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Free calls to mobiles and landlines Unlimited For a Month SKYPE
Found 10th Nov 2015Found 10th Nov 2015
Sorry if you already know about this but I just found out. I'd be glad if this helps someone like myself. What you get With an Unlimited World subscription, you get: unlimited*… Read more

Thanks for posting op.


No Grenada - no surprise, but still :(


No Jamaica :(


​And? I saw the posting rules. :)


And? See posting rules! :)

Skype - Free worldwide calls to mobiles and landlines for a month @ Skype
Found 30th Sep 2015Found 30th Sep 2015
I've had email from Skype with details of a promotion deal for Free worldwide calls to mobiles and landlines for a month. Might be useful if your university student son or daughter… Read more

ive signed up and everything got the email verifying, but when i try and make a skype call from pc it wont let me ? this is the web account page stating i have subscription:- and this is the skype app page on pc saying no subscription :- ? edit sorry just noticed no mobiles in uk


First, sign into your account: you’ll need to enter your payment details – but we won't charge you during your free trial.


Oops - it looks like this trial has either expired or isn’t available for this Skype Name. Please ensure you’ve signed in with the Skype Name the free trial was sent to. oh well *nm just made a new account* all the calls to my family in the USA <3 Going to bug the crap out of my mom!


I ignored this post when I saw it but had to search for and just used it to make a call to France... Lol. Thanks so much for the posting! HEAT!! x


Cheers, on holiday right now so really useful for contacting home.

Free £2 virgin media skype credit for fathers day!
Found 20th Jun 2015Found 20th Jun 2015
Was chatting on skype today and saw this advert popup for virgin media offering free calls to mobiles and landlines - after filling out an easy form i received a skype voucher for … Read more
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update your Skype to latest version ( Skype for Desktop as it has replaced the Windows Skype App and then uninstall the App) if you are using Windows. Open Skype and you will see a virgin media promotion of 100 free minutes when you login into Skype. Click on the offer and it will ask you to fill your details. After that you will receive code in your email to redeem 100 minutes or £2. Unfortunately Skype has some problems at the minute if you are using Mac. hope it helps.


should be in freebies


does it work if u have done this before


Can't seem to get it to work for me no matter what i try on skype i don't get a pop up advertisement or an advertisement of any type which is strange

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Free calls to 0800 + US toll free numbers, with Skype
19/01/2038 at 03:14Expires on 19/01/2038 at 03:14Found 29th Apr 2015Found 29th Apr 2015
I saw this deal: And well I thought perhaps some people know, but ot… Read more
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Thanks, this was very helpful for me.


She wanted to be the woman in James Bond's Golden Eye Movie it appears? .. 007.5 here she comes ..... lol. :-) No idea where the Oriental guy fits into all this mind?. :-)


bizarre picture


nw :)


Thanx OP. :-)

Skype calls in and out of Nepal now free
Found 27th Apr 2015Found 27th Apr 2015
With the recent tragic events in Nepal, Skype, with immediate effect are making all Skype calls in and out of Nepal (mobiles & landlines) free of charge. Shared Via The HUKD A… Read more

It's a pity they don't do it for other afflicted countries.


is it happening again, viber has given the free call thing (for another 2 days ) and I got through today, it was a good line, it was nice being able to speak, knowing the low viber credit i had didn't matter, and knowing those who one cares about are safe.


Heat added! Well done Skype.


Comment I still think the same thing


First of all don't believe everything you read!!! Second you have quoted no:1 a extreme left wing Self hating Israeli group and no:2 you have quoted an extreme anti Israel Arab news outlet. So either way your information is flawed. I believe you should do a thorough investigation of the argument and then comment![/

£2 free skype credit from virgin media advert in skype
Found 15th Feb 2015Found 15th Feb 2015
was chatting on skype today and saw this advert popup for virgin media offering free calls to mobiles and landlines - after filling out an easy form i received a skype voucher for … Read more

tried many times same message 1-2 business days


Triadian : how do u figure that out technically? and how can u say that it's still available ? and it's just captcha problem?


technically the offer is still available if/when the captcha gives you one to solve - which doesnt seem to be very often, not sure if anyone has had one in the last 24 hours or not though.


Is this still availabel


fixed their add? what do u mean vasya? it's currently broken, because of recaptcha malfunctioning.

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Skype one month free trial, unlimited landline and mobile calls to selected countries worldwide.
Found 25th Nov 2014Found 25th Nov 2014
This was on here before but it expired, the deal is back on, it's difficult not to be worth it given it's free status and no gimmicky attachments.

