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Posted 16 November 2022

Sleeper Train between London & Scotland (Between 3rd Jan-8th Feb) from £37.50 with Code - e.g Euston to Glasgow 6th Jan @ Caledonian Sleeper

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Just received an email about this. Great price for the experience, worth nothing £37 for seats, might be a nice treat for someone! Many Dates at this price.

Code also applies for the rooms.

Based on the most popular routes:
£37.50 -

Can also go from Scotland to London:

Fort William


*Discount applies to reservations made via sleeper.scot only when using promo code SLEEPERSALE. Must be booked by 23:59 28th November 2022. Promo code valid on all routes and on all Caledonian Sleeper guest rooms and seated coach for travel between 3rd January and February 8th 2023 (inclusive). Promo code cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotion or with any rail discount cards or other discount card/schemes. There is no discount on inter-available tickets that are valid for travel on the sleeper or the room supplement.

You get:
  • Adjustable headrest
  • Adjustable footrest
  • Tray table
  • Individual reading light
  • USB charging port and plug socket
  • Wi-Fi
  • Secure overhead storage
  • Dedicated food and drink menu
  • Complimentary sleep kit
  • Luggage storage area

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  1. Avatar
    Note this is for the airline style seating, not the berths.
    Then it's hardly a sleeper. More like Ryanair of sleeper rail.
  2. Avatar
    London to Glasgow is less distance than Madrid to Barcelona by train.

    The latter takes 2 hours 30 mins by train and one way tickets are available under a tenner if you book in advance.

    UK trains are beyond a joke!!!
    The 500 mile return trip from Paris- Lyon by the freaking TGV is only around 20 Euros. Similar prices apply in Belgium. Germany introduced a month ticket for under £10 that gives unlimited walk on-walk off travel anywhere in the country & trains are free in Luxembourg - fares were so cheap that they weren't bothering to enforce them.
  3. Avatar
    Sleeping cabin still very expensive, even with the 25% discount with the code
    You can add a Railcard too if you have one (not sure that makes it cheaper but remember you don't need the have one at the time of booking, only when you actually get on the train. When we went on the sleeper I said we had a Railcard but as booked a year in advance, waited until the week before the trip to get one)
  4. Avatar
    Absolutely no good reason to sit upright all night. You can get a regular train ticket for around that if you book in advance, and for less travel time.

    I mistakenly booked a seat in an interrail sleeper in Germany assuming that I'd have a seat that reclined in some horizontal position. It was one of the worst night's sleep I've had on transport and the whole next day I was way too tired to do anything.
  5. Avatar
    Cheaper than living at home
  6. Avatar
    This is one of those services that you should just try and avoid. It's not that expensive booking in advane to just get a regular train to Scotland and doesn't take that long either. Less than 5 hours to Glasgow from Euston for example.

    And there's low cost providers like Lumo too.
    lols they dont release advance cheap tickets now...have been trying for months..ended up taking megabus for £14..99 night journey.
  7. Avatar
    I would really recommend against the seating. The lights never go off, so sleeping in them is really hard.
    I would've really recommended a sleep mask... hope you weren't a regular commuter
    TBF, I'm surprised they aren't given for free on this service?
  8. Avatar
    Reduced the price of a cabin for 2 from £580 to £434 to Edinburgh.., I’m sure a lovey experience but we could fly for £50 each..
    It's not necessarily that lovely an experience if you're going to have trouble sleeping. And the value here isn't so much the city to city trips, unless you're a live in Edinburgh / work in London type and need to be in the office early. It's going beyond Glasgow and Edinburgh and getting up into the Highlands earlier than you can otherwise, with no need to change trains or planes. For all the sleeper's faults, getting on at London Euston at 9pm and getting off here at 9am for breakfast... you can't beat that.

    NB. That place is closed in January, mind ;-)

    But basically, the sleeper has three types of customers: need to be in the office early commuters; outdoors types heading to the Highlands; and railway aficionados. If you're not one of those, it might not be for you. (edited)
  9. Avatar
    I can't see where to put the code in - anyone?
    On the main journey booking , under add a Railcard
  10. Avatar
    As these tickets are flexible, you don't have to worry about the strikes. You can cancel 2 days in advance, and get a full refund.
  11. Avatar
    Smells of a replacement bus service.
  12. Avatar
    I know they say trains ain't what they used to be but 3rd Jan -8th Feb to get to Scotland (edited)
    Hope there's not a strike between those dates. Could be March until you arrive.
  13. Avatar
    Strike strike strike if not the trains the underground..just back from London and trains ran fine but tube was on strike.Cost me £75 on a taxi from Wembley to Euston…so prepared for the extra costs
    So why didn’t you take the London overground? Wembley to Euston takes 20 mins. They weren’t on strike
  14. Avatar
    Believe the Caledonia Sleeper might end June next year as current franchise is ending and, well, currently any public service is in pretty sure straights . So might be a last chance to go on.

