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Thanks for confirming this. I'm currently watching Ralph Breaks The Internet on Chili, as I got it cheap using a code on a pre-order.


Unless they changed it recently it applied to anything on the Sky Store, including offers ;) A long time ago they would send out codes everytime you got a movie so you could end up with a few free titles for paying once :D Yeah I'll cancel my Amazon order now.


You're welcome. I'm guessing you've cancelled the Amazon order if this Sky Store offer works out better for you? Just out of interest from when you have received them, is the £5 voucher just a £5 credit for Sky Store which can be redeemed against anything on Sky Store, just DVDs, just Blu-Rays etc?


Hey, thanks for this offer OP I pre-ordered the Blu Ray from Amazon last night and wanted to get it early but still get the blu ray. This is a fantastic offer as it only comes to £12.99 for both :D Plus I can stream to Chromecast with Sky Store (which is a must for me getting digital copies). No brainer. Whenever I've used Sky Store in the past they include vouchers in packaging with the movie :)


Enjoy your film. I got a decent pre-order price on Chili. It's available to watch now so I'm about to watch.

All 4 Hunger Games films £5.99 - Sky Store
Found 17th FebFound 17th Feb
All four Hunger Games films in HD for less than £6.

You could say that for 80% of new films released.


........Jennifer Lawrence <3


I don't understand why these films were so popular. Utter garbage all of them


Thought they all were


I just wish I didn't need separate app to watch this...

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The Spy Who Dumped Me - Blu-ray and HD download £10.99 @ SkyStore - Free Delivery
Found 17th FebFound 17th Feb
£14.99 Everywhere else. Watch your purchases straight away on up to four compatible devices and if you're a Sky subscriber you can send your Buy & Keep purchases to a compat… Read more
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Maybe, but still I can't find it cheaper anywhere else. I've looked I a few places es today, and checked the net a few times


Once you've seen it you'll understand all the cold votes!


It was a misprice when I picked my copy up for £7, it had the wrong SEL under it. I would have posted it, but it was removed after my sale went through.


I've not seen it myself, I posted it because it was best price I could find.


Remember taking my girl to the cinemas to watch this. Absolutely horrendous and boring. Even my girl hated the movie.

Mission: Impossible - Fallout - Blu-ray and HD download £10.99 @ SkyStore - Free Delivery
Found 17th FebFound 17th Feb
I bought this the other day, I hadn't realised it was still £14.99 everywhere else until walking in HMV yesterday. Watch your purchases straight away on up to four compatible dev… Read more
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There is that. There was the fact it was 1 quid cheaper at the beginning of Feb. But that was just the digital copy. Not digital and blu ray. So maybe that's why people are getting chilly Oh and the blu ray is 4 quid cash and 6 quid voucher in cex. So that means you get the hd digital on sky for 6.99 or 4.99. I don't know if it comes with a digital code in the case. But then you could flog that to a mate/eBay/pet dog and make a few quid on that too.... Still don't get the cold votes


I've idea either, no one has come up with a link to a better price. So it one of the following. 1. They hate Sky. 2. They hate me. 3. They don't see the point of physical media. 4.They heard someone say, that it will be cheaper elsewhere, probably in 5 months. 5. They don't pay for films and download them for free. 6. They don't like the film series, or a member of cast, or maybe the janitor on the set. 7. The HUKD Sheep Sydrome, they saw other people vote cold so that makes it cold.


Don't understand the chill on this. 10.99 for a blu ray that's new isn't a bad deal


Rent it on Amazon for £1.49. Watched it last night. Quite good.


I've bought a few from Sky, I've only ever received the standard retail version. Definitely never had anything that says not for resale on it.

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DreamWorks 15 Film Collection £28.99, buy and keep at Sky Store
Found 1st FebFound 1st Feb
To buy and keep, currently half price, less than £2 a movie. 15 hilarious family adventures from the top drawer of acclaimed animation studio DreamWorks' best feature films, inclu… Read more

I have written a similar thing on another thread. I don’t have a chromecast or nowtv, as I have two smart TVs. I bought all kids films - my kids can navigate Sky to put a movie on, but wouldn’t be able to change to tv settings to another input. I wish someone had told me sooner before I spent money on a dozen films.


