SKY+ HD BOX (no contract) (HD freesat) @ £194.77 instore TESCO and online

SKY+ HD BOX (no contract) (HD freesat) @ £194.77 instore TESCO and online

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Found 13th Mar 2009
freesat HD box, exclusive to tesco

sorry if repost

seems a good deal to me as i was after a pay once watch forever hd box.
u also get 2 months free sky hd

EDIT : I dont bother with tesco that much. i jus spotted this instore today. with ur codes and quidco we can bring the price further down.
help me out i m willing to buy this one


No + facility if you cancel

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No + facility if you cancel

then it wont make any sense selling a + box as a feesat, wud it ?

I thought you needed a sky contract for the recoding too

Let us know before your 2 month trial is up if you no longer wish to receive Sky TV. Credit card or direct debit details required. #Available without subscriptions. +Sky+ features available free for 2 months. After 2 months, free if you continue to receive Sky TV, otherwise £10 a month. Sky+HD needs to be connected to an active telephone for 12 months. ^Available on many programmes.

its correct that without a contract you cannot record, thats called sky's perks.......!

You can't watch anything you recorded before either, charming

Grasping $ky scum

So you can buy a box that sky wont allow you to use its inbuilt recording facility without constanly drip feeding Murdoch's coffers

Why would you do this when you can get SkyHD plus the box for £200ish for a year (assuming you've got noraml Sky already)

surely this is hot if you are a sky HD subscriber or thinking of it - it saves you a good £10 a month from memory
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