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Posted 18 October 2022

Sky Stream - First 3 Months Free, normally £26 pm (for existing Sky Broadband Customers) 18 months Entertainment & Netflix @ Sky Digital

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Can’t see this anywhere else on here, or advertised online in general.

The new Sky Stream Box (puck?) has just been released. It allows you to stream the usual Sky services and box sets via your internet if you can’t have (or do not want) a dish.

I’m a Sky Broadband Customer already, and it seems to have given the first three months for free (usually 26p/m) when signing up to the 18 month contract. You can then add on Sports, Netflix etc. although the standard Netflix comes as free.

There is also a £50 cash back offer on cashback sites, which hopefully isn’t affected by the discount but have to wait and see about that one coming through.
Sky Digital More details at Sky Digital

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    I got this a few days ago for the soft launch in store. Got 31 day rolling contract but with 18 month package prices along with additional £5pm discount so getting Ultimate TV, UHD pack, Netflix Premium and Movies for £45pm (instead of £56). Also got the box for £20 upfront (instead of £40). Compared to what I was paying for Netflix Premium and the Now TV passes, it was only like an extra £5 to get UHD for the Sky Cinema/Entertainment.

    Pretty impressed with it so far, it's good to be able to watch some Sky content/Movies in UHD but some of the apps on it are very slow so will be sticking to the Apple TV for Netflix etc.
    Yeah I watch everything through Apple TV bar sky and YouTube. Especially as Disney plus app causes weird HDR issues on my c2 OLED via sky pucks. (edited)
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    Don't see the attraction. You can get now TV and premium Netflix for £25 a month, and that's without all the offers now TV throw at you. Currently paying £27 a month for now entertainment, cinema, boost and Netflix premium. Equivalent on this comes in at £45?!
    I think it's the lure of 4k over 1080p, that's what they're banking on
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    I’ve got this before it came out too by calling before.

    Prices are fixed for 18 months (or so they say!) and on a 31 day rolling contract.

    4k and Dolby Atmos across all pucks/boxes was a key factor for me. Can see the difference already with the sound/vision. Got a home surround sound set up too so all ties in well together.

    So far so good. Sky Glass was never an option as wasn’t a fan of the TV or the fact you had to buy it to get the streaming service.
    You have to pay extra for uhd and Atmos
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    £35 set up fee
    Really gosh this requires minimum setup... It's like a fire TV stick lol
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    Sky needs to be an app on your favourite streaming device. I have a 4k Apple TV Box - more than capable - it should be a tile on that and not require me to have a second streamer.
    Totally. Atv is the best. I don’t think they will though and just keep now tv targeted
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    Sky - expensive
    Sky glass - waste of time and likely won’t be around in a few years time.
    Now tv - good but found virgin better for sports.
    Virgin stream box - probably the best. Can get 18 months HD BT sport for £10 a month, HD sky sports £18 a month - much cheaper than sky and cancel anytime as they only require 30 days notice (not tied in for 18 months just that’s what the price is for 18 months)
    interesting but tied to Virgin Broadband as far as I can see. Might consider it when my current BB deal expires next year though. Pricing on the sky stream seems crazy.
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    I appreciate the “Prices may change during this period” line
    They should just say prices WILL change… we received an increase the first month we were with Sky. Pathetic! Shouldn’t have left BT. 
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    4k is a big plus over the current multi-room box, the delay not good for footbal as you will probably getthe goal alert on your phone before you see it on screen.

    Will give another option over T for those who can't/don't want dish!

    Likely contender for a Black Friday deal?
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    So I've got Sky Q with 4 miniboxes. Could ideally do with another minibox type set-up for my study. Would this work alongside my existing equipment?
    Don’t think that’ll work. Will need to move everything over to Sky Stream.
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    BTTV is £6 a month which includes sky entertainment channels and Netflix, stream or aerial and you can record. This deal is freezing in comparison
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    Can this be connected via Wi-Fi? Seems the only option for virgin stream is direct Ethernet connection to router
    Virgin stream works well over decent router WiFi. Quality is good, also cheaper than Sky by lots.
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    It doesn't matter how they present it you're still paying £30/month(selected HD) for TV, but you get Netflix with this at least. And tied into an 18-24 month contract which at the end you'll get a big increase in price.