You can install skystore app and watch it from there or now tv app / devices


Haven't you written this same complaint almost word for word on other Sky Store threads? You can still view them on the TV via the NOW stick or you can chromecast it from the app. Not really a big problem.


You can get a NOW TV stick for small money and continue to watch via that


I have bought lots of movies from sky over the years, once you’re out of contract they aren’t available from the sky box anymore (apparently still available on the app, but that’s no good for kids who want to watch on the tv). I won’t be buying any more.

Sky Store Movies from 99p
Found 21st JanFound 21st Jan
Sky Store movies sale or Mega Movie Week as they call it. Buy and keep digital copies starting from 99p (Not many at that price though) most £1.99 99p - £1.99 £2.99

You can still get the standard film for £2.99, but the Super Duper Cut has gone back up to full price.


Looks like deadpool 2 has been removed from the offer now unfortunately.


Deadpool 2 (amongst many others) for only £2.99 is a bargain and worthy of adding to the post!




Thanks for this! Just got 4 movies, three x 99p movies and one £2.99 movie. Had some vouchers from some sweet packets from last year so had £5.99 credit on my Sky Store account.

Miss Sloane free buy and keep with Sky VIP (invite only)
Found 17th JanFound 17th Jan
Sky VIP is now offering Miss Sloane as a free buy and keep, download direct to your box and receive the disc in the post. (This is my 1st Deal so my apologies if I have not posted … Read more
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Brilliant film, if you didn't get the invite then worth knowing it was added to Netflix earlier this week. Can't recommend it highly enough.


No have been with em for a long time now and we have had the other sky vip downloads as we only buy them when they’re free !!


It's a first buy sign up offer. I take it you're new to sky VIP.


First buy and keep when registering with Sky VIP is free for new registrations.


That is what it said although we had used ours previously I’m sure. Thankyou for letting me know

Skyscraper Blu-ray + HD Digital £9.99 @ Sky Store
Found 30th Dec 2018Found 30th Dec 2018
What's happened to the entertainment group? Cheapest I can find on Blu-ray. Disaster thriller starring Dwayne Johnson as a security consultant and former FBI agent forced to save… Read more
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Terrible film!


Oh my you actually like Transformers XD There is fantasy and there is transformers.. LOTR and Marvel/DC movies aren't realistic but they're great whilst transformers is just plain awful


I’m not voting either way, but I’m sick of all this mindless blowing (poo) up throughout the whole film, I got bored with the repetitive fast and furious series and anything that is coming out marvel at the moment. I watched aqua man yesterday which was no different, I don’t mind fantasy but the whole film doesn’t need to be mindless smashing crap up. You shouldn’t have to switch you’re brain off to enjoy a film


Not all films are classed as art. There is a spectrum with films like Transformers, Skyscraper, Fast and Furious, etc at one end and films like Bridge of Spies, Gone with the wind, The Kings Speech, etc at the other. People like different things. I prefer my films towards the Transformers end of the spectrum as they take me out of daily life into something fantasy like, but also watch films at the other end when I fancy it. If you like your films at the other end of the spectrum then that's fine but don't belittle others because you don't like them. You just come across as snobby, arrogant and unlikable. And that is the end of the discussion for me.


It isn't my nature to bite my tongue. I say it as it is. Thanks for the comment.

Shrek Box Set (Shrek 1,2,3 and Forever After) digital copy £9.99 at Sky Store (DVD & Blu-Ray options available for £15.99 - £17.99)
Found 29th Dec 2018Found 29th Dec 2018
HD digital - £9.99 was £19.99 HD digital plus DVD - £15.99 was £23.99 HD digital plus Blu-ray - £17.99 was £24.99 Buy the box set here
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Not always Whilst I'm against DVDs and try to keep all of my films and TV digital, for Christmas I used some of my Sky Store credit to order a DVD for someone who still watches them. The one that I ordered for him (Goodbye Christopher Robin) mentioned nothing on it about not being for resale, and had the barcode on it where the "NOT FOR RESALE" text usually also appears.