Charges you £1 paying with PayPal? EDIT: I can't call mobiles either :|


this is cool, just need to remember to cancel the subscription as you will be charged next month


Is that so? I see, mobile calls free only to Canada, China, Guam, Hong Kong SAR, Puerto Rico, Singapore, Thailand, United States. Thanks for the post anyway op, you may want to update the post?

Free 0800 0500 0808 calls directly from SKYPE
Found 7th Aug 2014Found 7th Aug 2014
Hi there, I am sure it's not new but some still don't know about free calls from SKYPE. I just discovered today that 0800 number is free from SKYPE account. Just log in and dial … Read more

Just register with SKYPE, having your account you will be able to use the service dialing the 0800 number you want to connect to. If you have a laptop you dont have to connect a mic or speakers but use the service straight away. You basically use your computer to communicate to another user using mic and speakers connected to your PC - no need to connect your phone in any way to your PC.


hot, never used this service before.. would I need to connect a pohone to my pc or whart? please explain more in details ... thank you


Good to know. Thanks for the reminder.


Anyone heard of wifi?


wastes your data though

Skype unlimited world - 1 Month Free
Found 8th Jul 2014Found 8th Jul 2014
Skype unlimited world 1 month free Remember 1. You have to provide a payment method up front. 2. You should cancel your subscription within 27 days otherwise you pay £9.7… Read more
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amour3k It still looks Current, &/or UnExpired to me? Ps. The Skype Name you chose to use from the off that didn't work? .. i'm guessing that that be an 'Issue' for you to raise between yourselves & Skype/Microsoft me thinks ..... lol. :-)


Oops - it looks like this trial has either expired or isn’t available for this Skype Name.


Why Cold? :-(

Skype TV Camera for non-smart TV's - Logitech tv cam HD - 49% off at £89.99 delivered at the official Skype store online
Found 2nd Jul 2014Found 2nd Jul 2014
OK, this wont be for everyone, but hopefully it'll help someone out. Basically this is a camera that you 'soft mount' on the top of your tv. Connect by ethernet or wireless to yo… Read more

Hmmmmmmmmmm .........


Oh dear - not much love for this one! Ah well!


What the hey ..... :-)


And Skype is now owned by Microsoft too! .. the irony ..... ? lol. :-)


xbox 360 hasn't got skype!

Skype Free Calls to Freephone numbers in UK, USA, France, Poland & Taiwan!
Found 30th Jun 2014Found 30th Jun 2014
You can call freephone numbers in UK, USA, France, Poland and Taiwan completely free of charge through Skype. No credit is required on your Skype account. This will be useful for … Read more
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Will keep an eye open for one of these Skype phones.


Title is misleading so he asked a question. calm down




Good to know. 0800 numbers. Clear as day. I feel... smart.


yeah, but people wanna repeat or 'remind', as they say, to get heat.

Free worldwide calls to mobiles and landlines for a month on Skype
Found 29th May 2014Found 29th May 2014
Skype is giving away unlimited calling free for a month (worth £8.49 / £9.76 incl. VAT per month). So, on top of your usual free Skype to Skype calls, you can also call friends and… Read more

just noticed that it doesnt cover mobiles in the UK. I won't do it as it's too easy for me to make a mistake that way as I call by someone's name in my addressbook and not their number.


Just cancelled mine. You can still keep the service for the rest of the month.


so can you add it and then cancel renewal and still have service for a month or do you have to remember to cancel on day 26 ?


i did have this for a month, landline call to Spain and Italy are actually very clear, so were video calls to the states, but video calls are just so unreliable it was pointless trying for other European countries


Landline and mobile only in 8 countries Not really worldwide as more than half the countries in the world are missing, misleading

Skype Group Video Calling Now Free For Everyone
Found 28th Apr 2014Found 28th Apr 2014
Skype has announced that group video calling will now be completely free of charge. The feature, which lets up to 10 people participate in video calling, is going free for Skype … Read more

should come on android


Why has this been expired?


you miss the point. completely. gratz.


Nice, ta


Really good find. Thank you :)

Free Skype on Three Network
Found 9th Apr 2014Found 9th Apr 2014
Was looking for addon on three and found this.You can use skype on three network for free. It is only limited to skype to skype calling & chatting. For other number calling it … Read more

I still have a galaxy s which came with a skype on three app. I can confirm that it still works and voice quality is far much better than the normal skype app as it doesn't use data, rather it calls a free number through which your call is dialled. I would post here If somebody knows how to extract from my phone.


I had the skypephone S2 and when skype was bought out by Microsoft (I believe) they stopped this option. The only reason I stayed with 3. I checked again in a 3 shop a few months ago and they confirmed that this was the fact.


