Skylanders Giants Ninji £2 in store @ Tesco

Skylanders Giants Ninji £2 in store @ Tesco

Found 17th Dec 2014
Skylanders figure, £2 in store

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Crikey, I remember when they were £15, if you were lucky.......and like gold dust!!!!!!!! oO

Ooooh great... Caught a flamedeer

i hate tesco deals...theres never ever anything like this at the one closest to me

oooh my son just mentioned this one the other day its bout the only giant figure he hasnt got lol

OOS in the i've been too so don't bother going to Walsall or Willenhall.

Saw this deal in Cardiff, Pengam Green about 7:00 this evening, think there were 2 or 3 left. I went for the Infinity reductions and managed to get Violet and Mater for £4.50 each, there were a few others Woody, Dash & Phineas at the same price, oh and 2 of the Toy Story play sets for £6. Hope this helps someone in the area

The original spyros adventure ones (green bases) are £1 too!!!
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