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Predator 5 Movie HD Digital Boxset £7.99 at Sky Store
Found 8th DecFound 8th Dec
Five appearances from the iconic alien hunters as they take on Schwarzenegger and co in the jungle, Danny Glover in LA and Adrien Brody on home turf - plus two bloody duels with ci… Read more
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Looks like it expired...


Over here. Turn around.


If a movie has a Predator in it, I class it as a good movie. More Predator "more betterer".




AvP ain't that bad, especially comparing to latest Predator. F#$@%* Disney's family movie. Power Rangers are much, much better even Pride & Prejudice is better, Home Alone.....all other movies (except latest Star Wars - they are very, very bad too. I regret watching that (latest Predator & Star Wars).

Alien 1-6 Boxset HD Digital £8.99 at Sky Store
Found 8th DecFound 8th Dec
Sigourney Weaver's Ellen Ripley does battle with a deadly parasitic alien in the original four instalments of the hit sci-fi horror franchise, before director Ridley Scott explores… Read more
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Thanks again for the help dude :-)


Looks like it's expired


Glad to help. I forgot to mention that is for a brand new copy of the blu-ray box set (they also sell second hand films etc. so didn't want you to think it wasn't new) I have used Music Magpie a few times in the past, never had a problem and my Alien box set arrived promptly and was well packaged. (Free delivery) Here's the link.... But as mentioned if you use Quidco or Topcashback go via that as they both offer cash back.


Very interesting point of view, and very helpful information. Thank you sabresonic. I've never used music magpie so I'll look into that as well. Thank you very much again, take it easy :-)


Thanks for this pal, you're a diamond. Really appreciate the help this evening :-)

Free Arthur Christmas digital download on Sky Store from 13th December
13/12/2018Starts at 13/12/201824/12/2018Expires on 24/12/2018Found 8th DecFound 8th Dec
Just spoke to Sky to negotiate a new tv package and the sky employee told me about the free digital download. Get Arthur Christmas downloaded free from the Sky Store (13 Dec 18).

No shouting here, just irritation. Who cares? Well I'm sure there are a lot of people who would get irritated by false posts (time wasting?). I'm also sure that Pepper (the parent company) wouldn't look at it favourably as I'm pretty sure it would hurt their bottom line. People distrusting the site, thus leaving, which, if bad enough would put them out of business. I didn't say the OP was fibbing, just jumping the gun, which really shouldn't be done. It's simple in my opinion: just post things that are either live or have trustworthy facts to back up your claim. It's not hard or unreasonable and I surely can't be alone in that thinking.


I suppose it's no different from those 'heads up' deals that mods post from time-to-time, but nobody shouts at them to remove the posts because they're not live yet and they have no proof. The fact is this guy has been on this site a while now and has posted several deals in that time. As he said himself, he has no reason to lie. It's not as if he's going to financially benefit from this. It doesn't amount to a hill of beans in reality, and not worth getting your knickers in a twist over. Who cares if it doesn't happen? If the 13th rolls round and this isn't free, I'm more inclined to think the person he spoke to at Sky got it wrong and not because Tanks15 was fibbing.


*you're. And that's irrelevant. Happy to vote hot on actual deals that are available to get now. I will of course vote hot if it actually materialises. It's disappointing that people sling a 'hear-say' "deal" in with no evidence; and people vote it hot.


I bet your fun at parties!


The rest is just elf work. Go on festive freddy.

Elf download free with £5 off voucher @ sky store (account specific)
LocalLocalFound 2nd DecFound 2nd Dec
Just logged into sky store and had £5 off voucher. Possibly account specific but worth a check. Obviously can be used to discount other films.
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I tried on both Skyscraper and Jurassic Park with no joy 👎 Will keep trying! 🤞


UPDATE Just found out it is movie specific so if you want to buy anything new release its hi and miss if the voucher shows up no voucher on Incredibles 2 but appears on skyscraper and the new jurrasick park movie,,Bought the new Mission impossible move when they had a £5 voucher offer, still waiting for voucher to appear in my account, the changed the way to retrieve the voucher no code with voucher now allegedly comes up when you go to buy another movie on the sky store through your box but still waiting for mine to appear in my store account and it runs out the 16th of December. Contacted sky store account help but no reply yet even when they say they will reply within 5 days (been 10 now nothing from them yet.). it was a lot simpler when it was just a code which you simply imputed.


You don’t have to buy elf it’s £5 of any film not just elf


Maybe because its on ITV in 2 weeks


Why are people voting cold ?????

