Sky Mobile - Samsung Galaxy S8 64GB £36PM Free Phone - Total cost: £1080

Sky Mobile - Samsung Galaxy S8 64GB £36PM Free Phone - Total cost: £1080

Found 29th Mar 2017
Sky mobile will be offering the brand new Samsung s8 64gb free from £36PM + free delivery

Unlimited mins/text & 1GB data

30 months contract however can upgrade after 24 months.

sky piggy back of 02 network

Available to pre order - 30/3/17

Existing TV customers Only.

36 x 30 = 1080
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Got a bit confused there because of your helpful multiplication at the end - worth changing to 36 x 30 I think.
30 month contract?
This is such a terrible offer. When the Note 7 came out I got it for £38 a month with 20 GB of data on O2.
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yeah im a sky customer this def a no go cold for me
That is terrible! 30 month contract as well is awful.
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just found this for sky mobile and you can get a new phone every 12 months ill be getting this plan unlocking my phone and putting an ee sim in ill put the…ear
i think the sky swap deal is an awful idea. seems a lot of money for a small amount of data and a tie in to a sky TV package on top (if you cancel sky TV, you lose your free minutes and texts and have to pay standard rate for each) you only get to keep the phone if you stay with them for 30 months. if you upgrade at 12 of 24 months you have to give your current phone back.
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only 1gb data
30 months tie in sounds like total madness to me. Worse still, having a top of the range phone with a package delivering only 1gb of data seems foolish.
'kin 'ell!
I didn't think that it was possible for Sky to offer even worse value than they do already!
Everything about this "deal" is really bad!
worst... deal.... ever...

but then most networks are charging an absolutely ridiculous premium for this phone... you'd have thought samsung might have "bankrolled" it a little to restore some brand loyalty... hey ho.
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cool. I mean is a freezing deal.. I hate my 24 month deal and you're telling me get it for 30 month....
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lol at 30 month contract.
1GB is loads - that's around 30 MEGABYTES per day. I don't know how I would even begin to use all that.

Oh, hang on - just realised it's not 2002
sky allowance and pricing strategy is a disaster.....nobody in their right mind sign up for a 2.5 yrs of £36 a month.....with a paltry allowance
Why would anyone give a Murdock company, access to there phone line, answer machine, text messages etc?
Sky really are making a mess of their foray into mobile territory, nothing about it is good!
lol 1gig of data for a phone like this. please stop my sides are hurting.
30 month contract and 1gb data, honking, sorry
What the hell are you going to do with 1GB of data? If that isn't gone in 2 days, you're not using this phone properly!
LOL! Post is going down to record lows...
Any phone acquired through a contract is simply buying it on hire purchase.
In my experience it is always cheaper to buy the phone and take out a sim only contract.
o2 is the worst network on the planet. and ofcom says they are the worst in the UK.

£600 phone... so £400 to sky for their contract... at 1GB... this is seriously bad value.
i'll be surprised if the phone even lasts 36 months, my samsung S6 only lasted 14 months before the screen went black and it decided never to turn on again. 7 months into having my S7 im having a similar problem looks like hte screen is dying

I'm stuck with Samsung as it's the only one my work IT department certifies but I wouldn't buy one to save my life. In fact I've just stuck the Samsung in the drawer and bought myself a BQ Aquaris which is awesome and has none of that Samsung bloatware and has a later version of Android. Samsung are really slow at delivering the latest android... like years after everyone else.
Erm... on 1st May 2011 the EU capped contracts at 24 months, great move Sky, sell unenforceable contracts LOL
Beyond me how people would want the latest flagship premium model of a phone, and be hampered with 1GB of data to use it.
Ok you get unlimited mins n texts, but i could get that on a sim only £4.95 argos phone too.
Data is KEY to all these new phones, and moving forward is gonna be the case even more, ALL the networks know this, hence why pretty much all give unlimited mins and texts, the money is to be made in data, and they cant give that away in abundance or the networks would grind to a halt, but £36 p month for 1GB is having a laugh!
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