Skylanders Imaginators Starter Pack (PS4) £12.74 Delivered @ Tesco Direct

Skylanders Imaginators Starter Pack (PS4) £12.74 Delivered @ Tesco Direct

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Return to Skylands and fight the forces of evil! Kaos is creating a powerful army of Doomlanders using the ancient power of Mind Magic. Join the Skylanders™ in a special team of Portal Masters and mystic warriors to fight back against Kaos and save the day.

Skylanders™ Imaginators is the latest instalment in the portal master franchise, introducing new figures and allowing players to use the 300+ existing toys, including those from Skylanders™ SuperChargers, Skylanders™ Trap Team, Skylanders™ SWAP Force, Skylanders™ Giants and Skylanders™ Spyro’s Adventure. The result is the most action-packed and engrossing Skylanders™ game yet, with near infinite possibilities for creation and platforming fun.

All-new adventure

Create your own Skylanders™ and bring them to life in a completely new story adventure in Skylanders™ Imaginators. There’s a huge level of customisation on offer, including different powers, abilities, catchphrases and more, resulting in the most content-rich Skylanders™ game to date. The Skylanders™ story is entirely new, with new heroes and villains, as players go on a quest to defeat the evil forces of Kaos, entering portals in order to save the world from the Doomlander forces.

Create your own Skylander

Skylanders™ Imaginators lets children create their own Skylander characters, called Imaginators, using the collectable Creation Crystals. These Crystals allow players to create and transport their unique Skylanders™ to any console. Plus, using the power of their own imaginations, kids can now customise their own playable characters with a whole host of different powers, skills, abilities, looks, voices and more. Alternatively, they can use the Imaginator randomiser and see what the game can create for them. Unlike any Skylanders™ game previously, Skylanders™ Imaginators lets players craft their own kinds of hero.

Sky Sensei

Skylanders™ Imaginators introduces all-new Senseis into the game, each of which is an ultimate master of a Battle Class. With 10 individual Battle Classes in the game (Knight, Sorcerer, Brawler etc.) players can now collect even more special characters, with 20 new Sensei characters. Not only are these new characters great to collect, but they also wield unique special abilities called Sky-Chi, the ultimate move that allows Senseis to unlock unique Imaginator weapons and access special hidden areas throughout the game world.

Local co-op

Skylanders™ Imaginators is designed to be enjoyed with friends. Team up with your best mates and use 2 Creation Crystals, 2 toys or a combination of both on your own Portal of Power to play around with all of the possibilities crammed into Skylanders™ Imaginator’s multiplayer modes on the PlayStation® 4.
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£10 in smyths C&C. :-) Still a good price though, heat added.
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Only £10 in Smyths
I don't have a Smyth's near me, is it free delivery as well
The sensei Figures are reduced to £3.74 and the crystals are reduced too
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I don't have a Smyth's near me, is it free delivery as well

On orders £20+
Which figures are in the starter pack?
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