Jurassic World - Fallen Kingdom: Free to watch for some customers on Sky Store
Found 1st DecFound 1st Dec
I was just browsing the Sky Store movies and saw that the latest Jurassic World movie was free for me to watch and download to my Sky box. I think it may be the same for VIP Sky cu… Read more

Didn't know there were other films to choose from. Glad it works for some.


Ah just found where on sky store. I don’t have the offer tho, booo


Where are you signing in? The app?


Balls i’d Have got something else instead (fierce)


Cheers got it thanks

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Avengers 3 Movie Collection Sky Store DVD £19.99 & Blu-ray £21.99 with DLC for Sky Store
Found 28th NovFound 28th Nov
Sky Store have discounted the box set where you get either a hard copy DVD or Blu-ray with a digital download to the Sky Store. Great price for DVD and Blu-ray versions. DVD £19.99… Read more

I don't think it's a bad deal either with included blu ray, heat


That’s not bad at all considering the latest Avengers Infinity War is included and Sky are selling it for £17.99 on its own!

Sky Store - Black Friday deals up to 50% off
Found 22nd NovFound 22nd Nov
Handy if you've got some vouchers from the recent Nestle offer or tucked in with a Now TV box or stick. N.B. Even if vouchers say 'Rental' they can still be used for Buy and Keep.… Read more

Blade Runner 2049 HD £5.99 :D


If you cancel sky, you can't expect to then watch them via the sky box! You can view all your movies on the sky store website.


Thanks everyone for your advice - it’s something I’ll be looking at. Unfortunately I’m not happy with sky CService at the minute - 3 hours messing around yesterday, first guy told me he had to reinstate my account for a month full price just to see if there are any offers. Erm, no thanks!


Sky Store now has Chromecast functionality, so all you need is the Sky Store Android or iOS app, log in to your library, and cast to your TV. :)


Contact sky and get them to change you too a sky store only account

A Quiet Place HD Digital + Blu-ray £7.99 @ Sky Store
Found 31st OctFound 31st Oct
A good deal by Sky Store and still £13.99 on Amazon. HD Digital available straight away through you Sky box, and the Blu-ray posted out to you. A Quiet Place, a family of four mu… Read more
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no.. just no


This should of been clover field 3


Strange, still showing in the offers section for me, but at full price. Will keep an eye on it.


That expired quick, I managed to get it for £7.99.


Showing as £13.99 for me

Night At The Museum Collection in HD £4.99 at SkyStore
Found 26th SepFound 26th Sep
Collection of all 3 films for 4.99

Good point.


Yes. £9.99 for physical copy inc postage. Actually ordered it yesterday for a Christmas gift. I had some free vouchers in my BT reward account. - worth checking your British Gas rewards if you missed that a few months back.


You do get physical copies, which a lot of people prefer. I can't see the Sky deal, as I'm in Dubai, but I'm assuming it's just the online version, wether it be streaming or download.


So £1.51 more ???


You can get them all on blu ray for less than £6.50 .

Ready Player One - Half price on Sky store! £4.99
Found 13th SepFound 13th Sep
Just logged in and spotted this, I don’t think it’s account specific! HD digital £4.99 (Was £9.99) HD digital & DVD £6.99 (Was £13.99) HD digital & blu ray £8.99 (Was £17.9… Read more
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A shame, but hope it helps some people


A shame, but hope it helps some people


Account specific prob your SKY VIP reward


It's still full price on mine :(

Deadpool 2: Super Duper Cut, half price on Sky Store £5.99
Found 13th SepFound 13th Sep
I just logged into Sky store and spotted this, I don’t think its account specific. £5.99 HD digital (Was £11.99) £6.99 HD digital & DVD (Was £13.99) £8.99 HD digital & blu … Read more
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Just to confirm I purchased online via sky store and sent it to my box, it has now downloaded and ready to watch (y) 🏻


Ahh full price here too


Half price for me also... thanks op Edit: just checked via my sky box and it’s still full price, strange but will ordered it online (with my free British Gas credit) and see what’s charged


A shame, but hope it helps some people


A shame, but I hope this helps some people though

£5.99 Sky store voucher offer with Nestle (collect 4 bags)
Found 31st AugFound 31st Aug
Grab a £5.99 voucher when collect 4 codes from Nestle sweet bags. Chocolate aero bags are on offer for £1 each at the moment

Co-op for me.


Anyone know if you can redeem again from last year's promotion


Milk chocolate ones are £1 in Tesco too. Sorry was posting from mobile app first time, thought I'd included that info.



