Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock App - On Sale for Limited Time

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock App - On Sale for Limited Time

Found 1st Jul 2010

An alarm clock that analyzes your sleep patterns and wakes you in the lightest sleep phase - a natural way to wake up where you feel rested and relaxed.

We are now helping more than 100 000 people to wake up rested!

#1 Top Paid app in Japan
#1 Top Paid app in Germany
#1 Top Paid app in France
#1 Top Paid app in Russia
#1 Top Paid app in Netherlands
#1 Top Paid app in Taiwan
#1 Top Paid app in South Korea
#1 Top Paid app in Sweden
#1 Top Paid app in Norway
...and many more.

"It just works. Period. It does exactly what it advertises which is absolutely amazing."
-- 5/5 stars on

What some of our users are saying:
"I was baffled at how well it worked. Almost every day I used it, I felt refreshed when the alarm started." - Christina Karlsson

"Waking up at the right time is an amazing thing. I couldn't believe the difference it made!" - Michael Palka

"It felt like I was already awake and the iPhone just let me know it." - Anders Hejdenberg

Ability to charge your phone by your bed
Ability to place your iPhone according to the instructions (see screenshots)
Sleep Cycle does not work with Tempur mattresses

Please note that we no longer support iPod Touch. Please do not buy Sleep Cycle if you have an iPod Touch.


Original Poster

for people that work or whatever, I advise get this before it goes back up to its £2 price I think, as it actually does work! I dont feel tired when getting up.

Excellent, so you wake up feeling relaxed, but your head is frying from sleeping with the iphone just next to it all night ... excellent idea

Original Poster

Yes beacuse a phone in standy is going to fry your head...

Also, they tell you not to put it inder your pillow, more so to the side of the pillow or under the sheet.

It's been this 'launch price' for about 6 months now. So much for it being 'limited time only'.


Interesting app, worth a try at 59p even if there's a chance of making me less groggy in the mornings.

which phones will this work on?
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