Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow (Two Disc Edition) £2.49 @cdwow.com
Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow (Two Disc Edition) £2.49 @cdwow.com

Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow (Two Disc Edition) £2.49 @cdwow.com

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Set in 1939 New York, a reporter notices that the world's most famous scientists are disappearing. Determined to solve their mysterious disappearances, she seeks the help of her ex-boyfriend, the captain of a mercenary legion of pilots. Just as they are investigating the case, the town is attacked by a league of giant robots. Do the scientists' disappearances have anything to do with the attack? And can the reporter and the Sky Captain save the world...

In writer-director Kerry Conran's debut film, ace pilot Joe Sky Captain Sullivan (Jude Law) reluctantly teams up with his former flame, journalist Polly Perkins (Gwyneth Paltrow), to uncover the mystery behind a group of missing scientists and a series of shocking robot attacks. Aided by gadgetry whiz Dex Dearborn (Giovanni Ribisi) and enigmatic military commander Franky Cook (Angelina Jolie), Joe and Polly must find out who is responsible for an increasingly elaborate scheme that may trigger the end of the world. A highly stylised, mostly computer-generated spectacle, SKY CAPTAIN AND THE WORLD OF TOMORROW is a striking cinematic achievement. Steeped in the marvellous visuals of 1930s pop culture, Conran's movie is a loving tribute to that era, featuring clever nods to FLASH GORDON, BUCK ROGERS, and other adventure serials of the time. Beginning in a gloriously slate-grey, towering New York City, this movie follows its heroes from one intriguing locale to the next. Although the remarkable images of the film threaten to eclipse the characters at times, SKY CAPTAIN is very well cast, with the actors pitch-perfect for their respective roles, particularly the luminous Paltrow and the brainy Ribisi. And yet the stunning retro-futuristic design is always at the fore, making for a wonderfully unique movie.


Good movie, great price.

it's a stinker, imo

not a fan of this movie either

woeful IMO


it's a stinker, imo


if it was free i'd still vote cold


if it was free i'd still vote cold

This almost gets it. So very bad that even Angelina's assets could not begin to redeem it. Just get a Tomb Raider movie and leave the turkeys for dinner on 25th.


i'd rather wait and watch it on tv... then miss it...
rubbish film not worh a quid


Good movie, great price.

Seems we are in the minority as I like this ! :whistling:

I suppose going on to every thread and announcing to the world that "this is ****!" is one way of boosting one's post count... wish I'd thought of that a while ago! :-D

Just to add some balance... I can't make any excuses for the rather weak story and the always reliably wooden Jude Law but visually at least, this film is a near masterpiece.
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