would go for it as I have Sky Broadband and Phone with no inclusive calls but I also have Sky Mobile with unlimited calls and texts for £4.50 a month plus 2GB data which can be rolled over for 3 years.


Nice deal, I got an offer for my Anytime Calls last year for £2 per month, I was told that as it was a 'set price' it would not be going up. Now TV do have an offer on at the moment for BB and free anytime calls so perhaps that is why Sky are doing this deal too.


That's a great price for fibre + talk anytime extra. I'm guessing it is because you have TV that they've giving you such a good deal on the phone and broadband.



Sky Q/Entertainment £15 for Broadband customers (18 months = £270) @ Sky
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Posted 23rd Feb 2019Posted 23rd Feb 2019
Sky Q/Entertainment £15 for Broadband customers (18 months = £270) @ Sky
Offer Details : (MOD Edit: removed as contains personal contact details) Usually £25, £27 from April or £15 for current Broadband customers. A £12 saving. Minimum 18m contract.… Read more

For new customers go to their stall/shops to get the same package. Just signed up TV only (Sky Enterntainment package) for £15pm on an 18mnth contract. £10 installation.


Sky are doing various 30th anniversary bundles for new customers only though and runs out Thursday this week. 1) Surf and Watch BundleSky TV with over 300 Entertainment channels and Broadband Unlimited. £30.00 a month Line Rental & Sky Talk included £19.95 one-off cost 2) Ultimate Mix BundleSky TV with Ultimate On Demand and Sky Cinema. £30.00 a month 3) Spectator BundleSky TV with Sky Sports, all in stunning HD £30.00 a month


For me it was part of my package


Cause I can’t find any other deal close to this without having to pay for an aerial installation etc


As a new customer I got entertainment plus bb as I can’t get fibre for £30. Plus free sky dish installation etc? I thought it was ok

Sky Broadband retention deal - 12 month contract for broadband and talk at £8.99 a month (total £107.88) @ Sky
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Posted 22nd Feb 2019Posted 22nd Feb 2019
So, Sky just notified me of the beyond RPI price increase on my broadband contract. Long story short they eventually offered me a new 12 month contract for broadband and talk at £8… Read more
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No, unfortunately not. I haggled and haggled but couldn't get any lower than £20 a month. Off to Plusnet now. Good luck!


So got this deal last year. My contract ended and now i am being charge £32 per month. Anyone had any luck getting a good price ?


The Post Office deal (after TCB or QC) at £10.90 doesn't seem bad, although looking at one of the faster options.


Yep when they told me 14 days on webchat I was surprised but I kept a copy and then they emailed me with the date and it is 14 days. Cheers for the nowtv deal, I might use that to try and haggle as they are owned by Sky. Outbound retentions usually have the best deals so I will wait for a call / email If I can get it for under £14 ish I will stay, if not I will walk.


They told me you only need to give 14 days notice - I'm not sure if that is actually correct, I need to double check. The best they offered me was £20 too, although signing up to any other company seems to be much better. Probably going to go for Virgin Media 50Mps @ just over £14, if my sister doesn't want the cabling laying by them go with TalkTalk or NowTV for around £10 per month with cashback.

Sky Broadband Unlimited + Talk Anytime Unlimited inc. Line Rental - £8 p/m (Retention Offer)
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Posted 15th Aug 2018Posted 15th Aug 2018
Sky Broadband Unlimited + Talk Anytime Unlimited inc. Line Rental - £8 p/m (Retention Offer)
I've made a fuss about the £2 sky talk offer And they dropped my bill down to £8.… Read more

When you say email, Do you mean their online chat? If it is email what is the address?




I got my deal by contacting via email.


Thanks op got bb+line rental for £8.99, up from £8.51 but i don't mind a few pennies extra. I might ring up some point to get the Anytime Extra for £2 Contact Number to get the Anytime Extra directly is 03300 413 000 (if anyone else wants to try) p.s. can you post back here if you managed to get any sort of deal via the phone


Well I was aiming for 8.99+2, but luckily the agent who handled my email said that she couldn't reduce the call to £2 so reduced everything down to £8, which is the cost of the unlimited call alone.

