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Posted 18 May 2024

Sky Stream with Sky Cinema, UHD, Sky TV & Netflix - £32 Per Month / 18 - Sky Stream with Sky Sports, UHD, Sky TV & Netflix £43 PM / 18

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I'm not sure if this would help anybody, but I just saw this 72 hour flash sale for new customers to sky stream/glass and/or broadband before I logged into my account, there were also offers for the whole room at £5 a month and UHD for £1 a month on an 18 month contract if you add one of those packs to your package when you continue with your order.

As an existing customer, I didn't get those offers after I logged into my account, except for sky glass, where it said we can't continue with your order and to call them.

Sky Stream with Sky TV, Netflix, Sky Sports, Sky Cinema, Sky Kids & UHD £49 per month for 18 months
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  1. IW74's avatar
    Apparently despite telling you it’s an 18 month contract they can’t hold you to this because of recent changes to how streaming services can be provided/billed. Maximum is 31 days, unless you’ve paid the whole amount up front (as you can do with Disney+/Prime etc).
    Found this out from the AV Forums website where someone had called to cancel and had this confirmed.
    Won’t be returning to Sky myself, but might be useful for someone who fancies it but can’t commit to 18 months.
  2. NIgelK's avatar
    Good prices for the stream service compared with their usual prices for new customers.

    Just had the usual contract dance with Sky for Sky Q and quoted some stream prices to them if my wife as a new customer took stream out with gigafast fibre, few minutes of waiting with their ‘welcome back’ team as my TV package was switched off and they came back with a better renewal price for my Q package which was acceptable.

    Sky have quickly changed from ‘our deals are available to all’ policy they trumpeted not so long ago unfortunately.

    Heat added for the Stream discounts for new customers though.
    qprfanbideford's avatar
    Ditto here a couple of months back. Its a real pain that the only way to get a decent price from Sky is to give notice to cancel at the end of your contract. Loyal customers are taken advantage of by this company.

    An awful company to deal with. Loyalty counts for nothing with Sky
  3. GrahamPrince's avatar
    Unless of course you are already under contract with Q then they only offer you Glass
    And I'm not overly impressed with the current reviews on Glass at the moment ..hey ho
    Untraceable's avatar
    Hey, can confirm this is false, they should DEFINITELY offer you EITHER Sky Stream OR Sky Glass.
  4. Josh99's avatar
    Paramount+ included
    2 free Vue cinema tickets every month
  5. WolvoAndy's avatar
    If you can stay with sky Q rather than going to sky stream then do that. Sky stream is not an upgrade at all, sky Q is much better and I regret moving over!

    Sky stream isn't terrible, but if you have the option, stick with the box
  6. smudgemobile's avatar
    Congratulations on your 1st deal
    I see it's not doing so well at the moment don't let it put you off posting it happens sometimes hopefully your next one does better
    Kenno84's avatar
    Thanks ah well nevermind, I guess sky isn't everybody's cup of tea
  7. Chris19's avatar
    Well done on your first post.
    Don't be put off by "cool" votes.
    Sky always is an emotive topic as they do seem to treat loyal customers with total contempt when it comes to renewal ....... Certainly it is my experience
    Kenno84's avatar
    Thanks, it was just by the off chance when I wanted to check my future bills and saw this deal. It's fine I'd rather be cool than too hot haha. Yeah I guess it is actually, and so true they don't give a damn about loyal customers, all you get is a thank for you for being a customer for how many years you've been with them, but least they have a VIP program to reward loyal customers with tickets
  8. googleboogle's avatar
    My Netflix from Argentina has gone up to £12 a month so some of these sky deals with Netflix are looking better these days
  9. Michael_Jackson's avatar
    It’s a good deal🔥 but I will not be returning to Sky after many years with their services.That’s mainly due to long term subscribers getting no deals and secondly I wanted to streamline my viewing ie not watching tv all the time and much of it rubbish . I have a good physical collection of media and have enjoyed the change .
  10. Pokey's avatar
    This definitely doesn't seem to deserve the cold votes. I've been pondering Sky Stream for a while now but was looking at a silly price just for TV. This deal just got me Entertainment, Sports, Cinema, Netflix standard, UHD, ad skipping, multiroom and Broadband for just over £70 a month. I was looking at renewing my broadband next month for £30 a month alone. This seems like a great deal.

    Shame it's gone cold, but thanks for the heads up, Op. Appreciated. (edited)
  11. MickyMag's avatar
    Tried to switch from my SkyQ contract to this deal

    They were happy to switch me but at £72 a month because I still have nine months on my SkyQ contract

    Obviously turned them down (edited)
  12. Lloyd's avatar
    Hi Thanks for sharing your first deal post
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