Sleep Relax & Calm (Android App) Temporarily FREE on Google Play (was £2.99)

Sleep Relax & Calm (Android App) Temporarily FREE on Google Play (was £2.99)

Found 11th Feb
Whether you have had difficulties falling asleep or can’t sleep, or you wake and lie there
watching the clock, Sleep Well can help to retrain your sleep habits and encourage restful

The soothing voice of Tamsin Cooper who has helped thousands of people overcome
insomnia in her 20 years in hypnosis will now help you to sleep. Whether your sleep
problems are short term, erratic, or you have suffered a lack of sleep for a long time, allow
Tamsin’s soft voice to lull you into a perfect state of deep relaxation and peaceful sleep.

Tamsin is a successful Professional Hypnotherapist and runs a busy Hypnotherapy practice in Bedfordshire, England, her clients have been mainly UK based, but now she is reaching out with her beautiful Sleep Well hypnosis meditation to help you too.

Also included is a free hypnosis meditation, 31 Ways to a Happier Mind and Body packed
full of life changing coping mechanisms and strategies to help you to deal with many of life’s issues including stress, anxiety, confidence and much more, plus you can also download more of her self help audio hypnotherapy available as inApp purchases.

Using the very best in sound production it is recommended to listen to your hypnosis
meditation with earphones or headphones, so, just download, lie back, close your eyes and
allow yourself to just softly drift away into a perfect and relaxing sleep.
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Downloaded, opened, clicked play and nothing happened
Why does it require "Allow access to photos, files and contacts on your device." Hmm. Immediately uninstalled. Access denied.
Only 16 reviews.
Permissions also include "take pictures and videos"

By the looks of it, the permissions are needed to take profile pictures and to download content.
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