Sky Broadband Rentention, Sky Fibre Max & Line Rental £25 P/M Normally £43.99
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Posted 23rd Jul 2018Posted 23rd Jul 2018LocalLocal
Sky Broadband Rentention, Sky Fibre Max & Line Rental £25 P/M Normally £43.99
Just called sky for my yearly retention got offered a better deal than my last retention which im quite chuffed about. £25 per month for Sky Fibre Max (currently £30 on a deal for… Read more
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You should have haggled more this is what I got on broadband so nexts months bill looks like below. If I didn't have the anytime extra calls on the phone then I would have unlimited fibre and line rental for £18


Chatted on line with advisor over the weekend, was paying £10 for fibre unlimited but due to go back up to £20. Was offered a £4 discount making it 34.99 with unlimited talk and voicemail. Asked for a better deal and was given an extra discount for line rental. Now £30 for fibre unlimited, unlimited talk and voicemail. Very happy customer


just got Sky Fiber Max in 20£ PM for 12 months then 30 for rest of 6 months.Better deal then what offered to OP.Plus New Sky router 3.5 wit free router dispatch.


The good thing with Sky Broadband is that so long as you have patience, there are room for negotiations. Just try your luck. I have been with Sky since O2 home broadband was transferred over to Sky. I am always on the Sky Fibre unlimited and I always pay £20 a month including broadband and a landline on a 12 months contract.


Erm,I honestly thought 70 for full tv package sky go extra {5£} and unltd fibre was a good deal on 18m deal but looks like fellow Hukd members have had better .Think I will call back and go on 30 days notice and see if they can better 70.

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Sky Broadband £18 / 12m + £9.95 set up fee   (+£90 Quidco/£50 Prepaid Credit Card Reward )
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Posted 1st Feb 2018Posted 1st Feb 2018LocalLocal
Sky Broadband £18 / 12m + £9.95 set up fee (+£90 Quidco/£50 Prepaid Credit Card Reward )
Double reward on Sky Broadband with £90 Quidco & Sky reward card £50 (y) edit TCB drop, Quidco replaces.

No “Sky Broadband UNLIMITED” it’s in the title pic (strong)


12gb cap?


Yeah used to work.


Thanks. Will do that. Does the existing phone number remains the same (folks want to keep the same number) as long I tell BTOR it's a line takeover?


That’s why, it used to allow online transfer - go for new line and when BT Openreach call/arrive just tell them it’s a line takeover. Then get Sky to refund (£20? Is it ??)

(Retention Deal) Sky Unlimited Broadband £120 a year including Line Rental
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Posted 2nd Oct 2017Posted 2nd Oct 2017LocalLocal
(Retention Deal) Sky Unlimited Broadband £120 a year including Line Rental
just managed to get a new deal from sky, free line rental + £10 per month for adsl unlimited broadband. total cost for the year £120 inc line rental and broadband basically place… Read more
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Called today few offer! After putting cancellation notice got email offering half price line rental if contract by 10th dec...anybody think they will offer free line rental after that date?


What change you asked for?you all ready in 12 month contract isn’t it?


it was the usual customer services number, then press the number for phone related queries, that's all i remember


Any chance you got the number for that department? Thank you so much for your help..


My advise ring em today if u asked for cancellation. Ring the telephone dept and not broadand and enquire about lets say the international package. Hopefullh before they discuss that with you they will offer u free line rental and ask u not to cancel

Existing Sky Fibre customers: £10/mo OFF your bill for 12 months
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Posted 27th Aug 2017Posted 27th Aug 2017
Existing Sky Fibre customers: £10/mo OFF your bill for 12 months
I found this randomly while trying to reduce the cost of my service, if you visit and select the following: Sky Broadband > Cancel Sky Broadband… Read more
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Thank you OP!!!


Vodafone line and broadband £24. Why bother with sky? £8 extra for all inclusive calls. 76mbps.


Thanks I just did this today. I had been on phone twice, both times absolute best offer (their words) £7.50 off. Every little helps. Thought about the plusnet offer but after reading reviews, decided to stick with Sky. Saves the upheaval and I've always had good, consistent speeds.


not a good deal.. been paying £25 for a few years, with free line rental..


