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Union Jack Genuine Sky+HD Remote Control £9.99 delivered @ Sky
Found 12th Dec 2018Found 12th Dec 2018
Normal Sky remotes are £14.99 plus £1 delivery. The Star Wars themed ones, and this Union Jack version are all £8.99 plus £1 delivery. Not a bad deal as Amazon has the normal ones… Read more

Does it have the same effect as cabbage lol. Also what is the plural of gammon.


dead4red69: Gammon means gammon! Love how ironic calling someone "gammon" is.


I don't think racism laws were intended to protect people who are white British. Personally though, being English, I would prefer a remote with an English flag as a patriot to my country. I have met ,any Scots in my time and they are very patriotic to Scotland, and so they should be. As there isn't an English one I think the C3P0 option would be best to show I am not racist towards anyone who is golden in colour.


Racist... you may be thinking fascist...


I have no interest in the BNP but I am a patriot. Why is it that when someone from another nation shows pride in their flag they are revered as proud, honourable patriots. Support the Union Jack and you are branded as a spittle flecked rascist. It is a pathetic, sneering, condescending and, indeed, rascist attitude. Hot, by the way. ;)

Klear Screen Cleaning Kit £1.99 (+ £1 P&P for whole order) @ Sky
Found 8th Dec 2018Found 8th Dec 2018
60ml bottle of Klear Screen cleaning solution ( free from alcohol, ammonia and sodium lauryl sulfate ) plus a microfibre cloth, not just any microfibre cloth, this one is exclusi… Read more
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I don't get it... Is this an expensive duster?


Cold. Cheaper at pound shops


Finally let me order...5 coming this way! Heat added!


Tried ordering several times...ewallet error each time!


these are much better than the big bottle crap, trust me I've tried a few 100% no swirl / smear marks with these

LG 43" UHD 4K HDR TV (2018 Model) - 43UK6300PLB - £399 at Sky Accessories
Found 26th Nov 2018Found 26th Nov 2018
Package in a cutting edge metallic design, the LG 43UK6300PLB UHD TV features the award winning Smart TV webOS 4.0 plus an IPS 4K Display & Active HDR for superb picture qualit… Read more
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Just received this tv for free for joining Sky Q on the black friday offer.


The vendor says it with its title. "sky" high


It’s only 329 at AO.

The Klear Screen Cleaning Kit. £1.99 plus only £1 postage for all order. Brilliant stuff, used on all my screens. Other makes too expensive.
Found 19th Oct 2018Found 19th Oct 2018
Similar stuff far more expensive,around £10!! Product description The Klear Screen Cleaning Kit is exclusively designed to safely clean and protect things like your TV screens and… Read more

arrived earlier this week, I ordered (and paid for 2 £4.98) but they sent 3 8)


Don't see why not, generally the cleaning cloth works well without any spray, but I generally do one squirt onto the cloth then clean the glasses.


Thanks I used my desktop instead of laptop and I was able to add to basket




Just want to confirm, (I am new to wearing glasses!), can they be used with anti reflective coating?

Star Wars Sky+ HD Remotes e.g. Kylo Ren, Darth Vader, Yoda -  £8.99 (plus £1 postage) @ Sky Accessories
Found 30th Sep 2018Found 30th Sep 2018
Various Star Wars themed Sky+HD Remotes are reduced to £8.99 (plus £1 postage) e.g. Darth Vader, Yoda, Princess Leia etc. See below Star Wars™ Kylo Ren Sky+HD Remote … Read more
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What's with the star screw on the back that prevents the battery compartment opening, who thought that was a good idea? Average joe doesn't have star shaped screwdrivers.


Need a new one, thanks. Got an R2-D2. I think the old one has a faulty motivator.


Can these work on a sky plus box , thanks


This is not the remote you are looking for.


Now I can measure up against a lightsaber (excited)

Klear screen cleaning kit for £1.99 at Sky..postage is £1 for whole order
Found 30th Sep 2018Found 30th Sep 2018
Noticed that the Klear screen cleaning kit is £1.99 on sky website. Postage is a quid so does not matter or how many you buy 1 or 50 Amazon are selling this for £10+ I have some… Read more

Back in stock if anyone want,s some just had mine shipped


Just has mine delivered but still getting loads of dispatch emails!


