Skydrift (PC - Steam) @ Gamersgate - £1.40

Skydrift (PC - Steam) @ Gamersgate - £1.40

Found 9th Jul 2014
This looks great, judging by the screenshots. Any good? If it really is like Blur, but above ground, I'm in at this price! £6.99 @ Steam

DLC is discounted too -
SkyDrift: Extreme Fighters Premium Airplane Pack
SkyDrift: Gladiator Multiplayer Pack

Get closer than ever before to the world of adrenaline pumping sky-racing where flyboys can test and master their flying and combat skills against the deadliest opponents!
Admire amazingly detailed terrains. Unlock state-of-the-art planes and personalize them with unique racing skins.

Be the first on the single and multiplayer challenges, where possibilities are limited only by your own imagination.

The goal is simple: If you can’t overtake them, shoot them down!

Eight Modern Planes to Fly: Choose from eight modern, state-of-the art airplanes turned into killing machines, each with four different skins for a total of 32 unique racing skins.
Six Power-ups! Capture up to two different powers in your plane’s arsenal, then collect upgrades to increase the strength of those existing powers. Strategy becomes key as you must choose which powers to keep, which ones to upgrade and which ones to convert into Boost energy
Stunning Visuals: Race through scenic venues like the Grand Canyon, Alaskan Terrain and Hawaiian Islands, created with beautiful, vibrant colors.
8-person Multiplayer: Take your friends down either locally or online in this fast and furious battle.
Three Unique Game Modes: Power Race Mode is high-speed racing paired with power-ups; Speed Race Mode where players navigate the course through ring targets that accelerates plane speed and Survival Mode where pilots race against the countdown clock and each other.



"It's like Blur, but above the ground"

By thesingular posted 25th Dec 2012
This game is alike the blur with it's being a race, getting weapons by collecting blur-like icons, but is better than blur because it is above the ground and uses a boost system. Hope this game's dev could create a sequel to that...

By scrock posted 18th Dec 2012
Fun racing game with some violence mixed reminds me of mario karts back in the day except this takes place in the air and you're flying.

By ikuzobaba posted 16th Oct 2012
The game is fast, fun, and a great throwback to the high-adrenaline racing games of the 90s (think Cruis'n USA and Hydro Thunder). Highly recommended!



Such a fun and well made game. For this price it's a steal (not in a Sniper Elite 3 way ) soooo.... HEAT!

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Such a fun and well made game. For this price it's a steal (not in a … Such a fun and well made game. For this price it's a steal (not in a Sniper Elite 3 way ) soooo.... HEAT!

Thanks for that, I think I'm going to go for it - looks right up my street!

great game

Damn that looks a lot like sonic racing transformed. Does it play similar ?

I really like this game, heat added.

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Just grabbed it along with the DLC, now to get round to playing it after wading through my backlog X)
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