Did this on 27th Aug but still not showing on my account?

Get Sky Broadband without TV from £20 per month at Sky
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Posted 26th Aug 2017Posted 26th Aug 2017
Get Sky Broadband without TV from £20 per month at Sky
Get Sky Broadband without TV new cust £20 a month for 12 months + £100 Prepaid MasterCard® Line rental and Sky Talk included + one off £9.95 one off set-up fe… Read more
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Plus roll out fibre to everyone who wants it. I'm stuck with slow ADSL as fibre isn't available! and get rid of traffic management while we're at it (highfive)


We need to get back to dirt cheap prices for ADSL, im perfectly fine with 9Mb download, and dont want to be paying pisstaking prices!!!


Just my experience but..stay away from Sky Broadband... I made the mistake of leaving Plusnet earlier this year (after hearing the £1 increase). I was lured in to sky by their £10 a month offer they had at the time. As soon as sky was connected, I noticed a massive drop in speeds (even after the 10 period). I noticed a bizarre thing as well, when having more than 1 device connected. For example i would be streaming a movie on nowtv which was fine, however the bandwidth was then cut for any other device in house. It made simple browsing on my phone impossible. Same would happen if i was downloading a file on the pc, the whole internet came to a halt for everyone else. Never experienced bandwidth issues like this with plusnet. Anyway, before my 30 day period was up i went back to plusnet and couldnt be any happier.


Remember using your own ADSL router with Sky is very difficult. You will need to use software to get your username/password from the really bad provided Sky ADSL router. And their service is terrible, went from 18mb down 1mb up with Talktalk to 11mb down 0.3mb up now with Sky (it's been 9 months and no increase in speed). Will be leaving as soon as I get the chance.


Thanks, I hadnt seen that one. I've just done it and will buy a pensioner a pint tonight in the pub for good karma.

Sky Broadband & Line Rental - £124 for 1 year New Customers
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Posted 19th Aug 2017Posted 19th Aug 2017
Sky Broadband & Line Rental - £124 for 1 year New Customers
Hot Deal seen so far for BB including Line Rental Sky Broadband Unlimited £9.50 a month including Line Rental for 12 months £19 BB Activation Fee (£144 for a year) £20 TCB possible… Read more
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Is this still live ???


Yeah that is kinda what I meant - just rubbishly worded on my end. I know all about ADSL, line attenuation and SNR cause that is all available to me.


Yes, "Line Rental" is the same as landline telephone line. The deal in this thread is by Sky though (not BT). Having said that, I found no difference whatsoever between a BT & Sky supplied telephone line. They will also let you keep your original telephone number.

bensbargains Already posted, presumably they didn't get many bites due to it being down voted into oblivion.


I am not a very technical person. Would the line rental get me a telephone line as well. One people can call me on? Many thanks for the answer in adance. I am looking for a broasband/telephone deal (possibly with BT) for £20 and under.

Half price broadband with tv package. (Retention) - Sky unlimited fibre, line rental, sky boxset (variety included) £53 pm and £20 setup
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Posted 4th Aug 2017Posted 4th Aug 2017
Half price broadband with tv package. (Retention) - Sky unlimited fibre, line rental, sky boxset (variety included) £53 pm and £20 setup
Anyone want half price broadband with sky (if your out of contract) go onto my go to broadband and talk , manage package, cancel my broadband, the go threw the next few sta… Read more

Im currently paying £30 for the full sky+ HD tv package(30 day rolling). I do watch the f1 and premier league so i think the ultra hd would be a great. Do i just need the 2TB box?


I currently pay £29 per month for unlimited fibre & sky tv with HD & telephone No movies No sports But get f1 channel with HD so..... Shitting bricks about what to do when my deal ends lol


Jeepers if I had know the tv and fiber was that cheap I'd of made the call myself.... (highfive) (highfive) (highfive)


​I've got the same but upgraded the speed for £10


so it looks like its an 18 month contract with the reduced amounts for 12 months. then up to full price for the remaining 6 months.