Same here!! (devil)


i think my order has been dispatched (and no i didn't order 13 of them)


The point that was being made is that chemicals can damage your TV screen; I have experimented with a few and now only use Ecomoist.

Official Sky remote controls from £7.49 (£1 delivery) @ Sky
Found 16th Jul 2018Found 16th Jul 2018
Official Sky remote controls from £7.49 (£1 delivery) @ Sky
Assorted sky remotes (star wars and football clubs) from just £7.49 and £1 delivery. Absolute bargain.

Can't use PayPal 😔 It's a no from me


The buttons do wear out & you'll find yourself pushing harder on them to get them to work. Give them a call, they will try to fob you off to buy one first, but insist that your remote is faulty and you'll get a new one sent for free. You're paying for a service you can't use otherwise, remind the operator of that!


Not saying this will work for everyone but if you go on their online chat, I managed to get the support guy to send one to me as I said I hadn’t had a replacement since I became a customer and the buttons stopped working...arrived next day too!! Hopefully this may work for someone else and I wasn’t just lucky that day??? :D worth a try maybe!


Niceone, just ordered an R2D2 one!! hEAEEAEATT


Perfect as mine packed up last night and the cheap one’s from eBay don’t last that long.

Genuine Sky + remote Game of Thrones Limited Edition was £24.99 now half price - £12.49 @ Sky (£1 postage)
Found 29th Jun 2018Found 29th Jun 2018
Genuine Sky + remote Game of Thrones Limited Edition was £24.99 now half price - £12.49 @ Sky (£1 postage)
Sky Q and Sky+ remotes ‘Game of Thrones’ edition discounted. Sky Q down from £14.99 to £9.99 and Sky+ remotes down from £24.99 to £12.49. These are too cool for School 🔥
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Thank the lord, I can now get rid of the “Frozen” themed remote. Have some heat op. (y)


Just like every original sky remote then!


Sky Q ones are just covers


From a distance, this remote looks like a piece of cr4p held together with sellotape (highfive)



Genuine Sky Remote from Sky, Starwars Theme was £24.99 now £7.49 delivery £1 extra @ Sky Accessories
Found 28th Jun 2018Found 28th Jun 2018
Genuine Sky Remote from Sky, Starwars Theme was £24.99 now £7.49 delivery £1 extra @ Sky Accessories
£7.49£24.9970%Sky Accessories Deals
Star Wars™ Kylo Ren Sky+HD Remote Awaken the Force with the official Star Wars™ Kylo Ren Sky+HD Remote.

Yep kids arent into star wars its more older people ive noticed. They go to the cinema to watch it but its not like the avengers or those other superhero films. The cast they pick for the new movies is a total joke. I love star wars and wanted them to make more but they are not good films at all.




Apologies for the humblebrag but I went to DisneyLand a couple of weeks ago and they had meet and greets. Even with all the younger kids around there was no queue for Kylo Ren (or Rey) but 30 minutes wait for Chewie or Vader. So we joined the 30 minute queue (it only took about 10 but just goes to show how little love there is for the new characters)


Darn missed this... still wanna say though... Kylo Ren sucks, worst baddie ever in a movie. All the new films suck more than the last 3. Awful actors, awful story and mistakes galore. Really makes the originals look even more genius ;)


Expired... went on to buy one this morning after seeing them discounted yesterday. Missed out ;(

Philips 43” 4K UHD HDR Smart TV with Ambilight – 43PUS6262 £279 @ Sky
Found 22nd Jun 2018Found 22nd Jun 2018
Philips 43” 4K UHD HDR Smart TV with Ambilight – 43PUS6262 £279 @ Sky
Another sky offer. Philips 4k with ambilight. Next cheapest can see is 329 at Argos. Any comments on the quality and if a good deal.
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I paid £379 for this last month from Argos grrr. Great TV. The sound is amazing and the Ambilight is a fab feature :


It's literally just gone out of stock as I posted. Ah well have to keep looking!

