SL120 Reelight Induction Bike Lightset £21.99 (inc P&P) @ Walkers Cycling

SL120 Reelight Induction Bike Lightset £21.99 (inc P&P) @ Walkers Cycling

Found 1st Mar 2011
Was looking for a bike lightset and stumbled onto this Danish-made one. Good for commuting in well-lit areas or just as a backup! Cheapest price online here sold by a bikeshop in Ayrshire I believe. Most online stores are selling them for more than £30.

This lightset uses induction to power it, so there's no batteries involved - just cycle and the LEDs will blink. It has a capacitor built in so the light will run for up to a few minutes at stops.

Not that many reviews on this lightset but I've just received mine and tested it out. Sure enough it works, starts blinking after a couple of seconds pedaling and they're bright enough too (it complies to UK regulations). Of course this lightset is NOT meant to light up your path, just to make drivers aware of you.

One niggling bit I have is it was slightly fiddly to fit, and the magnets have to be so close to each other (1-3mm) they tend to stick when they pass each other - making a very slight thunk-thunk sound as the wheel turns. Although it doesn't affect the lights and maybe it's just my bike anyway, thought you should be aware of this.



*Not compatible with hub geared bikes or Brompton folding bikes.*


Highly recommended! I paid £35 for mine. I hoped to get them cheaper in Denmark (where they are made and are probably the most used lighting system) - but they were £50+.

They are strictly for being seen and not for seeing. They are also mounted on the axle so are low down. Post or handlebar mounted lights will be better seen but you have to remember to take them and remove while parked. Whereas Reelights are always there and working through the daylight too. There is no perceptable resistance and no wear (unlike dynamos).

The poster is wrong about hubs/Bromptons. I managed (with a bit of fiddling) to attach them to my Brompton which still folds OK. Tecnically this is illegal since the small wheels don't minimum mounting height is 12" but all the plods I see are very happy I have lights of any sort working ...

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Not sure bout the compatibility, I've just copied the disclaimer from Evanscycle. Glad to hear it can be attached fine.

I've just realised the mount is made of bendable metal as well, so I've fixed my problem of the magnets sticking together. Took a couple of minutes to charge the capacitors up the first time, but after that it takes literally just 1 round of the wheels to start blinking.

Definitely highly recommended, at this price it should come with every bike!

These are great. I have a couple of sets for my bikes. Unfortunately, I can't see them any more at Walkers Cycling.

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That's a shame, must have been the last few they have in stock then. Someone expire this, thanks.
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