Skyrim Official Strategy Guide £17.99 @ Game

Skyrim Official Strategy Guide £17.99 @ Game

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Found 2nd Dec 2011
Finally back in stock folks...grab it while you can
Can someone fix the link for me...ta
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Pricey! Can find most info about the game for free online
Hot as these have been OOS everywhere and people will want them as Xmas presents. They are collectors items more than anything:…683
This has to be a joke. 18 quid for a strategy guide oO
Although it's not cheap for a strategy guide, it's a case of supply and demand. You simply can't get them from any other retailers, and if you want one from ebay (the only other possible source) then expect to pay up to double this oO . Voted hot for these reasons.
Save your £18 and go to or something......
Great price. Definitely a worthy collectors item.
Voted hot, took me ages to find one of these.

Personally i think it's worth it, there's every little detail imaginable in here which will help you get the most out of the game.
Can't believe this is -28 check the eBay and Amazon Marketplace prices!
Skyrim is a game where finding things out for yourself is worthwhile, using a guide is cheating yourself out of te best gaming experience this generation. If you get stuck then as mentioned gamefaqs has all the info you will ever need.
Great price, absolutely no reason for this to go cold when you compare it to eBay/Amazon.

The folk saying about online sites, sure, you can get info on there but for me it's not as good as actually just having the physical book and map that I can have sitting next to me and look up little Easter eggs and that sort of thing in once I've finished a playthrough or two.
Wtf. -80? This website has gone downhill for reliability/accuracy.
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