Panasonic TX-40EX600B £279 @ Sky
Found 21st Jun 2018Found 21st Jun 2018
Panasonic TX-40EX600B £279 @ Sky
Not the best TV in the world by any stretch but a solid kids/bedroom set. This price is £100 cheaper than a quick search of Currys, Argos etc. I didn't even know you could buy TVs… Read more
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Oops. Did a search, obviously not deeply enough


Already posted

JBL T110BT Wireless In-Ear Headphones – White £10 (+£1 P&P) @ Sky Accessories
Found 20th Jun 2018Found 20th Jun 2018
JBL T110BT Wireless In-Ear Headphones – White £10 (+£1 P&P) @ Sky Accessories
Decent pair of wireless earphones.

bought a pair recently and very impressed with them so far. Worth the rrp, red hot at this price.


Sure grabbed 100




someone must have bought the lot for his/her Ebay account, very nice....


Awesome but oos now

Klear screen cleaner @ - £1.99 (+£1 P&P)
Found 20th Jun 2018Found 20th Jun 2018
Klear screen cleaner @ - £1.99 (+£1 P&P)
£1.99£8.4476%Sky Accessories Deals
Screen cleaner for mobile phones, laptops etc
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Got ours today and it's seriously good, my phone is really resistant to fingerprints, will do the tv and pc when cold


Just had mine delivered. Used on 4 screens already and very impressed. Got to say I haven't noticed the cloth shedding fibres as one poster suggested. Billy bargain in my book, got 2 for just under a fiver delivered.


Can this be used on a metal or plastic laptop keyboards as well and screens?


First time im ever gonna vote cold, but you can pick up this stuff in poundland or 99p or whatever its called these days


Great find great price hot from me ordered 2.

Star wars drone £45 @ Sky Accessories
Shipping from UkraineShipping from UkraineFound 17th Jun 2018Found 17th Jun 2018
Star wars drone £45 @ Sky Accessories
Was looking for a cheap drone and came across this, reviews are decent enough and u get a lot for your money

Great price but all out of stock


good price but reviews on amazon dont look good


Thanks Spor - not interested in the drone but need a new remote and would rather get a genuine one than those on Fleabay, Heat added Thank you.

Sky+ Liverpool remote (and others) - £7.99 @ Sky (+£1 P&P)
Found 16th Jun 2018Found 16th Jun 2018
Sky+ Liverpool remote (and others) - £7.99 @ Sky (+£1 P&P)
Sky + Remote control on sale at sky from £7.49. Star wars themed and various football remotes.
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8 quid for the remote? I got a sky box HD brand new from somebody on facebook. I guess I got a bargain them.


Cheers but ordered the Darth Vader one.


Failed an injury test


Because there crheap (highfive)


unlike everton season tickets which you get free with a pint of BITTER

Kitsound Metro Bluetooth Headphones £11 delivered @ Sky
Found 15th Jun 2018Found 15th Jun 2018
Kitsound Metro Bluetooth Headphones £11 delivered @ Sky
Not sure if these are any good but they're £11 delivered down from £25.
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Cheers morpheus. The deal may be over...fer now, but could return. Plus I (for 1) appreciate the opportunity to check out the options, you like fer like


The deal has finished so want worth looking to to be fair. It was these though since you asked When I say "better" I mean the overall deal was better by virtue of those being much cheaper for similar quality.


OOS needs expiring.




I paid £17.50 for mine so they well worth £11, think Tesco sells them for £35

Panasonic 40" Ultra HD 4K HDR TX-40EX600B £279 @ Sky accessories
Found 13th Jun 2018Found 13th Jun 2018
Panasonic 40" Ultra HD 4K HDR TX-40EX600B £279 @ Sky accessories
During my research for a budget 4K small 40-43” TV. I came across this deal via Sky. Reviews and spec seem good especially for the price. For the wider colour gamut you are lookin… Read more

Currently out of stock.


Yeah it shows up on the main page when you open the app.


IPlayer native app on TV?


