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Skyscanner is a flight comparison website that allows users to search for cheap flights to destinations across the world along with quotes for car hire and hotels. It’s an essential tool for anyone thinking about organising a holiday, and also offers plenty of deals for its users. All of the latest Skyscanner discounts can be found on their HotUKDeals pages Read more

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£239 DIRECT RETURN FLIGHTS TO FLORIDA MCO (Excludes Baggage) @ Skyscanner
Found 21st NovFound 21st Nov
Came across this tasty deal for those who are seeking a trip to the states next year! Outbound Sunday 17th March @ 14:55 - Norwegian Airlines Return Sunday 31st March 2019 @ 16:45… Read more
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Flown to Orlando twice with them and they were excellent. New planes and lots of leg room. Think I’ve also been with them to Boston or New York.


Never ever ever use Norwegian air shocking airline, up there with the most delays and cancellations. Just check any departure board where they fly from.


Hey if you book early enough you can get as low as £200 with luggage (I stupidly didn't book so the price went up shortly after!) If you're not fussed on dates, I found flying with Virgin slightly cheaper (no luggage included). This is based on 2 adults and 2 children as it is my set up, but works out as approx £230 per ticket. I don't have quidco so not sure if this can get any cheaper with a cashback redemption too.

Return flight to Montreal from Paris Orly £88 (April to July dates) @ Skyscanner
Found 11th NovFound 11th Nov
Awesome price for a return flight to Montreal (Canada). Add a few days to your trip in Paris too, Eurostar is £29 each way, or simply fly there (flights start from £9.99 @ Ryanair)… Read more
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Not had any cancellation myself yet !




Nope. See Mandalin's post above.


Did you make that up....


Skyscanner used to be good Now it just lies!

Non-stop from London, UK to Orlando, Florida for only £278 roundtrip on Virgin Atlantic via Skyscanner
Found 10th NovFound 10th Nov
Non-stop flights from London, UK to Orlando, Florida for only £278 roundtrip with Virgin Atlantic. DEPART: London, UK ARRIVE: Orlando, USA RETURN: London, UK DATES: Availability fr… Read more

The flight definitely does not stop. There is no need to. Even the worlds longest flight (Perth to London) doesn’t stop.


(annoyed) (skeptical)


The nation's second city, after Birmingham.


The fullstop button is just right of the [space-bar]... Kindest regards


:) (lol) (flirt) Could’ve been London Ontario, Kindest Regards :p I was referring to which London airport as i’m sure you are aware our Capital has several international airports8)

Inverness, Scotland to Toronto, Canada for only £247 roundtrip

On KLM Via Skyscanner
Found 2nd NovFound 2nd Nov
DEPART: Inverness, UK ARRIVE: Toronto, Canada RETURN: Inverness, UK DATES: Limited availability in April 2019 Example dates: 3rd-14th Apr 3rd-15th Apr 3rd-16th Apr 4th-14th Apr… Read more

He's not wrong though. This is an inaccurate way of posting a deal contrary to the guidelines here. You're upset too for some reason. Which is odd. This whole thread so far stinks of a lack of intelligence. If you want to save money you could easily park for free in Nairn and get a taxi from your car to the airport as an example off the top of my had with zero research, so there is probably an even cheaper way. In terms of what the person actually asked then yes, park it in Nairn and take the bus to the airport and it is the equivalent of a park and ride easy. Check bus route on Google if you like.


And then you click the link and you are on the booking site. I don't see the problem. Plus, that's alot of talk from someone on the site for 13 years with ZERO deals contributed.


I used the Airport's Long Stay car park a couple of weeks ago for 8 days (booked online) and it was about £52. They've just introduced number plate cameras at the gates so if you've booked online you just drive up and the barrier opens for you and the same when you leave so no hassle with paying at machines when you want to leave.


Parking just outside the airport is pretty cheap. £30 or so a week.


Might as just post a deal as via google this is so lazy it’s through a search site not a booking site

Business Class from London, UK to Jamaica for only £1108 roundtrip

On British airways via Skyscanner
Found 2nd NovFound 2nd Nov
DEPART: London, UK ARRIVE: Kingston, Jamaica RETURN: London, UK DATES: Limited availability from March to April 2019 Example dates: 4th-15th Mar 8th-20th Mar 11th-22nd Mar 13th… Read more

Lets be honest we all know BA is one of the worst business class seats out there - the herringbone design is atrocious. But this is a good price so heat from me


Yeah. I don't get it.


This explanation although valid, isn't the thinking of a business class passenger. That's why they would pay the extra. Is it really that difficult to understand?


