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Posted 13 November 2022

SKY SKY135 Sky-Q Voice Remote Control @ Sainsburys Salford

£1£35.9997% off
In store: Greater Manchester · Sainsbury's Deals
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Spotted this deal @sainsburys yesterday. Not sure but could be nationwide.

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    They're free from Sky 🤷‍♂️🥶
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    You can get a free replacement Sky Q remote using this link. sky.com/hel…ote

    You’ll need to log into your Sky account and populates the form with your details. 
    Did not know this was a thing - ordered , cheers mate
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    If you no longer have a contract with Sky, you'll need to buy a remote like this. If you're still paying for Sky and something happens to your remote Sky will replace it for free.
    If you no longer have a contract you won't have a Sky Q box as you need to give it back
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    item thats free delivered to your door


    or go shop trying to find one then pay £1 for it
    I actually dont know anything about this remote. But i just saw the price drop and also saw that it is being sold for 35£ on on Currys and other sites soo thought this is a deal.
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    Some heat for an item found by one person!
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    Cold even at £1 for the wild goose hunt

    You rent the equipment so they send you one FREE every time you ask
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    They’re free though …
    Yes but if it breaks then replacement isnt free
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    Store specific? Full price in my store
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    Same price in cromwell road london but sold out
    48676547_1.jpg (edited)
    Some stores are selling at £1, others £35. They don't show stock though
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    After Freesat upgraded most terrestrial channels to HD last week and with the new free ITVX service beginning in December I am seriously considering cancelling Sky and saving over £300.00 per year on my deal which doesn't include sport or movies.
    Am thinking the same.

    We currently pay them £40pm for Signature + HD. Can't believe that costs £480 a year.

    I assume you mean using a Freesat box ? Or are the new HD channels available if you use an unsubscribed Sky box ? (edited)
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    Where these might prove popular, is for users of Sky Glass/Sky Stream. The official remotes for these services are plagued with issues where they just stop working, I have been sent a replacement but I get a feeling it's only a matter of time before that one dies too. (Weirdly, the best fix on the Sky Community forums that actually works (!!) Is to grip the remote hard and twist it.)
    .... anyway, despite Sky saying Sky Q remotes won't pair with the Glass/Stream, users have found that they actually DO work, perfectly! and have proven to be way more reliable than the official glass/stream one. If I get any more issues with my replacement I'll be picking up one of these.
    Hi @zoidster, just curious did you have to return broken remote? I have lost my remote, pressed 'q' button on box but the remote doesn't seem to be in my house anymore. I would assume losing a remote would come with a charge to replace but would i have to provide broken remote for replacement?
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    I pay sky £9 per month for their insurance sky protect which covers the sky equipment and 3 other items my laptop, tv and mobile phone which I think is good
    Sky Q is covered anyway apart from accidental, but how likely will you accidentally damage that 
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    Get refurbished ones from ebay, they work just as new ones. Mine work just fine
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    Anyone find the battery covers fall off these after the kids have been near them?
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    1 left in Sittingbourne branch..... Marked up at £17.50, but scanned at £1.
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    Great advertisement for major shops. A post like this and it stays on for a long time, with no real idea of availability. A few available for £1 across the UK will pay for all this amazing advertising.
    I'm not saying don't post them, but think major shops are cynically making available.
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