Mine came today (Ordered Saturday Morning). Just watching Colombia v Japan on BBC UHD via Iplayer. Dose anyone have a guide on how to best set this TV up. Thanks


Here’s some initial impressions after about 4 hours of playing... Bare in mind I have a high end (was £1300 in the sale) 1080p 55” TV and one of the first 4K 49” non HDR LG TVs to compare with. I’ve downloaded some 4K content to try out. Not sure if the rip quality is perfect but I had mixed results using VLC player via a MacBook Pro. Then again I read the Mac Pro can not produce true 4K HDR vis HDMI. So I moved on to the Xbox One S. Set the display up and tried a UHD Blu-ray. It looks nice a sharp. A little noisy. The colours didn’t pop but the film is old. Independence Day. I have more UHDs on the way. Netflix and Amazon UHD content. This was via the Xbox Apps not the TVs Apps. This is where I got to see the quality stand out and the HDR. It impressed me. Started to feel like a was actually seeing a better image quality and colours than my 1080p and the non HDR 4K I have. I then had a quick blast on Forza Horizon 3. Everything looked okay. But you can really see the graphics are not as good as the Xbox One X. I then smashed on the PC. Set up the desktop. Lovely bright screen. Lots of real estate. So far so good. Put on YouTube to try out some 4K HDR videos. Now this is where it blew me away. Almost Crystal clear quality and vibrant HDR. Not far away from the £1500+ QLED! My PC/Browser did struggle to stream the YT clip. It got choppy so will look into figuring away around that. I then tried a 4K Movie Rip I had and it looked very sharp. A little noisy but that can be adjusted. Only issue I’m having now is it is so clear that even the latest CGI is becoming obvious and fake looking haha. I tried some PC games. COD: WW2, Witcher 3, Mafia 3 and Star Citizen PTU. All looked lovely but the current GPU installed struggled with FPS. My GTX 970 will be replaced in the next few days with a GTX 1080. So this will help. I have not used the smart or network features yet. As they are not needed for my purposes. Overall, I am looking forward to watching some UHD Blu-Rays and downloading some perfect 4K HDR rips to see what she can do. Then try out some MacBook 4K Video Editing and Photoshop. More PC gaming when the new GPU is in. The legs are wide apart and not adjustable but lucky my desk is wide enough. Speakers seem decent enough. No worse than the other two TVs. I was worried the 4K wouldn’t impress me and the HDR would be weak on a budget TV. But I was wrong. It might not be a QLED or OLED for £1500+ but for £279 I am very very happy and impressed.

LG 43UK6300PLB 43-Inch UHD 4K HDR Smart LED TV £249 with Code @ Sky Accessories - Free Delivery
Refreshed 28th Jun 2018Refreshed 28th Jun 2018
Ok this will get cold, but who cares. This deal is specifically for members of the Emergency services or serving / ex-military through the Blulight Website or https://www.defenc… Read more

Fair. I want a semi decent LG or Samsung etc really. Depending on size, probs looking at under £700. I have a med range 50" 1080p LG at the moment so I want to make sure I get something that feels like an upgrade.


costco have 55 inch for 450 i ended up just buying that tbh


I would recommend putting an alert for "Sky Accessories" on here as this is the second deal of its kind so there maybe a similar deal in the future. I'm hoping for one on a 55+ inch TV in the coming months


Does anyone use a Bluetooth keyboard with this TV? From the manual I'm not sure if it would work & if it needs to be a specific LG keyboard. Thanks for any advice x


This deal expired some time ago

LG 43" Ultra HD 4K HDR TV - 43UJ651V - £279 at Sky accessories
Found 7th Jun 2018Found 7th Jun 2018
This is my first post on here so I hope its a worthy deal! I have been looking for a new 43 inch tv for a few days now. I was looking at this particular model and was ready to buy … Read more
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Yeah it’s been replaced, did a door step exchange within 2 days. Replacement is good so far.


Pus the 43UK6300PLB is over £500 everywhere else.


Does the tv wobble on the stand or is it alright? Ordered the parents one of their birthday(s) but I'm worried it's gonna wobble if someone walks past etc lol...


That's annoying. Did they replace it without any hassle? I've ordered one, Parcel Force sent it from their hub to Exeter - wrong end of the country! Now on its way back to the hub, so I might get it by Friday.


So I have this for myself so I can actually give you guys some real reports instead of all this speculation thats going on in the thread... * It has Freesat support (I think any WebOS TV LG with a sat connection has Freesat support btw) * RGBW.. It's £279. I spent more on my 50' LG because I wanted a TV without RGBW. In this case I don't care for what it will be used for. 4k is just a bonus to me but I would have settled with 1080p as well for this kind of TV. *Chicken leg stands are horrible so I've ordered a VESA stand *Turn the brightness up and turn all the eco crap off + motion settings off and it looks fine