I don't really understand Business Class (unless a business was paying) With this, I would rather pay £300+ and have £700 extra for holiday spends. Long haul budjet is not too bad, food, films, and 9 hours of chill for an extra £700 in my pocket. Cold, sorry.


As someone who regularly flies business class, I wouldn't recommend it for anything other than business. I flew to Florida a few months ago in Norwegian Economy and aside from free food/drink I didn't feel the flight experience was much worse than BA business class. Still, this is a very decent price for BC so if anyone wants to buy for a special occasion then its an attractive option.

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Edinburgh, Scotland to  (Memmingen), Germany for only £11 on Ryanair via sky scanner
Found 1st NovFound 1st Nov
DEPART: Edinburgh, UK ARRIVE: Munich, Germany RETURN: Edinburgh, UK DATES: Availability from November to December

I've visited this area on a couple of occasions. Lake Constance is well worth a visit. You can visit four countries in a few hours.


You sir, you are a national treasure!


Ryanair have received alot of criticism for their new policy on bags in the cabin. A spokesperson for the company said "they are taking it all on board"


Ryanair though...


Sorry, this isn't Munich any more than Glasgow is Edinburgh or Liverpool is Manchester. Please change the thread title!

Non-stop from Manchester, UK to New York, USA for only £189 roundtrip
On Jet2 via skyscanner
Found 31st OctFound 31st Oct
DEPART: Manchester, UK ARRIVE: New York, USA RETURN: Manchester, UK DATES: Availability in November 2018 Example dates: 5th-9th Nov and more… STOPS: AIRLINES: Jet2

This seems to have expired :( Shame as I wanted to go.


Stop moaning about the cost of hotel rooms ! :/ Great find OP


Would love to take the mrs again, but got no one to dump the kids on for a week (lol)


c. £147 p/n at the Indigo in Brooklyn, stones throw from Brooklyn Heights.


£39 York/place/13802683533655234100?ap=YhQxMzgwMjY4MzUzMzY1NTIzNDEwMA&g2lb=4181926,4208993,4207631&hl=en&gl=uk&un=0&q=cheap hotel new york&rp=OAFAAA&ictx=1&ved=0ahUKEwiDyIePy7DeAhWsposKHWCzAgkQvS4IeTAA&hrf=CgUIrAIQACIDR0JQKhYKBwjiDxALGBMSBwjiDxALGBQYASgAmgEPEg1OZXcgWW9yayBDaXR5ogEaCgkvbS8wMl8yODYSDU5ldyBZb3JrIENpdHmSAQIgAQ&tcfs=EjQKCS9tLzAyXzI4NhINTmV3IFlvcmsgQ2l0eRoYCgoyMDE4LTExLTE5EgoyMDE4LTExLTIwUgA

Get 2 x £2  off all UK rail tickets (min spend £5) @ Skyscanner App (Using code)
Found 20th OctFound 20th Oct
Decent reward for just downloading the App :) VCUKSKY3 gives £3 off £20, might be worth a try on a 2nd booking :)

Brilliant stuff just got 4 off. Thanks. Heat added


used sky3 on first booking then skytrain on second booking


Only one of the coupons gets applied if you use one I can't seem to use the others as it's only on first booking


Had no idea about this, thanks! Unfortunately, you can't add a 'Via' on the app, so for me I can't force journeys to London via Northampton which are considerably cheaper than Virgin. I miss TakeTheTrain too!


Greater Anglia. Largely because you can get 3% cashback via TCB/Quidco, which is pretty high. No fees either and exact same fare search engine as the other train operators.

UK cities to Las Vegas, USA from only £195 roundtrip on British airways and American Airlines via Skyscanner
Found 13th OctFound 13th Oct
Super cheap, Christmas flights from many UK cities to Las Vegas, USA from only £195 roundtrip with British Airways and American Airlines. Depart from: Inverness: £195-£203 Aberdeen… Read more

