Sky Free Unlimited Broadband - for 6 months (£10 after that)

Sky Free Unlimited Broadband - for 6 months (£10 after that)

Found 26th Apr 2010
Free up to 20mb unlimited broadband for 6 months with line rental and free calls.

Maybe quidco too?

New link:…lk/

Updated the direct link too


Thats a good deal - its a shame its only available to NEW customers only


Thats a good deal - its a shame its only available to NEW customers only

This will be available to existing customers, if you are nearing the end of your broadband contract and ask for your MAC code. But, they will make you switch your line from BT to Sky.

Limited geographically, not available in my area. Quoted £17 pm for upto 8MB with 40GB limit (no free 6 months either). My own package has unlimited downloads plus anytime phone calls for 95p more.


Limited geographically, not available in my area.

True, you have to live near an unbundled (LLU) exchange. Check here

great deal but because i am with tiscali at moment need to pay an extra £40

I recommend to check their call charges outside your free allowance (e.g. day-time calls, international calls, mobile calls). If it's like VM, they could be very expensive and that's how they would make their money.

Remember that Sky are changing the broadband prices within a couple of months.
They are getting rid of the £5 a month package and moving everyone on it to the top package.

They are dropping the price of the top package from £10 a month to £7.50 though.

So anyone on £5 will have to pay £7.50, but they will be getting 20MB speeds. Bit of a rip for me as I can only get 4MB transfers but I am going to have to pay £2.50 more a month.

Does anyone know if sky can connect the phone line too or do you need to be an existing BT customer. Only i am moving house in May and have cancelled my BT line as i am sick of there service and want to go with something like this

This is definitely for new customers only. We were forced to cancel our sky broadband and talk when we transferred our line rental from Sky back to BT. Upon looking round for deals we were unable to get the 6 months free as it showed us as a previous customer on their website. Apparently you may have to pay a connection fee if you were a new customer though, however as we didn't proceed either way it may be worth making sure.

If you ever think you may need to go back to BT, I wouldn't recommend changing your line rental to sky. We have had no end of problems.

How exactly are you supposed to get this offer? If you click through the links to buy, the only offer I can see is £5 a month off with Sky Talk.

Planning to go with Sky broadband as my exchange is just across the road and is LLU'd. Hopefully I'll see close to 16mb.

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Seems they have removed the deal to their main site:…lk/

Still all good :thumbsup:


would be more accurate to say:

"free 2mb broadband with a tiny limit for 6 months, anything better and you dont get anything free"

Bit of a lame deal in the cold light of day
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