Skyrim VR [PS4] £28.85 at Amazon

Skyrim VR [PS4] £28.85 at Amazon

Found 23rd Mar
Looks like the best price around just now.
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Yep, I can't find it cheaper; heat added @Qix_
I really want to try this again. Had real issues with the left move controller not calibrating correctly and I had to twist my left arm behind my back to get it to line up properly on screen. Anyone else had this problem? Never had the same problem with any other VR games. This is the cheapest price I have seen it going for (so heat) but I think £20 would be a more reasonable price.
Not sure why this is cold? By far best "full psvr game" - not a tech demo and cheapest price available?
Glad to see it's coming down. I'll bite at 20 quid. As much as I love my vr I am not that eager to get back into Skyrim just yet.
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