SKY PAY - £75 in-store @ Asda

SKY PAY - £75 in-store @ Asda

Found 25th Jul 2007
Exclusive to new Sky TV customers, this pack gives you access to over 200 free digital TV channels thats four times more than Freeview, plus 6 months of Skys most popular Entertainment Mixes, Variety and Knowledge.

Contact Sky PAY-ONCE on 08700 240 777 which happens to be the number inside the pack to arrange a convenient time to install the box and dish.

Its not the best set-top box but for £75 it is cheap as chips. Installation is normally £60, on its own.
Even if u have a SKY buy this as additional box and set up under a new name.

This is very good deal as SKY charge you £30 for installation and then £15 every month.
So an equivalent calculation for the same sky_12 month contract is:-
£30 Installation
£15 x 6 months = £90
Total = £120 for 6 months

This product is £75 upfront and thats it as long as you only want free-to-air channels.

To top it off SKY even beat there own deal at:-

they want £150 upfront for basically the same deal as SKY PAY ONCE.

The number for SKY PAY ONCE is 08700 240 777.

I believe you can call sky and pay them £75 over the phone via Credit card/debit card. If you are unable to go to ASDA.
Can't guarantee this as I didn't try this. Worth a shot though.


is this free postage
think currys or dixons got the same deal as its a repost but if it excludes postage its cheaper

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I believe you can call sky and pay them £75 over the phone via Credit card/debit card. If you are unable to go to ASDA.

The number for SKY PAY ONCE is 08700 240 777.
It is free postage and packaging howerver you would have to go in person to pick up the item from ASDA.
Alternatively contact the above SKY PAY ONCE TEAM.

" Even if u have a SKY buy this as additional box and set up under a new name."

Not sure that will work at all. They go by telephone number primarily. Plus even if it worked you would have 2 dishes and seperate installations. Surely the Engineer would spot the original dish??

Added some info to the thread title. This is at Dixons at the same price... and you'd get quidco cashback if you buy online.

This seems a good deal when you take into consideration the 6 months of free sky and the free installation.

But the actual channels that you get in addition to the standard freeview channels seem a bit lame. nothing caught my eye on the website. Maybe if they'd have shoved skyone in or something like that then this would have been a great alternative to freeview, virgin and other similar TV packages. But anyway thats my opinion on it all

EDIT - Also just looking at another website apparantly freesat doesn't contain some channels that freeview contains includuing 'Men and Motors, abc1 and More4'. The extra channels seem to be less quality channels ie more shopping and speciality channels. However if you want that sort of thing then this seems alright. if your a standard couch potato like myself then just stick with a £20 freeview box.

This thing is great for people who can't get freeview in the area - we have a massive factory near us that manages to disrupt the standard TV signal completely meaning that sattelite is the only way to go. Voted HOT

I have just been looking into Sky and the free channels are not the same as free view go to this gives the listings also if you get yourself a Sky box you can get a freesat card for £20 one off payment from Sky (no fitting just the card to switch you on to freesat.) Tel 08706061111

I've just realised that the channels listed on freesatfromsky are the ones I currently receive. We had the full sky package for a few years but recently cancelled it completely, however we kept the box and we receive all those channels for free. I guess it's because we are existing customers.

I would warn you though, it may look like a lot of channels but they are absolute rubbish. Not even as good as freeview you don't get e4 !

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Just to point out you get the choice of 2 out of 6 SKY Mix packaged channels.
1) Kids Mix - 2) Variety Mix - 3) Knowledge Mix - 4) Style and Culture Mix - 5) Music Mix - 6) News and Events Mix
This means you can select a package of channels depending on your specific requirements ie, if you want SKY1 & SKY2 entertainment channels then select Variety Mix.

Also the SKY engineers are not bothered about how many dish's or set-top boxs you may have, they are there to do a job, as long as SKY Sales teams ok it the engineer will do what it says on his worksheet, which is to carry out minimum installation which takes no longer than 2 hours max.
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