Skylanders figures from £2.50 each & triple packs for £5 each @ Tesco Direct
Skylanders figures from £2.50 each & triple packs for £5 each @ Tesco Direct

Skylanders figures from £2.50 each & triple packs for £5 each @ Tesco Direct

Buy forBuy forBuy for£2.50
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Many different characters for only £2.50 and 2 different triple packs for only £5 each! (See link) Free click + collect or £3 delivery

from 2.50 not all single packs are 2.50
- ppatto


Thank You

Thanks, just ordered whamshell for my son who's been after this one for a while

are these useable on different portals?


Why is it so expensive to by the starter pack for a Xbox 360 :-(

Thanks will add to the kids collection

Thank you! My son just loves skylanders. I wonder if Trap team starter pack will be reduced. Birthday pressie sorted!

Great find, thanks op.

So many i want/need but no money have ordered freeze blade and cynder for swapforce though bet ill be back for more xD xx

Just ordered some. Thank you, bargain!

Thank you just ordered some for my son



are these useable on different portals?

Yes can use on any console

£45 spent


My nephew loves these and just bought a few of the packs. Haven't a clue what any of them are but he's only just started out so hopefully there will be no doubles! Cheers and heat added

These prices are cheaper than used Skylanders, been looking since xmas now spending a little fortune. Thanks

I promised not to buy anymore, But at this price could not stop myself

Thanks OP, I got 9 figures for my lad for £18, including the very rare Trigger Happy Easter Edition. It'll be like christmas all over again for him

Thanks OP, just managed to get 3 light-core figures and a swappable my son wants for £10! Had been looking at paying more for just the swappable and that was used! Also got the 3DS set for £10 as it comes with another swappable he wants plus Eruptor who is £8 on his own otherwise! Really happy and he's going to be over the moon


are these useable on different portals?

Some of them are compatible with the earlier games, if you zoom in on the packaging it has a diagram in the bottom left to show which games the figures are compatible with.

Do the swap force one's work with the trap team portal?

yes they do

Can't really justify spend in January but couldn't resist at these prices particularly the triple packs & the swappable we didn't have (freeze blade). Wished I'd have picked up the earlier deal for the fishing tackle storage boxes now!

Ordered happy days

Anyone got any Tesco Codes please

fab thanks. my son got swapforce for xmas (aswell as trap team) but didnt have any swap force figures as he has so many giants and some new trap team but ive just bought 10 for £22.50 - think i'll keep them for weekly good behaviour rewards ;-)

Great deal on a great game.

I bought this for my eldest but I play on it as just as much!!

Heat added

Thank you very much, bought the kids two triple packs for £10, bargain! Heat added.

Heat! I am refusing to spend anymore money on Skylanders though, my son must have at least £100 worth of the things (and they were all bought on the cheap)

Excellent, thanks so much, just ordered triple pack with sprocket in, spring time trigger happy and lc warnado, the only one i could'nt get was prism break!!

Good deal - didn't realise some Trap Team were on 3 for 2 either

Thank you

Great deal, my son absolutely loves these and any way we can add to the collection as cheaply as possible is always appreciated

Hot. Tempting but we have loads already...

nice find

I just started collecting recently (due to all the sales over the holidays) and it's just a never ending money sink.

Already got 70 (including the 14 I just ordered from here), every 3DS, Wii and Wii U game, and 3 console portals and 2 3DS portals.

I am bad with money :c

got stung heavily with the first generation and ever since trying only to buy a skylander from each element so the game can be completed. good deal but many trap team oos on the website.

Should also mention, the 3DS starter pack is a tenner and could net you an easy £10 profit on ebay.

Also the £10 off £50 for new users applies too - so you can get stuff even cheaper.

Thank you ordered some early this morning - the triple packs were going into basket but were out of stock then, unsure if still the same now

My daughter makes Skylander figures out of paper and sellotape at a fraction of the cost. Just a shame they don't work on the power portal.
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