skylanders giants legendary stealth elf @ Amazon Italy

skylanders giants legendary stealth elf @ Amazon Italy

Found 30th Oct 2012 have legendary stealth elf to order for 9.99 euros seems a decent price,and not everwhere will be selling this,also it looks like they are selling a gold version of flameslinger for the giants at 9.99 aswell..hope this helps someone..
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I'm going to wait a week i think. Tesco's 3for2 plus £10 off was great on the other figures!
Not voted either way as i can't see it cheaper elsewhere.
This will not be at Tesco. This will probably be exclusive to Toys R Us in this country.

I'm not so sure the flameslinger is the golden edition. I cannot read or speak Italian but I can't see anywhere where it says anything other than series 2 flameslinger.

EDIT: I've ordered the Legendary Stealth Elf becuase I haven't heard anything about it over here. The complete list of wave 2 is available on there, all with a release date of November 2nd, which I would take with a pinch of salt.
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They are quite expensive even on sale for a bit of plastic!
Have read this is an Amazon exclusive elsewhere so hopefully will also be available on Amazon UK as the next wave are released.
Stealth elf is selling for a fortune on ebay.

Stealth elf is selling for a fortune on ebay.

Yup , and amazon reckon the elf is exclusive to them:

Skylanders Giants: Legendary Stealth Elf - Limited Edition - Esclusiva
It's EUR 9.99, plus 7 EUR delivery, which makes it about £14.50
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i bought this and flameslinger which looks to be the gold one,but not sure for £21 aprox...which i am more than happy
to pay the extra few pound and know i will be getting the legendary stealth elf which my son wants anyway
yeah bought 2x stealth and flamesinger £10ish each only a couple of quid more
My two have been dispatched. Woop woop. Looks like they have all if wave 2 ready to go. I'll leave it until they are released over here otherwise I'll be hit with import tax.
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Both of mine arrived today. I wasn't expecting them until friday so that was certainly a suprise.
was it a gold flameslinger?
I only ordered 2 Legendary Stealth Elf's as I believe the Flameslinger to be the normal one and I didn't want to spend that much an a normal Flamslinger. Please tell me if it comes and it is gold.
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Yeah will let you know friday.
awesome spot - thanks - also ordered 3DS Starter pack, for the figures only personally, for just 30 euros!!, Cheapest in UK for that I can find is £49.99 at is still in english according to the box art so all good......and got some of the new Giants triple packs that aren't out here yet, Flashwing, Hot Head etc

Hope theres no VAT to pay to bring in to UK!!
how do i order from this amazon help please
just order the same way as you would amazon uk (you can use the same login/password)

Most of the menu/pages make sense and are laid out the same way as the uk web page, for selecting your delivery options etc.....if in doubt copy the text into Google Translate for what you're about to press
if you use chrome it will translatefor you matey
Btw flameslinger not gold. Them ebayers that have listed them are going to have some explaining to do
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geebeegooner is right ordered flameslinger and legendary stealth elf, arrived today and flame slinger isnt gold,no probs though as my son wants it all the same
i ordered the gold flameslinger and leg stealth elf but the seller i bought it from has now changed the selling page and charged me nearly 24 quid for a standard flameslinger but there are no longer available on any of the amazon sites or ebay does anyone know if theres any problems way them
recd parcel today sent me normal flamslinger not the gold one. Not happy glad they only charged me 8.10 thou but I did manage to get 4 other figures which are not yet released in uk :-)
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