Skylight Filter - 77mm (Jessops) Only 25pence!!!

Skylight Filter - 77mm (Jessops) Only 25pence!!!

Found 30th Dec 2011
Jessops Skylight Filter 77mm

Good for protection too...

VADACCESS10 - Gives you another 3p off 25p. (10%)
- Nathan94
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How could this not be found Bought 2!!
Been this price for a week or so now, few and far between now
I used to be a keen photographer and had similar filters to this on all my lenses .. far better scratch a cheap filter than a £100 lens.

For 25p, a bargain, but of course not many lanses take 77mm filters

62mm and 55mm the same price too
Instore only?
same as dvd+r deal = no stock antwhere.
At least one of the sizes in all my close stores (south coast), even for my 72mm
Most lenses that take a 77mm filter are quite expensive. Not sure why you would want to compromise imagine quality by putting on a cheap filter. If you really want to use a filter for protection then get a good quality thin glass multi-coated one.
I noticed these too, they have them for many different filter sizes.
thats annoying, paid 85p for this a while back, what a rip fits Canon 17-40mm L lens
Not in my local one, nearest is 40 miles away!

thats annoying, paid 85p for this a while back, what a rip fits Canon … thats annoying, paid 85p for this a while back, what a rip fits Canon 17-40mm L lens


28-300 f3.5/5.6IS
24-105 f4is
70-200 f 2.8 IS

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This is even to big for Partrick Moore's telescope
Thanks, this will do for protection during transport.
wow... wonderful!!!
how do you know how big your lens is
it should say on the front.
i ordered one to collect a few weeks ago but they rang up and said it wasn't actually in stock anymore
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Hot , the deal of the day .

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Any 52mm going cheap for a Nikon D3100 please post it

"how do you know how big your lens is" measure from bottom to top as the lens is bigger that way. measuring top to bottom makes you think you have a small lens

Thanks OP
do you measure the outside big it or the lens at the bottom ,my camera is a fujifilms1000fd
Boo...out of stock near me...sad face
been this price for weeks!!!
To those asking, if you look on the back of your lens cap it will give you the measurement of the lens it came from. :-)
..none @Leeds
thank you !
These are skylight 1A, not UV or clear protectors , they will have a pinkish tinge to them not clear. Used to be used in film days to warm up a scene so it will have a small effect on your image.
I worry that people who have expensive DSLR cameras don't know where to find the filter size on a lens !
Most (all?) lenses should have the filter diameter written at the front. Just a word of warning, for people planning to use these for "lens protector use", they can have a big effect on picture quality in some circumstances. I used to have one for my dslr all the time, then noticed horrible starbursts and other reflections on night time shots. Using a lens hood provides decent lens protection without affecting (or will actually improve in cases) photo quality.
How many times? Dont put rubbish like this on the front of your lens. If you MUST put something on the front, pay and get a decent filter. £500 lens + 25p filter = A fool.

This will degrade IQ, increase lens flare and increase reflections in general. Most lenses are equipped with adequate scratch coating when coupled with a lens hood should protect the glass enough. If you are in a particularly windy area with grit/sand in the air then a good quality UV (or similar filter) should be used.

This applies to all filters, dont cheap on it, learn from the mistakes of others.
Just like someone else pointed out - any lens over 72mm is almost always big spec/money and therefore requires high end, multi-coated filters to match the spec. Therefore not quite sure who these filters are aimed at. You may as well put a hiking sock over your lens as this level of filter. I've two Nikkors at 72 and 77 and they needed Hoya Pro-1 multicoated as a minimum. I'd have liked the corresponding Nikon ones but couldn't stretch to, in some cases, nearly £100 a filter.
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Wahey! It was out of stock near me, but now I find the 55mm in Ealing (London) and the 62mm in Kensington (London), ordered for collection tomorrow!
Went to pick my one up at Middlesbrough and was told that they cannot get it as it is discontinued stock still hot deal if you can get one..
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