Sky - Pay Once Watch Forever - £65.00 @ John Lewis

Sky - Pay Once Watch Forever - £65.00 @ John Lewis

Found 6th May 2008
Cheaper than the recent dixons thread!

Only for "new" customers with John Lewis (or a new email address)

Sky TV gives you the widest choice of channels together with superb picture and sound quality. Whatever you love to see or hear, youll find it on Sky. There are great movies, amazing sport, the hottest entertainment and kids programmes for all ages.
This great pre-pay package not only gives you 200 free digital TV channels thats four times more than Freeview, but also 4 months of the 4 most popular Sky Entertainment Mixes. After this point you will continue to receive the Mixes for £19 a month unless you inform Sky beforehand. Even if you choose to discontinue Sky TV you can still carry on enjoying the free channels.

Once youve purchased your Sky pre-pay package from us, its easy to arrange installation. With your credit card or Direct Debit details to hand, call Skys hotline on 08705 95 95 95, quoting your unique reference number e.g RETA1234567891011.

Youll be offered a choice of installation times. The installer will bring all the equipment you need Sky box, minidish and Sky remote. All you need to do is look out for your Sky viewing card, which will arrive before installation.



Free sat boxes sold out at Argos :-(

Excellent deal, nice find!heat added

Yeah! The Sky monopoly is further propagated.

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Free sat boxes sold out at Argos :-(

This is the cheapest way to get freesat installed...

:w00t:Get the BBC / ITV freesat and you can get free HD TV an dbreak the 'overpriced' Sky monopoly!

I dont watch TV - but her indoors does.

SHe had wanted to ge for an offer similar to this about a year ago - but it turned out one of the channels on freeview was unavailable on free satellite.

I think it may have been E4 - so it might be worth checking first.

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E4 is available on freesat/free sky from today so im told...

Freesat looks excellent. Would be worth running alongside sky for the HD channels rather than paying sky for the HD channels


I stayed in a lodge in Scotland in March he had Sky freesat was rubbish, hardly had any of the decent freeview channels.

i used to be with sky and once i cancelled my account i got some free chanels but couldnt get E4 or chanel 5 so i just unplugged the box and put it in a cupboard as they were the main ones i would use.

How much is installation,,,,, says you need credit/debit card to hand to arrange??????

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Look at it this way...

for £65 you get a sky box, dish, install and 4 months of service. then after 4 months, unplug and plug in a free sat box!


Look at it this way...for £65 you get a sky box, dish, install and 4 … Look at it this way...for £65 you get a sky box, dish, install and 4 months of service. then after 4 months, unplug and plug in a free sat box!

That's exactly what I'm doing, it costs £80 just for dish installation for freesat, DIY would end up costing just as much.

This way Sky does the dish, gives you the box, some extra channels for a few months and all for about £65 (I'd already used the dixons deal). Then get a freesat box with PVR functionality (hopefully the prices will drop quick) and your set.

At least you'll get the free HD content you've already paid for with your licence fee, without giving Murdoch an extra £5 to £10 a month to feed it to a Sky box.

I called Sky today to see if there is coverage where my aunt lives, as she cannot receive all analogue TV channels.

It might seem strange asking about satellite coverage - but the area is partially wooded - and there are hills rising to over 1100 feet about half a mile from her house (to the south east too), and the hills also prevent mobile coverage.

There is nothing on their site to show the 2% without coverage.

On the phone they claim everywhere is covered - "but we will charge an installation fee if we cannot get coverage at your location".

Does anyone know if there is a coverage map?

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do a search, please dont take this thread off topic.

can i just buy a freesat HD box and plug it in and it will work without adjusting the dish? the offcial webpage says freesat HD is available from Astra 2 at 28.2°. is this okay?

think thats the same satellite that sky broadcasts from so yes to your question…tml

Great deal:thumbsup:

After the 4 month period is over and the sky subscription is cancelled, other than the freeview channels what other satelite channels are you left with?
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