Skywatcher Startravel 120T Telescope OTA / Amazon Prime £204.99

Skywatcher Startravel 120T Telescope OTA / Amazon Prime £204.99

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Found 2nd Nov 2014
This is a telescope OTA (Optical Tube Assembly), meaning you will also need a mount/tripod to use it. So it is mainly for people who already have a mount and want to add a rich-field refractor OTA like this. The StarTravel 120 is probably at the limit of what is considered easily portable refractor and is great for people who want to see (perhaps even photograph) wide field deep space views (star clusters, nebulae etc). It is not considered great for the moon or planets, because it will display a blue/violet hue around very bright objects. That might not bother some people of course and there is a cheap filter that mostly removes it (giving a yellowish tint to the image though), but people will spend thousands of pounds on a telescope with the same properties that has extra lenses that correct this. For viewing the moon and planets you usually get something with a longer tube, but that severely limits your field of view, so I in general prefer having a blue hue (called chromatic aberration) around planets than missing out on wide-field views.
Anyway, I digress, this is the best price you will find for this OTA, usually it goes for at least £220, but if you don't have a mount, it is cost-effective to buy it as an OTA/mount package. Yes, it is a good first telescope, if you want to buy it exclusively for astronomical use get it with an equatorial mount like this package:…tml or if you want to do a lot of terrestrial viewing this cheaper alt-azimuth will do better:…tml. If you are looking for a first telescope and all that is too expensive, an under £100 recommendation is:…tml
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Hmm, I thought it auto-linked, sorry:
The package with astronomical mount: here

The package better for daytime: here

And a cheaper option if you want a first-time telescope (not for daytime viewing though): here

Cheeper than your price … Cheeper than your price £163

not that I know anything about telescopes but you're linking to a different model.

Cheeper than your price … Cheeper than your price £163

Well, there's a bit of dyslexia going on... The one I am talking about has an objective lens diameter of 120mm, so it has 38% more light-gathering capability than the one you are talking about with a 102mm diameter. So, yeah, that ones is smaller and cheaper, but it is not related to this deal.

And note I have been tracking the price since April (I ended up with an ED80 instead though since I wanted to do more photography than visual), so I know it has never been at this price before.
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very sorry guys you're right it is different model...
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