SkyCaddie SGX GPS Only £295 @ cgdiscountgolf

SkyCaddie SGX GPS Only £295 @ cgdiscountgolf

Found 13th Dec 2010
Whilst maybe expensive, its a great toy for those that can afford it, been looking for one for a while and found it £25 less than elsewhere.

Cant get link to work -…spx


Who's and where's selling it? Not much of a deal if you can't actually buy it!

Good price... however a few of my mates use Golfshot app for the iPhone / Android and seems to work just as well (~£19.00)

Competitor offerings are as strong these days without the £30 annual fee skycaddie still intent on charging.

Much better value getting a Callaway Upro for £150 for eg (or the Sonocaddie 350 or the Golf Buddy World Platinum imo) and not being tied into the ongoing fees

I use SkyDroid on android, it cost me 99p however the phone cost me £400 quid over 18 months.

My mate has a sky caddie lasts him almost 3 rounds of golf on one charge, pretty impressive.

Does seem to be a case of everything like this will be an app at some point if not already. I imagine the market for a lot of things will change over the next few years and everything will be in one unit.

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The only problem with Apps is they kill your battery and if you need your phone then it can be a problem.
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