Sky HD with £50 Credit Towards Your Bill @ Sky Digital
Sky HD with £50 Credit Towards Your Bill @ Sky Digital

Sky HD with £50 Credit Towards Your Bill @ Sky Digital

got a letter from sky today wanting me to come back to sky.

the offer is a free sky+hd box also free standard set up and £50 credit towards your bill.

call 08442 411 375

quoting SKY+E


Not overly fantastic, as they usually offer half price sky over 12 months. I guess this may be useful for those without a sky+ hd box. Not voting either way.

Got a similar offer recently. Had the 1/2 price friends & family offer from last year, and phoned to cancel. They offered me nothing to stay, but phoned 3 weeks later to offer me 6 months 1/2 price and 50 credit on my bill, so the first 2 months are more or less free.


I cancelled too - only to be offered the £50 credit and 6 months 1/2 price. I tried to get a discount on HD ut it didn't seem to be possible - I dropped HD, 'cos they wanted another £10/month for that!

i cancelled in November and got a call in December offering HD upgrade (fit and box free) and 12 months half price any package and £50 M&S vouchers. The vouchers took nearly 3 months to arrive but got here eventually.

I would suggest calling them on the back of the letter and having a friendly negotiation. My experience is that if you are noisy with them you get a pap deal, be friendly and light hearted they tend to much more receptive to a offering a good deal. Their biggest concern is customer churn and keeping their advertising revenue figures up so upgrades and deals are also much better around either peak seasons(christmas or school holidays etc).

Did also hear a rumour about contract extensions for better deals, so not just mobiles that will be having 24 month contracts soon apparently.
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Misleading title as this is for returning customers.

I cancelled my SkyHD pack nearly a year ago and they still haven't cancelled the channels :-)

So this is just a deal for those that have cancelled their sub with Sky...and probably only those that got the letter... ...not much of a deal really is it?!


i got this in the post the other day. would wait for them to offer me alot more than this before considered going back

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yes i think its a good idea to wait.cant understand why its cold votes. i only posted it for at least somebody to get £50 credit
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