Sky Broadband only £6.92/month + £20 upfront with TCB & reward card works out at only £83.04 for 12months
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Posted 22nd Jul 2017Posted 22nd Jul 2017
Sky Broadband only £6.92/month + £20 upfront with TCB & reward card works out at only £83.04 for 12months
Sky broadband is currently £19/month for 12 months with £20 upfront charge. Teamed up with £90 cashback from TCB and £75 pre-paid reward card it works out at a staggering low £6.92… Read more

£100 from TCB payable today and £75 pre-paid debit card arrived a couple of months ago. Equivalent to £6/month. Ta OP.


Only £60 tcb I cannot see where it says you get a prepaid card except for the refer a friend, am I missing it?


Only £50 mastercard now


For anyone reading this though, don't bother, it didn't track properly as the email never came through, and to top things off it "tracked" the £75 pre-paid MasterCard which was what we we were going to get anyway as part of the deal. I think they will even want a cut of £5 from it, so from what I've seen up till now, top cash back is a scam or at best is deadly inefficient and time consuming as I've filed a complaint. Thanks for the advice anyway


So for your question 1 and 3 yes you create an account and topcashback and go through the link. I have been having lots of difficulties with tracking on these cashback websites and got an email form topcashback saying I should adjust my settings to ensure cookies are accepted and delete browser history. I did that this time for this order and my order tracked in topcashback in an hour. You should get an email from topcashabck to say your order has been tracked or go to your topcashback account to see whether it is showing this purchase.. If it doesnt you have to wait seven days and lodge a missing claim per the website. Good luck Sorry cant help with 2)

Sky Fibre broadband for Existing Customers 25GB monthly usage limit - £20pm x 18 month contract = £360
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Posted 9th Jul 2017Posted 9th Jul 2017
Sky Fibre broadband for Existing Customers 25GB monthly usage limit - £20pm x 18 month contract = £360
£20 a month for an 18 month contract, with line rental and Sky Talk Evenings and Weekends. Sign in using your Sky ID and click on existing customer offers. £85 cashback with Topc… Read more
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​both companies have traffic management policies and/or fair usage policies . If you are gamer/ constant streamer you will notice only if you go past the threshold of X amount of download used they will slow don't your speed . origin broadband are selling fibre for £30 p/m .


Can't understand how anyone could think that any limited data internet is hot?...


Ive contacted Plusnet twice and said i was going to leave, was offered £34 a month by 2 customer service reps


In all honesty no idea, never had it myself. Only look deeper really once my sister decides what she really wants lol. On BT Infinity 2 myself and never had a single speed/outage issue nor hardware issue


Do Plusbet throttle their Fibre like they do with ADSL? If you might get the quote speed but how often?

SKY Fibre plus Skytalk £20 p/m for 18 months £360 (existing customers)
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Posted 9th Jul 2017Posted 9th Jul 2017
SKY Fibre plus Skytalk £20 p/m for 18 months £360 (existing customers)
£20 a month, 18 month contract, Skytalk and line rental.
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I wondered why I was offered fibre unlimited for £6.01 no discount on call package as I sill have a month of discount but was told to ring next month and will probably be able to get discount on calls and line rental


Existing TV customers with sports and/or movies can take out any fibre package at the moment with £13.99 off. Half price on the anytime talk package as well (£4). £10 activation. £9.95 delivery charge possibly. Have to call though.


Link says £28 with 25gb limit of £38 without limit! Cold


Not showing £20 for me?

Sky retention deal - broadband, anytime calls and free line rental - £18/month (12 months = £216) @ Sky Broadband
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Posted 8th Jul 2017Posted 8th Jul 2017LocalLocal
Sky retention deal - broadband, anytime calls and free line rental - £18/month (12 months = £216) @ Sky Broadband
I just cancelled my sky tv, broadband and phone but was given a retention deal of 18.00 only for broadband and anytime calls and was told I don't have to pay for line rental for th… Read more

Broadband, line rental and xl call package £18 didn't even know we were out of our contract . So glad we checked .Thanks for posting


after days eventually managed to get free line rental although have to pay for calls and broadband. Happy with this along with my 50% off sky tv package for everything. Thanks for the heads up because I would not have known otherwise. Perseverence works with Sky


Try cancelling the package because that's when they know you are serious. I've checked my account and I'm paying less than a tenner for broadband and line rental so don't be afraid to cancel and call back within a week to retain your number.