My take on Vegas.............................. On the whole I didn't like Vegas. Too fake, noisy and sleazy. If you like all the pizazz, lights, gambling and noise everywhere, not to mention masses of people, then sure, stay in one of the strip hotels. We went in a couple to get prices (on a road trip so never planned anything as we didn't know where we'd be at any given time) and the people and, worse still, relentless noise from the machines, drove us out in a couple of minutes. If you hire a car then it will be horrendous trying to get into and out of the hotel car parks. The lights (most hotels have traffic lights controlling the cars in and out of each hotel car park) don't change for long and the worse problem is the masses of pedestrians that just ignore the lights and cross the road anyway, meaning maybe only 1 or 2 cars can get through onto the main strip road before they change to red again. Not to mention most, if not all, strip hotels have valet parking - you can add $10 - $30 each time you want to park or drive off in your car. Ridiculous. We then found a hotel sort of on the corner of the strip which was expensive, but nice. They too had valet parking though but at least you could get in and out reasonably easily. However, having checked into a suite, we went on to the balcony to find there were stickers everywhere saying you couldn't smoke - even on the balcony with the doors shut! They would fine you (or more like charge your credit card once you'd left) $500! Being a smoker, we immediately checked out. Fair enough not in the room, but outside 100ft up on a balcony??? Whatever, be wary of things like that if you're a smoker. The joke is though that many of the hotels allow smoking in the rooms, and even in the casinos (well they did in 2012 when we went). Before people start banging on about smokers, please note that smokers in the UK contribute £12 Billion in cigarette taxes and duty each year to the Treasury, yet 'cost' the country (NHS) only £2 Billion a year. So if there weren't smokers, or if smoking was banned completely, all you non smokers would need to pay a lot more income tax to make up that £10 Billion shortfall - something like an extra 5% tax (which would be an extra 25% more tax then most people pay already). Not to mention smokers on average don't live as long so get less back from the state in pensions. Anyway, we were about to abandon the whole idea when we stumbled, quite literally, on a gem of a hotel just around the corner from the strip. We got caught in the wrong lane and so had to turn right at the end of the strip, Then couldn't get across the road because of traffic so had to turn right again. Not knowing where we were really we just kept going and then found a great hotel - it was a sanctuary of peace compared to the strip hotels. It was all on one level, allowed smoking in some rooms and everywhere outside (common sense) and they had masses of FREE self parking so you could come and go immediately as you wished - without having to pay for somebody to park/retrieve your car every time you went anywhere, plus pay for the privilege! It was called Tuscany Suites and offered crazy good prices - we stayed I think 5 nights (used as a base to travel about the vegas area and see things such as the dam) and the average price per night was about $45. Check it out if you want something away from the mayhem of the strip - plus really big rooms (suites). We went to the Pawn Shop and ended up being in one of the filmed sequences with Rick and the old man, and then also went to Rick's Restorations and met Rick's brother who posed for pictures and gave autographs. A really nice guy actually - and HUGE, at least 6' 6", and maybe more. The pawn shop was NOTHING like you think - there are usually big queues waiting to get in and so you can barely move inside. Then if something interesting turns up, they ask everybody to leave apart from maybe 10 people they ask to stay behind to appear as 'customers' in the background. Then the 'stars' come out of the back room to film the segment, then once over they go back inside, the normal staff reappear and they open up the door to the queue again. You are instructed, firmly, NOT to look at the camera or the 'stars', just mingle around looking into the display cabinets as though it was just a regular no big deal day. What I felt was wrong was that the 'stars' wouldn't even thank the 'customers' that appeared in the filming, let alone pose for pictures or give autographs. They just appear and then disappear just as quickly when they film. They tell you before they come out that you shouldn't look at them or the camera, or even stand alongside the 'customer' pawning an item, and also that they will NOT pose for pictures or give autographs. Considering they would be nothing without all the people who go there to hopefully see them, they ought to at least thank those that are asked to remain during filming - I mean, how long does it take to have pictures taken and autographs given to a maximum of 10 people anyway?? What you also don't see on tv is the far end of the shop - crammed full of merchandise such as T-shirts, mugs, baseball caps and other memorabilia. This is apparently their main source of income (other than the TV rights) because, in reality, they don't make much money from buying and selling. The 'stars' are NEVER just hanging around inside waiting for people to rock up with their stuff, or even so that you can walk up to them to chat or take a picture. Other than when they film, the 'stars' are never there - just the regular staff that actually run the business in the normal course of the day. We did recognise one of the lesser staff that we'd seen occasionally on tv, but he was a very minor character. All in all very disappointing and a bit of a sham really as most people, like we did, think the 'stars' are just hanging around all day doing very little. The reality is they are rarely ever there (their big money comes from the tv series) and only appear on set days to film occasionally during that day. So would I go to Vegas again? Lol, no way.


It's a comparison website that makes money from ads. You can literally find the flight you want and buy it direct from the airline if you're that worried. That said, having read your comments on other threads it would seem you're a troll.


Always prefer to buy direct if i can. My flights to America on a comparison app said 'check website' where the price should have been, so it was bottom of the list, and it was cheaper than the 'cheapest price'


You have to be VERY careful with skyscanner. They use some very unscrupulous agencies. BUYER BEWARE.


