Sleep Show Baby Lullabies (baby soothing app) free on iOS

Sleep Show Baby Lullabies (baby soothing app) free on iOS

Found 9th Aug
A bit of an unusual one, but thought it may be useful for those HUKD'ers with wee bubbas.

It has an app-purchase in the form of a 'tip' if you like the app, and even if you don't the full app is unlocked after 30days of use anyway which I think is pretty good


Sleep Show will soothe your baby to sleep with 12 relaxing piano lullabies and an animated graphic visualizer of different shapes and colors to keep your child fascinated. Take your child’s sleep routine anywhere you go, establishing a loving and calming goodnight ritual to promote healthy sleep.

The app features original music from the album Delicate: Piano Lullabies by J. Cohen, available on Spotify, Apple Music and all major streaming services.

The initial app download has 5 songs and the visualizer. All features unlock after 30 days of use, or immediately upon tipping any amount starting from $0.99.

The unlocked Sleep Show app has:

- A total of 12 original, soothing piano lullabies
- Sleep timer that caps the show at 15, 30, 45 or 60 minutes
- Autostart function
- Repeatable
- Customizable to remove or add songs to playlist
- Animation controls to slow down, change color or freeze images
- Background play
- Universal app for iPhone and iPad
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Ahh, how lovely.
A few years too late for me but this could help save some other parents sanity
Thanks may take a look as a back up - currently use a baby monitor that has projector / music etc that my twin granddaughters love at night, during day we find they like Hushabye Mountain (Dick Van Dyke version only though) or songs from Mary Poppins
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