    Sky does have the best combined catchup interface, everything is in the same player and same menu and the same search. No switching apps or anything. Nobody does it as good. Would be nice if they could just release this with freeview channels and those catchup services and charge like £10/month instead. It'll only be the free channels anyway and the £10 would be for them and the streaming/service costs. Then add Netflix through them if you want which i'm sure they'd probably get a 10% or so cut of, integrate as many other streaming services directly into their interface too. Would be the ultimate paid streaming box. £30/month to 1 company with long contracts just isn't good these days.
    They do this via Sky Q... I pay £15 a month for all free channels with pause rewind and record plus all the apps.... yes its still £180 a year but we decided interface was best out there and would have had to purchase freesat recorder anyway.
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    When my sky internet went down whilst I was waiting to here from brother at hospital early hours of the morning this month my mums Sky Q box still worked cos of the dish, that’s one reason I haven’t convinced her on this cos the net does go haywire sometimes, I find with the fire sticks it doesn’t matter as much as I use that more on demand never iptv but since this is more iptv style live tv I’d rather the dish be used

    Plus on fire stick it’s monthly rolling contracts cancel as I please (edited)
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    Well if the prices do go up stupidly that’s where being in a 31 day rolling contract works - cancel the channel. As simple as that.

    I did want Sky Q but how the engineer wanted to instal it was totally daft - would’ve spent more time looking at the wires than the actual Sky!!

    Could’ve paid extra to get the pre wiring done privately but thought I’d take a chance with Stream - low commitment given it’s 31 days and no TV to buy. And also 4k/Dolby Atmos across each puck. Enjoying it so far.
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    Cold (didn't vote) from me based on NowTv regular offers. Currently paying sub £30 for Sports, movies, entertainment and HD/boost.

    I know I don't get the full sky channels on NowTv but it's the main channels imho
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    I would not touch anything to do with the Murdoch's they are a big part of why the country is in the state its in.
    Sky is owned by Comcast. Nothing to do with Murdoch anymore
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    Now tv is cheaper and is owned by sky….
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    Apart from UHD I fail to see what this offers over Now TV, which is considerably cheaper and more flexible.
    I think that's the key. I believe Now is at 1080p these days? It used to stream at 720p only and was the reason I didn't consider it.
    I'm on a silly low price from Sky at the moment anyway - effectively getting my top-tier Netflix for free, but if Now is showing in 1080 these days - will definitely look to them at renewal.
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    Message to Sky, people don't like set up fees, I was considering this and as soon as I see set up fees I'm out.
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    Seems a much better idea than Sky Glass , but think they will struggle in the longer term with v high subscription charges they had when it was tied to their dishes being used.
    much better. Also no ugly overpriced tv to pay for
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    mourning the loss of local recording. We're at the mercy of rights agreements now.
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    So if I want to watch this across 3 TVs in my house, I need 3 pucks?
    Jog on. I'll stick to NowTV.
    Can't imagine people paying to watch the same thing already paid for in another room, imagine paying to watch terrestrial TV or Netflix on different screens/rooms

    People can't complain about footballers wages whilst paying crazy Sky tax
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    Do you have a good IPTV one?
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    i just tried to cost it up through a normal link £29 a month so expensive i can get all the streaming services for that
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    Don’t sign up to anything with Sky! Believe me when I say it won’t be £26 for long if my past experience is anything to go by!