We did around the world in 3 weeks, it was plenty of time. London, Singapore, Perth, Ayers Rock, Brisbane, Sydney, Honolulu,San Fransisco, London

Flights on the cheap to USA from £249 with Virgin Atlantic/Partners at SKycanner
Found 12th OctFound 12th Oct
Managed to bag a Chicago flight in August for £334 with Virgin economy classic (all bags) Won’t hang around this offer so need to scoop it up quick. The link I included is just … Read more
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I would always go to Flight Centre and ask them to match it. They did with me. You can book the insurance there with them, and they are really friendly. You get that extra security


Great deal. Managed to get direct flights from Manchester into Vegas and then return from San Fran to Manchester (via JFK) for £1,300 for a family of 5 in August summer holiday and with luggage.


Booked earlier this evening.... Return fort lauderdale from Heathrow in early August, £1025 for 4 people - didn't expect that! Including 23kg each too through netflights


Hmm, considering CLT in May/June for £270. Seems a sweet deal to me. Heat.


lol. Google it?

Edinburgh - Shanghai (Return) with Emirates - with discounted car parking from £488 @ Skyscanner at skyscanner
Found 12th OctFound 12th Oct
Decent fare for EDI - PVG (round trip). Dates used in example below is 10th December (outward) and 18th Dec (inward). Also discounted pricing on car parking if flying with EK (I … Read more
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Its a good deal but it isnt supplied by skyscanner - that is just a search engine


If its that easy why don't you post a deal and go above your all time high of... 0 deals?


Just because you can't afford to travel does not mean you should vote cold. Perhaps next time ;)

Cheap flights to Russia £65 @ Skyscanner
Found 9th OctFound 9th Oct
Found this is useful for anyone
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right,i think I understand now,this is more about political views rather than someone wanting to go on holiday and experience something new,theres many other websites for that sort of thing,so im out!


No pal. I’m of Ukrainian decent so I actually know my facts. The fact that they bully/kill people that get in their way kind of says it all. I don’t understand how you cannot actually see what their government are like.


looks like the bbc have done a good job on you, you might be better off sticking to Benidorm!


I bet it is beautiful and so is the rest of the country. But that still doesn’t detract from the fact that Russia and their government think they can do what they please to people in other countries. Then when they do get caught they just deny all knowledge and say it’s a conspiracy and then hit them with internet terror


I take it you’re a ruski then. The government there are out of their vodka infused minds. They just think they can get away with whatever they like. I’m not the only one who thinks this b4 you say owt. The rest of the world does. Oh. Apart from the Syrian terror regime!!

Non-stop from London, UK to the Chinese Island of Hainan for only £370 roundtripOn China Southern Airlines - Skyscanner
Found 30th SepFound 30th Sep
DEPART: London, UK ARRIVE: Sanya, China RETURN: London, UK DATES: Availability from October to December 2018 Example dates: 11th-25th Oct 14th-25th Oct 18th Oct – 1st Nov 21st Oct … Read more

Too long but deals a good one.


Non stop round trips are just a lot of flying! ;)


Hardly a deal it’s this price regularly your just posting lazy deals you are finding on holidaypirates


Beautiful city, definitely worth the money, especially at this price

Edinburgh, Scotland to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for only £385 roundtripOn Emirates - Skyscanner
Found 30th SepFound 30th Sep
Cheap flights from Edinburgh, Scotland to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for only £385 roundtrip with Emirates. DEPART: Edinburgh, UK ARRIVE: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia RETURN: Edinburgh, U… Read more

I'm in Falkirk :D


Have a great trip to my hometown!


Booked flights for next march from edi to KL with Turkish Airlines for 392 + 50 pp rebate from Amex travel who I booked through for missus and I. Will book seats 100 days before flying for free unlike Emirates where you have to pay to be sure you'll be sat together and in an economy seat you like. Sadly once we booked at same time so we each got the Amex rebate the cost hiked otherwise would've posted it. KL is great though we're not spending there - off to a wedding then backpacking round Vietnam and Cambodia. Can't wait. Voted hot as great price, esp since us cheapskates up north don't often get long haul bargains. (highfive)


Thanks for the clarification that Edinburgh is the Scottish one. Obviously there are a number of other Edinburghs which would be equally relevant to a UK deals site.


Only trouble is it is flying with Emirats. Awful if things go wrong - and they did at Dubai, big time

4* Kanita Resort and Villa in Phuket, Thailand for only $12 USD per night at
Found 19th SepFound 19th Sep
Stay at the 4* Kanita Resort and Villa in Phuket, Thailand for only $8 USD per night. HOTEL: Kanita Resort and Villa LOCATION: Phuket, Thailand DATES: Availability from Septembe… Read more

cold. op has just gone on skyscanner and picked the cheapest hotel


Thanks OP


Voted cold its only a seach site you have used picking the cheapest hotel and in USD


cold for starting with "HOT!!"