Don't forget that their Dvds and Bluerays all come with free graphiti.


Ah okay sorry I didn't understand your comment properly until you explained it now. I don't use iTunes, so I wouldn't know haha


I mean't any iTunes deals lol they've been terrible recently.


Thanks lol About to? It was posted 16 days ago and it's £17.99 now at iTunes 👀

Deadpool :2 Super Duper Cut HD (Buy & Keep) at Sky Store
Found 28th Dec 2018Found 28th Dec 2018
Hd Digital £7.99 HD Digital + DVD £9.99 HD Digital + Blu-Ray £11.99 Ryan Reynolds returns as the titular "Merc with a Mouth" to take on Josh Brolin's brutal time-traveller, Cable… Read more

Hopefully will be on sky movies soon


Super Duper Cut HD It's so good .... worth the extra couple of quid. Heat added (y)

Sky Store  - The Greatest Showman Bluray + HD copy £7.99 Sky Movies
Found 24th Dec 2018Found 24th Dec 2018
Or DVD + HD copy £5.99, or just HD copy £4.99.

This should be hot (y) idiots voting cold (mad)


How this can be voted cold I do not know. Find the film on blu ray alone for this price and I'd be surprised. Heat from me!


One could always use the Nestle vouchers and get it for £2


Nothing could ever be as bad as Frozen


They seem to be comparing apples and oranges with my Amazon deal. Perhaps it will do better if this is the only Greatest Show in town tomorrow.

Incredibles 2 HD digital + dvd £7.99 or bluray £9.99 at sky store
Found 15th Dec 2018Found 15th Dec 2018
Also HD digital + bluray £9.99

Just received my order. What the hell are they doing sending DVDs that are defaced with "NOT FOR RESALE"??? Looks horrible on my shelf of Disney DVDs.


Just had a look and it gave me a ‘welcome to sky q’ discount too, so the price was £2.99 for digital + dvd, or £4.99 with bluray!


Brilliant. I was just about to buy the bluray from Amazon. You've saved me a few quid. Awesome price. Thanks.


Great price, great film - I paid about £15 for the blu-ray when it came out a few weeks ago!


yep Cheers OP :D Had some credit so worked out free wooo

Equalizer 2 FREE ON SKY STORE (Sky VIP welcoming gift)
Found 13th Dec 2018Found 13th Dec 2018
W ebsite shows a price but is free on the Sky Box
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I'm no longer a sky customer but had VIP when I was, and can confirm the movie is free for me to buy.


£9.99 on mines


Did you know that Denzel Washington was half-brother to Brian Connolly, lead singer of '70's Glam Rock band, The Sweet?


My man Denzil, Denzel is my main man (popcorn)


You just wasted your free VIP welcome gift film then!! You could have chosen any film you wanted (unless of course this was your hearts desire!!).

Sky Store Advent Sale from £2.99
Found 12th Dec 2018Found 12th Dec 2018
Sky Store Advent Sale from £2.99
Sky Store currently has movies from £2.99 in the advent deal, link might change daily Logan, The Revenant and Love Actually are currently £2.99 each Street Cat named Bob is £3.9… Read more
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One of todays deals is Game Of Thrones Seasons 1-2 Digital HD for £10.99


Your right about that.


Maybe because the film selection is fairly ropey...or that it's Sky...or that it's been running for a while before you posted it (I've been checking these daily since early December). The individual deals for the Alien/Predator boxsets went hot a few days ago, so who knows? There's no precise science to HUKD.


deals have changed again. don't understand why this went cold. 2.99 for a movie is cheap



Predator 5 Movie HD Digital Boxset £7.99 at Sky Store
Found 8th Dec 2018Found 8th Dec 2018
Predator 5 Movie HD Digital Boxset £7.99 at Sky Store
Five appearances from the iconic alien hunters as they take on Schwarzenegger and co in the jungle, Danny Glover in LA and Adrien Brody on home turf - plus two bloody duels with ci… Read more
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Looks like it expired...