    Not only will they increase the price over the term I’ll wager that in 18 months time theyll hike the price up to over £50 pcm without telling you in advance! (edited)
    To be fair I’ve always had email notice at least a month in advance of price changes, if not longer. But the prices do go up as per the contract. They rise with interest like a phone contract, and then it goes up to the price quoted after 18m that you agreed to when you took the offer.
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    we are paying £40.75 per month with virgin media and we are getting - 350mbps broadband, Maxit TV package includes BT Sports, Sky sports news, sky sports mix, eurosports, Asian Mela includes all asian channels, land line.
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    Prices will be guaranteed too rise while your under contact and there's nothing you can do about it ha ha ha pay up peasant

    That's what it should say
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    Better than Sky Glass
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    Is this just like NowTV but you can also get all the sky channels on this you do with your Sky Q box etc? Essentially this is just a smaller portable version of the Sky Box?

    You have to buy it with a subscription? Could I just get the box and plug it into another room with my existing subscription? If I could even just get Sky Go on a portable box like this I would be chuffed to bits.
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    Can anyone tell me if it's possible to replace a mini box with this new device as I want 4k in other rooms?. I have the full package but can't find any option to swap a mini for this or the costs!.
    It's a different service so no option to run satalite and these
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    can you use this in another place? like in a caravan with 4G or at another house with wifi?
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    Just followed the link to get a price, to be told that my broadband (Sky) isn’t fast enough … lol
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    Question is, can I sign into it with my brother's sky account and access all his channels like on skygo?
    You brother would have to have a Sky Stream account, assuming he did then I doubt Sky would allow a subscriber to log into two different Sky Stream boxes?
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    Having the unreliable sky broadband I can't see the point ... I won't sign up to their broadband again so would never get this...
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    Currently on NowTV with the Entertainment pack and Sports pack, and was hoping that this would offer a decently priced all-in-one replacement. The pricing of this just puts it way above what I'm currently paying, and it's very disappointing. (edited)
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    Great deal sadly Sky services are generally overpriced and do not attract my attention
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    When my contract is up I was hoping to move to the Stream as I only use sky for the kids channels at the moment. But The £26 'starting price' is pretty ridiculous in this day and age to be honest. Sky showing their greed now more than ever.
    With these being essentially IPTV boxes it's pretty simple for sky to hide channels that are not part of your package.
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    I dont see anyone asking what i was thinking.....
    If Im streaming / watching a 4k Sky feed, or a high bitrate 1080p HD sports channel, I must be pumping 20 to 30 meg minimum down the line into my router for that feed.
    And, where I currently live, my Sky BB router only gets 38 meg.

    So, whilst watching Sky, Id effectively only have possibly 8 meg "avail" for normal internet use - so forget wifey watching Netflix upstairs, or the kids streaming youtube constantly on their tablets...... (edited)
    Good point. I've a 70meg connection but even still this would make me nervous. I suppose it will also depend on the type of 4k compression they're using. From a Sky sales persons pov this is an good opportunity to upsell a faster connection. So watch out for that!
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    Sky and Netflix are just taking the Micky these days, I mean why does a streaming dongle need a set up charge? Why pay extra for 4k and Dolby atmos? Even on main sky you have to pay extra to have HD over SD! These days I just buy films I want off iTunes and the Apple TV does a great job, plus apples own stuff for 5 quid a month has been decent for extra things to watch.
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    Still think sky are too high for what is an IPTV subscription service, I'd love to have full IP setup with all local channels for decent price. Still think £26 is far too much, plus £12pm for extra TV, what? £12pm for?. The game of high subscriptions is coming to an end, and they don't like it. (edited)
    You can’t compare IPTV to Sky. Sky pays £1.2 billion just to show Premier League games yearly whereas the other platform doesn’t pay a single penny to the content providers. Sky has huge outgoings to Disney, HBO, WB and many many more.

    Sky needs to cut down cost but it won’t because content is expensive. Look how many billions Netflix spends yet people still complain about Netflix prices.

    IMO these companies have no chance providing everything for as little as £20 a month if you want premium content like Sports and Films. (edited)