Sledge Hammer!: Season 1 and 2 £8.99 each @Play.com
Sledge Hammer!: Season 1 and 2 £8.99 each @Play.com

Sledge Hammer!: Season 1 and 2 £8.99 each @Play.com

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"Trust me, I know what I'm doing!"

In 1986 an unsuspecting TV nation met a new kind of comedy hero who made Rambo look like Pee Wee Herman. David Rasche starred as the trigger-happy lawman whose hatred of criminal scum and yogurt eatin' creeps was matched only by his love of excessive force and a .44 Magnum. Over the next two seasons, this hilariously deranged lampoon of 'Dirty Harry' and plenty of other targets became one of the most notorious series in television history and launched a rabid cult of fans that grows to this day: this is 'Sledge Hammer'!

Another late night classic.

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great show well worth that price

loved this show when it was on but it looks really dated now :-(

awful then....worse now....cold


loved this show when it was on but it looks really dated now :-(

I agree, I'm almost tempted to leave it as a fond memory rather than watch it and realise how bad it actually was!!

dated is the thing these days....

Hot price for these - heat and rep added.

Like others, I loved this show when it was first aired, but after buying and watching them, I cringed at most of it, rather than laugh. It hasn't aged very well at all. Some of the one liners are still great, but some of it is pretty awful. A great buy for fans and for a bit of nostalgia....

....but not everyone will laugh their t*ts off like they used to ;-)


dated is the thing these days....

Hey, I've just started watching "UFO" after seeing it as a kid...... retro is the way to go!!! :thumbsup:

i bought these for a fair bit more than this price, and found it still funny. hot.

Just watched the pilot episode and it was great!

SLEDGE: [In Swedish] "Ok ladies, go wait in the john"
PERP: "I didn't know you could speak Swedish?"
SLEDGE: "It's the only phrase I know..."

I watched all the UFO and Space 1999 episodes last year.

When I was a kid it seemed more realistic in the effects, still entertaining and good stories though.

Must have been years ago that I last saw Sledge Hammer on TV, I like it.
There was another comedy around the same time about a detective but can't remember the title.
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