Sky Broadband £17.40 p/m + £9.95 set-up 12 months Total £218.75 - poss £80.50 cashback

Sky Broadband £17.40 p/m + £9.95 set-up 12 months Total £218.75 - poss £80.50 cashback

Found 21st Dec 2016
So found this deal guys, you can get Sky Broadband Unlimited for £17.40 per month.

BUT if you go through Top Cash Back you will also get £80.50 in cashback making it approximately £10 a month.

Add on to this an Anytime Talk package and youll be paying £18 a month!!


Is this excluding line rental?


Is this excluding line rental?

Get Sky Broadband Unlimited without TV

£17-40 a month for 12 months
Line rental and Sky Talk included
+ £9.95 set-up fee

Sky talk is pay as you go service so your charged per call and not free calls???

I wish I knew why this is cold. This looks good for line rental + unlimited broadband.

I pay less than this for broadband, line rental, anytime phone and box set sky TV. was a carphone warehouse deal a few month back

This is only going cold because HUKD hate SKY. This is actually a cracking deal, considering BT's current offer is £24.99 a month

It's a very good deal, however most UKHDers don't understand quality deals.
If it was a deal for Talk Talk or a bag of half eaten apples from a food bank it would have heat all over it.
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