Sleepaway Camp DVD Trilogy @ Amazon £5.98 Delivered
Sleepaway Camp DVD Trilogy @ Amazon £5.98 Delivered

Sleepaway Camp DVD Trilogy @ Amazon £5.98 Delivered

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I've only ever seen the first one and really enjoyed it. Nice slasher movie with one of the most "interesting" twist endings. From what I've read, the sequels are more tongue in cheek but still entertaining as they have lots of gratuitous nudity in them, just like most of those old horror movies you would rent from the video shop on VHS in the 80's.

1p more at play.com (so if you have a voucher or summat go there) and quite a bit more everywhere else. The cheapest price for Sleepaway Camp 1 on it's own is £5.49 so this is a bit of a bargain, and remember, it's worth it just for that ending in the first movie.


Haha, I've heard about the "interesting" ending.

I've been thinking about buying this for the past few weeks.

I like old horror films so this should be right up my street.



Slightly cheaper at play.com if you include Quidco and varsity or other 5% discount.

Got to admit I'm tempted to buy it. Love slasher movies although the reviews on play aren't that kind.

I always take reviews of older Horror movies with a pinch of salt. Most them of them probably think "Saw V" is the height of excellence.

"Sleepaway Camp" is dated for sure, but it's camp 80's goodness that will reward those who don't expect too much.

For just over a fiver, it's hardly a gamble. Hot!

Love these films, dont go in expecting something amazing, these are just fun cheesey slashers, if your into that kinda thing you'll love em! I ordered these on r1 a long time ago and they cost me a lot more than this, hot deal!!! :thumbsup:

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