Skypephone version 2 coming soon at Three, £69.99 PAYG

Skypephone version 2 coming soon at Three, £69.99 PAYG

Found 26th Jul 2008
Google Skypephone version 2 to find out more... The phone is supposed to be released on the 17th of August and will be one amongst many others from Three... Phone will be 3.2 mp, 80MB internal memory and available only from Three.


[COLOR="Navy"]hów much ón cóntráct?[/COLOR]


[COLOR="Navy"]hów much ón cóntráct?[/COLOR]

If it's this cheap on PAYG then the handset itself will be free on contract. The per monthly line rental will be simiar (if not the same) to what's being offered with the current old SkypePhone.

Will this have WIFI? If so will make a great converged handset.

How do u know of the price. any sources?

Although it might not be as glamorous as the iPhone 3G, the Skypephone did grab the headlines at its launch last November for one single reason, it was the first phone to be built around the popular VoIP application that is Skype offering you up to 4,000 Skype minutes and 10,000 Chat messages per month.

Mobile service provider Three gambled that prospective and existing customers would be exciting about the idea of getting Skype calls and chats for (almost) free; the product has been successful enough for Three to order a welcomed upgrade from Chinese manufacturer Amoi.

The new model, codenamed IM2, comes with a 3.2-megapixel camera and will also offer WiFi connectivity but not UMTS or HSDPA (although Pocketlint says that should be possible) and is scheduled to go on sale on the 18th of August.

Sadly, there's no flash but the screen size will be bumped to 2.2-inch and the price will still be kept quite low as the phone will primarily be targeted to a PAYG audience.

Other features include the possibility to use the phone as a modem, a microSD slot capable of supporting 4GB cards and 50MB onboard memory.

There are also unconfirmed rumours that the phone will offer unlimited POP2/iMap email for only £2.50 per month, which some sources have already said will be a killer feature.

Three has also announced that it will be offering the E71 and even a Blackberry in the next few weeks. Below, an artist rendition of the new Skypephone.

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The preview mentions Wi-Fi, so does that technically mean, that the Internet could be free by tapping in to wireless hotspot, and the possible opportunity to use other VOIP programs apart from Skype for free?
If their is wi-fi, I will be most defo buy this, because then if my top up finishes, and I need to use Skype, I can do so, by tapping in to my wifi connection, downloading the VOIP program or another related one and using the service.


I think three and the phone makers will be all clever, and to stop losing business they will add a functionality to stop this from happening, which will force us to top up to use skype and any other service including wifi

I have the original skypephone and its great for what it offers, i hammer skype and call friends all around the world for free. Voted Hot.

I had read that it was going to be 69 quid on a contract. No word on PAYG. They still have masses of the old phone to offload first.

The should do a buy 1 get one free deal with the old version being used as bait......

£70 for such a high spec phone!

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£69 is on PAYG... Free on Contracts... I repeat, free on contracts.. launch date is 17th august

if you still have to topup £10 per month to get skype features - not so hot.

What seems unclear at the moment is whether this will properly implement Skype for homeuse other wifi with support for Skype In / Skype out or whether it will just forward voice calls onto the 3 voice network like the current one

So can I call family on skype from anywhere or just at home for free using this PAYG handset? And they call for free if using skype on a PC?

What if someone with one of the phones is abroad? Like could I give this to family in the US?

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if you still have to topup £10 per month to get skype features - not so … if you still have to topup £10 per month to get skype features - not so hot.

They still have to make their money somehow... You can't get something for nothing ;-) After all the calls are routed on their 3G network

I top up quite a bit on my 3 Mobile as they have the cheapest roaming rates while I'm in Holland during the week, can then make free calls over Skype over the weekends and at UK airports etc.

Works well for me just would be near perfect if it supported Skype In / out but I guess this would put quite a dent in 3's margins.

If full Skype features were available over Wifi for home use this would make it perfect for me.

Unfortunately specs are a bit hazy at the moment so will have to wait and see!

Bump as this is now available

£79.99 on payg - that includes a compulsory £10 Top-Up

Free on contracts, starting at £15 per month, but its an 18 month contract, and isnt available on the £12 tariff or 6 month deal like the original skype phone, and there are better phones skype give away with their £15 tarriff, so the skypephone will take a back seat at the moment untill they do a good tariff for it. I dont think it has wifi either.
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