Slanket (Purple only) £14.99 At Amazon
Slanket (Purple only) £14.99 At Amazon

Slanket (Purple only) £14.99 At Amazon

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Just ordered one of these for the wife as a lighthearted present for her Birthday - although if it means she doesn't put the heating on as often it might end up saving money!

Looking at previous deals I'm expecting this to go cold as 'similar' products are available for £5 but thought I'd share it anyway.

Other colours range from £19.33 to over £22. Hope this is useful to someone.

Technical Details
100% fleece blanket with sleeves
The dimensions are 152.4cm wide by 241.3cm long

Manufacturer's Description
Feel like royalty wrapped in the lavish Purple Slanket. Noble and dignified, purple is the colour associated to lords and sovereigns, making the Purple Slanket the ideal gift for friends from high places. Made from 100% polyester and non pilling, the Purple Slanket is lightweight and soft to the touch. In the Purple Slanket you don’t have to lift a finger, although you can if you want to thanks to the oversized sleeves that let you keep active while the rest of you stays warm and snug. Experience the delights of the Purple Slanket, so soft and comfortable it will whip you up into a purple haze.

Product Description
Now here's another genius invention from those ever-so-clever American johnnies that's straight out of the why-didn't-we-think-of-that file. The Slanket takes an everyday conundrum - staying warm on the sofa when you haven't got (a) a boyfriend, (b) a girlfriend, or (c) a winter fuel allowance - and responds to the challenge with typically American aplomb... namely taking a couple of existing ideas and, to coin a phrase, hybridising them. Think of the Slanket as a genetic cross-breed between a fleece and a blanket and you're there. Alternatively, one may think of it as Big Daddy's dressing gown. A fluffy house coat. A Jedi cape, without the hood. The Slanket is, in short, a gigantic fleece blanket with sleeves. Pop it on and disappear inside its cuddly massiveness and be enveloped by its sheer fleeciness. Then simply pop Friends on the DVD. Open a massive bag of Maltesers. And who needs mates? Soft to the touch, lightweight and warm, it's got large, loose sleeves so you don't actually feel you're wearing it. Which might defeat the purpose, but who are we to argue? Spiffing.


I'm wrapped up in mine, got a proper slanket from QVC a few weeks back, I love it!

from amazon review:

Beware, this is a travel sized slanket and measures 44x63 inches. There … Beware, this is a travel sized slanket and measures 44x63 inches. There are larger ones for not much more money. It doesn't mention the size on the information, so it is only when you receive it that you realise why it seemed good value.

amazon does state the size and it is a full size one, so not sure why thought travel size unless they are a giant over 2.4m tall!!

Original Poster

Technical Details100% fleece blanket with sleevesThe dimensions are … Technical Details100% fleece blanket with sleevesThe dimensions are 152.4cm wide by 241.3cm long

Same size as the camouflage one that's selling for £23.99


Tis a full one but 2-4 weeks delivery? Was going to get one for the mrs as an xmas present - might go for the snug rug deluxe

purple has gone back up but dark green is £12!

2 for £25 in Asda

Ordered, thank you.

These are so much better than the cheap snuggies.

There's a yellow flowery one for £12 too.

Thank you, although expired I got the dark green one for £12 delivered.
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