I make these at work mmmm nom nom nom (popcorn)

Avengers trilogy on blu-ray £30.99 @ SkyStore
Found 24th AugFound 24th Aug
Sky store are letting you preorder the physical blue ray to be delivered on release while letting you download all three to your box to watch now. Bargain if you sell the blue rays… Read more
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There are now. See other posts. £45.


You get early access to the digital version through Sky Store and they post the Blu-ray's out to you. There is nothing that links the physical Blu-ray's to the digital copies. I have done this in the past, where I would keep the digital versions of the films through Sky Store whilst gifting the physical Blu-ray's at Christmas.


Are there 4K Versions of these films by any chance?


They are not wise to this?. I find that hard to believe, that Sky could be quite that naive. Hey if it works then all power to ya, but colour me astonished. (highfive)


Yes but you can keep the downloaded versions and sell the physical. That way you are getting a digital copy for nearly nothing. That’s where this becomes a deal

Various sky movie offers digital + blu ray or digital + dvd from £7.99
Found 17th AugFound 17th Aug
First deal post so be gentle ! I could have listed each at a time but noticed a post for death curse maze runner via sky movies buy and keep, for 7.99 I then found this link on t… Read more

No. I'm my case it was in the box from sky but not in the sealed blue ray box. I then bought a further dvd, which didn't have one. I'm not sure what criteria they use to determine if you get one or not. Maybe it's price point not media. If you always got one with a blue ray , i'd have bought another! I recall reading a post about someone having 45 of these vouchers ! I'll let you know if one comes in mine.


Do the £5 vouchers come inside the sealed DVD packaging? I've got a couple of these DVDs I was going to sell but I want to get Infinity War so if there's a possible fiver off inside I'll open up and see what's inside!


Is it though? Jurassic World is 4 quid on Amazon for the blu ray. Was 3 quid last week. Spider-Man Homecoming is in the 2 for £15 offer everywhere. You can get all three of Despicable Me 1, 2 and Minions for less the price of one of them from Sky. In fact, is there any movie in this selection that you can't get cheaper elsewhere on blu ray? They all come with the same digital codes as the Sky ones too. Way cold from me.


I paid £5.99 for brawl in cell block 99. Totally worth it. Haven't opened the dvd case tho.


Because this deal is cheaper than amazon, you get to watch it on your sky box instantly, plus you get the blu Ray and digital download code, and a potential 5£ voucher? Might be the reason

Maze Runner The Death Cure Bluray + SKY Digital Copy £7.99 @SKY Store
Found 15th AugFound 15th Aug
Maze Runner The Death Cure Bluray + SKY Digital Copy £7.99 @SKY Store
Sounds like a great price for the digital copy plus bluray You can trade for £6 at CEX which makes this £2 for the digital copy

Just found this Sky store offers


I'd be interested too. The offer maybe better than we think as they throw in a £5 voucher for other buy and keep offers not guaranteed but this has been that case in my previous orders. Lets see when the disk arrives I guess !


man I love this series. Read the the books, watched the movies... Absolutely loved it.


You can't sale. Doesn't it say not for resale somewhere


Anyone aware of any other cheap deals like this on Sky Store just now for Blu-Ray?

Free Back to Future I  on Sky Store
Found 12th AugFound 12th Aug
Logged in to search Back to The Future and spotted it was for free to keep. Its on Sky Store. could be account specific

wish I had one then I would have bought / brought something else with me




Libyans ;)


Great Scot! He went back to 2014 and purchased this and now it’s showing on his account as free. In the previous timeline that we are all on it’s still £5.99 and the Libyans are still wanting their plutonium back!


Me too

Free £5 voucher when you Buy & keep RAMPAGE from Sky - £13.99 DVD / £17.99 Blu Ray
Found 7th AugFound 7th Aug
Not the greatest deal (or film for that matter!) however I just wanted to make people aware that if you purchase the film “RAMPAGE” starring Dwayne The Rock Johnson from Sky’s Buy … Read more
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horses for courses


What you have is an overpriced DVD at £13.99 and a HD copy, plus a £5 voucher. As the DVD + digital download is £9.99 nearly everywhere else, your paying £4 over the standard price. Which really means your £5 voucher is £4 of your own money anyway. The blu-ray is the better deal, as that is £14.99 on release. So your only paying £3 over, meaning the £5 voucher is only £3 of your own money. Plus you get the actual Blu-ray which will have more chance at being watched then a DVD.


Shame - used to love the old arcade / Commodore 64 game back in the day.


Awesome, cheers


I’m not aware of any limitations on the voucher, and can’t see anything in the terms & conditions. As far as I can make it it’s a voucher redeemable against future Sky store purchases, regardless of production company & distribution studios.