I recently acquired a Skypephone S2 but unable to test it as yet as I do not have a 3 sim card.


It seems that there was a debate on here a couple of years back about this and it seems it may no longer be available:


You need a very old phone to use the Skype on 3 app and it's nigh on impossible to find the download link on 3 mobiles website on your phone (if it's even there anymore). Good news is that Skype on 3 does work on the latest Pay As You Go On 3 tariff but the downside is you need a phone from the Nokia N95 era, check comparability on the linked website. The Skype app you download from the Apple App Store or Google Play is not the correct app.

***TIP*** FREE 0800 calls on mobiles with a bit of cleverness using Skype
Found 6th Apr 2014Found 6th Apr 2014
Three offer free 0800 calls to new contracts taken up, however chances are youre now on a very strong 3g/4g network You too can dial 0800 free by using Skype, simply download the … Read more
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Its not a deal i used to call 0800 free in 2010 using skype it was always there. Or maybe people just start discovering it now. Anyway good if people dont know that.


Not many people know that. Thanks. Hot!


God the Android app for this place is terrible... Anyway, twaddle. And MS are horrible barstuds, and Skype is point to point so all your network traffic goes thru other people's computers who are looking at their mates naked too.


What absolute twaddle.


Its NOT free from all three tariffs, be careful with 3, they are cunning experts in marketing, and usually fall to deliver either completely out on quality. I'm supposed to be getting 4g but I don't bin my area of London, and around baker street central London last night I was not even getting fast 3g, was very slow. REMEMBER "Three = Three times worse than the worst networks"

Skype Credit Top Up Cards HALF PRICE (WHSmiths + other)
Found 20th Jan 2014Found 20th Jan 2014
50% off Skype Credit when purchased through participating Store. Search your area on the Skype Website for a Retailer near you. I used WHSmiths so think they would be nationwide. … Read more

Is really a very good discount


Great deal, bought £60 worth from WHS at Aberdeen Airport


If you don't make any chargeable calls for 180 days, Skype credit becomes inactive. Bringing it back is very straight forward so, simply log into the Skype website and press the relevant button. What do I do about inactive Skype Credit?


I'm interested.. however does the credit expire after a specific time (i.e. if I buy £50 have I got to use it in n number of months)?


Went to a couple Sainsburys was sold out. Got it on the 3rd so thanks. £30 for £15. Wasn't advertised but automatically came up at the till.

Skype egift card 30% discount - $10 credit for £4.27
Found 17th Jan 2014Found 17th Jan 2014
I had to top up my Skype credit and came across this offer of 30% discount for Skype e-giftcards on the skype website. No voucher code required. Send to yourself or to friends and … Read more

Topcashback's 30% if you're a new customer for credit purchases if you're a new customer at the mo too, so now's a good time to stock up one way or the other! This is hot for me as I've already credited my skype account. As an update, I had an email from "chatandvision" about a security check that would take place so the card wont come through for at least another day. It doesnt bother me as it's not meant as a gift....


That's correct. 30% off discount. $10 - 30%off = $7. $7 = £4.27.


so. correct me if im wrong but the topic said $10 of credit for £4.27... $10 is £6.08 and not £4.27? no one said it was 30% off that price... it said 30% off discount $10 for £4.27


I've just realised they now accept paypal. That's awesome, thanks! Very handy to have for travelling.


I've never had problems using Paypal, are you using that?

Premium Skype for £0.00/month (for 1 year) instead of £5.99/month
Found 23rd Dec 2013Found 23rd Dec 2013
Microsoft is running a new promotion called the ‘Skype Collaboration Project’ that is allowing Skype users to make free group calls, free group screen sharing, no advertising and a… Read more

If anyone could send me a code or two that'd be great! Pm or email to (spare email Addy)


me too :) could do with a code if anyone is offering ta muchley


can I have one, please. I am using Skype dayly and it would be a great advantage for me. Thanks in advance. Max


Your welcome have a great xmas :)


It worked a treat! RESULT! :D

Free 12 months group video calls via The Skype Collaboration Project @ Skype
Found 16th Dec 2013Found 16th Dec 2013
Just received an email from Skype to join their new Skype Collaboration Project. So I'm not sure if there are any validations for specific users only. Welcome to the who, what, wh… Read more

Would also appreciate a spare code if anyone has one. Signed up over a week ago, but still no code :'(


If anyone has a spare voucher, then please PM me!! thanks


I have a spare code: SKYPE-G9J9J-HG4WF-HDUBB-6PKA4 Enjoy :)

RobinT follow that link and it will tell you when it expires.


Does anybody know how to check the expiry date of an active Premium subscription?