Over here. Turn around.


If a movie has a Predator in it, I class it as a good movie. More Predator "more betterer".




AvP ain't that bad, especially comparing to latest Predator. F#$@%* Disney's family movie. Power Rangers are much, much better even Pride & Prejudice is better, Home Alone.....all other movies (except latest Star Wars - they are very, very bad too. I regret watching that (latest Predator & Star Wars).

Alien 1-6 Boxset HD Digital £8.99 at Sky Store
Found 8th Dec 2018Found 8th Dec 2018
Alien 1-6 Boxset HD Digital £8.99 at Sky Store
Sigourney Weaver's Ellen Ripley does battle with a deadly parasitic alien in the original four instalments of the hit sci-fi horror franchise, before director Ridley Scott explores… Read more
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Thanks again for the help dude :-)


Looks like it's expired


Glad to help. I forgot to mention that is for a brand new copy of the blu-ray box set (they also sell second hand films etc. so didn't want you to think it wasn't new) I have used Music Magpie a few times in the past, never had a problem and my Alien box set arrived promptly and was well packaged. (Free delivery) Here's the link.... But as mentioned if you use Quidco or Topcashback go via that as they both offer cash back.


Very interesting point of view, and very helpful information. Thank you sabresonic. I've never used music magpie so I'll look into that as well. Thank you very much again, take it easy :-)


Thanks for this pal, you're a diamond. Really appreciate the help this evening :-)

Free Arthur Christmas digital download on Sky Store
Refreshed 24th Dec 2018Refreshed 24th Dec 2018
Free Arthur Christmas digital download on Sky Store
Just spoke to Sky to negotiate a new tv package and the sky employee told me about the free digital download for Sky VIP customers. Get Arthur Christmas downloaded free from the … Read more

Claimed in two minutes EASY


I’ve just got a Now TV account, nothing else. I used to be a Sky TV subscriber over 2 years ago. Maybe long term customers who are either current or old subscribers that are active Now TV customers are elligible? It seems quite random...


Heat added


My favourite Christmas film!!!


I have NowTV and Sky broadband. I merged the two accounts so can log into both using two different email addresses. I've always been able to get the deals before I merged them, on my NowTV details alone. I merged the accounts and now have duplicates in my library, That has stopped now I've merged the accounts . If that makes sense :/

Downton Abbey Seasons 1-6 HD £10.99 - Digital Download on Sky Store
Found 3rd Dec 2018Found 3rd Dec 2018
Downton Abbey Seasons 1-6 HD £10.99 - Digital Download on Sky Store
£10.99£49.9978%Sky Movies Deals
Looking to spend some credit on the Sky store, this is on for today's Advent Deal Downton Abbey seasons 1-6 HD for £10.99, down from £49.99 apparently. Not my cup of tea shall we s… Read more

Doesn't look like the Christmas specials are included.


Excellent find! Heat added. Thanks for posting. (highfive)

Elf download free with £5 off voucher @ sky store (account specific)
LocalLocalFound 2nd Dec 2018Found 2nd Dec 2018
Just logged into sky store and had £5 off voucher. Possibly account specific but worth a check. Obviously can be used to discount other films.
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This is still working for me!


I tried on both Skyscraper and Jurassic Park with no joy 👎 Will keep trying! 🤞


UPDATE Just found out it is movie specific so if you want to buy anything new release its hi and miss if the voucher shows up no voucher on Incredibles 2 but appears on skyscraper and the new jurrasick park movie,,Bought the new Mission impossible move when they had a £5 voucher offer, still waiting for voucher to appear in my account, the changed the way to retrieve the voucher no code with voucher now allegedly comes up when you go to buy another movie on the sky store through your box but still waiting for mine to appear in my store account and it runs out the 16th of December. Contacted sky store account help but no reply yet even when they say they will reply within 5 days (been 10 now nothing from them yet.). it was a lot simpler when it was just a code which you simply imputed.


You don’t have to buy elf it’s £5 of any film not just elf


Maybe because its on ITV in 2 weeks

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