Slanket - Lavender Pink @ Amazon £13.53

Slanket - Lavender Pink @ Amazon £13.53

Found 26th Jan 2011
Just bought one for the wife for her birthday. Can't find them cheaper anywhere else

Think of a traditional English country garden and which flower springs immediately to mind? Of course, it's lavender. The subtle scent on the breeze, the gentle hum of bees as they buzz around its fragrant purple flowers - a lovely tranquil picture of a summer's day. Which is why we've designed our Lavender Slanket to remind you of that chocolate-box image when you're curled up on a chilly evening. That same, gorgeous subtle lavender tone makes the Lavender Slanket even more cosy, reminding you that summer's just around the corner. But until it gets here, there's always a Lavender Slanket to keep you warm.

Product Description
The famous Slanket, conceived on a sub-zero night in 1998, Gary Clegg discovered it was not all fun when you pick a college that does not escape Maine's, bitterly cold winter. While watching TV on an old set he found his remote control did not work through his sleeping bag ....his solution was to cut a hole in it!! During his Christmas break Gary had a talk with his Mum and commissioned the first Slanket !! The Slanket, dubbed by thousands of fans worldwide,as "the best blanket ever". The Slanket gets its name combining "blanket" and "sleeves". It is a large, very soft and extremely warm blanket to be used in all locations in and around the home. The Slanket is a cosy fleece blanket with large loose sleeves. It is a blanket, not a robe, or poncho, or a complicated novelty with snaps, zippers and buttons. It easily takes the place of any throw or multipurpose blanket.


great- thanks - heat added

Good price for a good product - don't mistake these with the generic (cheaper) lookalikes - they are top notch - quality wise.

Very good price thanks

Just bought one. It's £12.23 today.
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