Have you cancelled your tv or are you in a contract? You have to give a minimum of 31 days notice, I gave 2 months notice to cancel tv and the very next day I went to my sky account, went to the help pages, clicked on cancel sky, cancel bb and there was an offer for free bb and just pay line rental at £18.99


Yes I got this deal but everyone seems to be getting better deals than this as it's-167 now

iPhone 7 - sky mobile no upfront cost £28 per month - unlimited calls/texts + 500mb data (£672 total = 24 months)
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Posted 21st Jun 2017Posted 21st Jun 2017LocalLocal
iPhone 7 - sky mobile no upfront cost £28 per month - unlimited calls/texts + 500mb data (£672 total = 24 months)
Sure this will probably get voted cold but I thought it was a good deal. Total paid over the 24 months is £672 so only £73 more than the phone would cost. 500mb data but rolls ov… Read more
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As said - no where on the leaflet did it say about a 30 month contract. Get off your high horse.


Please read all terms and conditions next time you post!


No where on the leaflet I received did it mention a 30 month contract. I figured as it was a "swap24" deal it was 24 month contract. I don't know why I bothered to post it , knew it would go cold but thought it might help at least one person out but instead just get called a clown!


Seems like the clowns on here cannot read or understand a 30 month contract.


Can you buy the phone for just £23 pm? Guessing these would lock to 1st sim that activates it. And had the EE 4gb unlimited mins txts for £5 pm so this would be very nice with quidco or topcashback

Sky Broadband & Line Rental - £124 for 1 year New Customers
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Posted 13th May 2017Posted 13th May 2017
Sky Broadband & Line Rental - £124 for 1 year New Customers
Sky Broadband Unlimited £9.50 a month including Line Rental for 12 months £9.95 set-up cost £124 over 12 months Sky Fibre Unlimited £19.50 a month including Line Rental for 18 mon… Read more

i didnt pay setup. maybe its because u are taking a new line .. ie you dnt have a current broadband connection


TE how did u pay and what call package did you get how much better is the newer Q router thanks for reply


any new deal for TV p m me


Does anyone have a code left by any chance? Just about to move house and didn't realise you need a generated code first... would really appreciate it if you're not gonna use yours anyway - thanks :D


I got charged a £20 set-up fee, plus a £5 upfront payment? Still went through with it, so thanks!

Get Sky Broadband Unlimited, free for a whole year (line rental payable £18.99 = £227.88)
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Posted 12th May 2017Posted 12th May 2017
Get Sky Broadband Unlimited, free for a whole year (line rental payable £18.99 = £227.88)
Not sure whether this has already been posted, but I just received an email from Sky explaining my current offer had expired. They provided me with this link to free Broadband.

​Yep I'm on the same deal and mine ends next month too. All they've offered is the "deal".


This is the best deal


Any idea how to get the deal for new customers


Not a deal, you can get BT fibre currently for a similar amount per month, after claiming a £200 prepaid card. My sky unlimited ADSL contract is coming to an end next month. I've paid £6.60 a month including line rental for the last 12 months. That's a deal, £18.99 isn't.


I have Virgin 150MB for £23 a month, no telephone line required. No contract

12 months free McAfee Internet Security for SKY broadband customers - 3 Users
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Posted 28th Mar 2017Posted 28th Mar 2017
12 months free McAfee Internet Security for SKY broadband customers - 3 Users
I was looking around for internet security online and found free McAfee Internet security for 12 months from SKY for SKY broadband customers. You need to log on to SKY account >… Read more

McAfee is a virus. This deal would be hotter if it were no McAfee for 12 months.


avoid like the plague! stay well clear!


you will be better off wearing a colander as a condom. garbage security.


Thanks op didn't know this. I have Mcafee at moment and its been ok so will look in my Sky account when its up for renewal. People who don't have Sky will vote cold and people who don't like Mcafee will vote cold and people who only download free antivirus will vote cold, so soon this deal will be very cold indeed. I've nullified one for you and voted hot.


I find when you add security that's when you are most at risk