Non-stop from London, UK to Las Vegas, USA for only £284 roundtrip on Virgin Atlantic @ Skyscanner
Found 16th SepFound 16th Sep
Non-stop flights from London, UK to Las Vegas, USA for only £284 roundtrip with Virgin Atlantic. DEPART: London, UK ARRIVE: Las Vegas, USA RETURN: London, UK DATES: Limited ava… Read more

Read an article recently about the airline sites that seem to track you via cookies and push the price up each time you visit. The article tested with a second, separate PC and found cheaper prices. It can be worth clearing cookies from the last hour, or using a different browser when you come to make the booking to avoid this. However, your post sounds more like the main site getting a list of all prices every so often and it not updating that price list when you went through booking and the site rechecked the specific current price for you.


About a month back I found return half term flights from LHR to LAX for 4 for £1500. I went though the checkout, entered my card details and then it said the price has increased by £1000. Came out of the screen and tried again, price still said £1500, went though checkout and again the message that the price had increased by £1000. I didn't book but twice I entered my details and payment details. It's not always the price it says on the screen with VA.


No, it’s first class for 350 quid. Jeez


Says the guy posting deals on Richmond sausages talking about how they can be microwaved. LOL


If you are going to copy and paste a "deal" from another site (SecretFlying) I think it's only fair to give them a link/credit? Also, Skyscanner is just a comparison site so the deal is not "from Skyscanner" it's from whatever OTA is listed in the Skyscanner search results (and many of these have awful reviews on Tripadvisor etc). In most cases you are better off booking direct with the airline rather than some third party you have never heard of and for longhaul if you use complete savings cashback you can get 10% cashback on many airlines including Virgin, which means the price works out similar to or cheaper than the OTA's anyway.

UK to Auckland, New Zealand - flights from only £507 RETURN (Various airports / Dates) @ Sky Scanner
Found 15th SepFound 15th Sep
Very good price for return via Sky Scanner! - various dates / airports, price will change slightly depending when booked / demand Few dates below, probably more on searching about… Read more
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Mount Maunganui is a lovely beach area on North Island


What does smashing your case have to do with Etihad? Airlines don't handle baggage. That is done by the airport authority, or by baggage handling firms contracted by the airports, just as in the UK. If you're a regular traveller, just do what I did. Just invest in baggage that can better withstand handlers!


Onetangi beach on Waikeke Island’s heavenly. I thought Emirates were good until I got sick of Dubai. Then I flew Etihad, who were far better until they smashed my poor case to death. Thai airways are my favourite, there’s always one nasty lil bitch on every plane, but not with Thai. Of course it could’ve been her day off.


I fly emirates I find them really good .


I wouldn't say any beach around Auckland (within 80 miles roughly) is worth visiting. Much better beaches further north or south. If you want white sand then east coast. - west coast beaches are black (iron) sand.

2 IN 1 TRIP: London, UK to Reykjavik, Iceland & US cities from only £214 roundtrip
Found 14th SepFound 14th Sep
2 in 1 trip… Cheap flights from London, UK to both Reykjavik, Iceland and US cities, USA from only £214 roundtrip. Routes: London – Reykjavik – Boston – London : £214 London – Reyk… Read more

Hotels are so expensive for New York in December


Sure won’t hold my breath though always pay fair amount to go there. Want to go around Thanksgiving or Christmas time too which won’t help. If see deal probably change the dates though to when the sale is if good


Same here. If you find anytg then will be grateful if you share.. I will do the same if I happen to find anything for atl. :)


Hotlanta is rarely reduced but need to go see the fam.


Hot deal. We did the New York one a couple of years ago. Was about £500 each for flights and accommodation in both cities in centrally located hotels. Brilliant trip, I remember going from minus 6 degrees in Iceland to 25 degrees in NY.

Cheap flights from London, UK to Seattle, USA for only £274 roundtrip with American Airlines and British airways at Skyscanner (checked baggage extra)
Found 14th SepFound 14th Sep
DEPART: London, UK ARRIVE: Seattle, USA RETURN: London, UK DATES: Availability from October 2018 to May 2019 (excluding Christmas/New Year) Example dates: 9th-19th Oct 9th-23rd Oct… Read more

Can anyone else see this price? I've input the same dates and can only see £400+


Good price. Wrong city for me need Atlanta or LA


350 for San Fran is a great deal


No checked baggage included add another £60.00