    As a wee lad the coaches would separate and go all the way up to Thurso on the North coast. Great memories... mostly of the rain but also how beautiful Scotland can be on a nice day with enough wind to ground the midges.
    French sleepers are like €30 for a bed. No wonder this will end at these rates.
  15. Avatar
    I got a seat on this in the 80s & it was lousy.

    It put me off trying sleepers again for years.

    Have since used multiple sleepers in mainland Europe, & the standards were better & prices tiny in comparison.

    Moscow SPB is the same distance as Glasgow/London & it cost £54 return on a wider version of the train originally picked for HS2 (called Sapsan there). However, it was too fast to be a sleeper, & sleeper prices were lower.
    it's a brand-new train these days, paid for by the Scottish Parliament. The ride between Glasgow and Fort William is stunning, with a good chance of snowy weather in January, and perhaps deer by the lineside.
    Definitely something worth doing, although yes, a private cabin is preferable for around £90 per person with the discount code.
    There is also a wonderful sleeper train from London Paddington to Penzance. Cornwall, which is amazing too!
  16. Avatar
    So is thus just London to Scotland? What about the other way?
    Once you get there you don't want to come back.
  17. Avatar
    I recently watched a youtuber riding this service and as I remember he thought it uncomfortable.
  18. Avatar
    Oh, my family loved this when we actually got tickets - best one in my humble opinion is to Fort William as you get stunning views at a sensible hour in the morning. Family of 4, boys early secondary age. But will be cold and dark in January (we went April).
  19. Avatar
    How many other people will be sleeping in there with you?
    Would I need to buy 2/4 tickets to be guaranteed peace?
    Looks a great deal tbf
    This is the seated carriage - it's not berths.
  20. Avatar
    The sleeper train is useful if you need to stay late in departure city or arrive early at destination and dont want to pay for hotel/dont want to waste the extra time that entails.
    It's also great if you don't need sleep. For the price of an actual bed in a sleeper, you can get three nights of a hotel in Edi or Glasgow anyway.
  21. Avatar
    I did it in a berth a few years ago when an airline I won't name cancelled my evening flight home and closed their customer service desk. £225 walk on fare for a berth, but I needed to get home. It was basic but comfortable, loud, jumpy and it literally felt like I was going to fall out of bed every time we accelerated. I probably got around three hours before my over priced breakfast arrived in the morning. At least I can say I've experienced it I guess! (edited)
  22. Avatar
    Easy solution to the sleeping problems highlighted here…
    grab a bottle of red wine, finish it and then u will be able to sleep.
    True until the 3am remorse mode kicks in.
  23. Avatar
    I'm a big fan of the sleeper, but the seated option... it ain't ideal. There's a lot of stopping and starting and shunting as the train makes its way up and adds / removes carriages on the way, and last time I did it going London to Fort William involved getting off at Edinburgh, hanging about a bit, and then getting onto a different seated carriage. I'd happily book a sleeping berth again, but I wouldn't do seated unless there really was no other option.
  24. Avatar
    Don't do it. Had to go for a sleep when I got myself in the house to catch up for lost hours.
  25. Avatar
    The great thing about the sleeper is if you’re heading up to the highlands and want to be out on the hills first thing. Going London to somewhere like Corrour overnight is magical. But don’t do it seated. 
  26. Avatar
    On the morning commute, there are plenty of people snoozing. Why go in the middle of the night? Sleep at home, get up late, sleep on the train. Much more flexible.
  27. Avatar
    Over £100 off a double room if you've got a two together railcard, combined with this code. Nice.
  28. Avatar
    Went up MTBing in Fort William probably 20 years ago using a berth, think it was £50/rtn. To be fair to the operator, £50 back then would be £85 today. Really enjoyed it so I'm glad to read some discouraging comments to avoid me falling for this!

    Got my eye on the sleeper train up into lapland from Oslo, that too may be a mistake!!!
    A berth, if you're a good sleeper, is grand. You get woken up by the stopping and starting, but if you can get back to sleep it's not that big a deal. If you're a light sleeper...
  29. Avatar
    A private room for a solo traveler is "only" £70 more. It's three times the price but would actually make it enjoyable rather than the hell of sleeping in a normal seat with bright lights.
  30. Avatar
    Seen some bad YouTube vids.on this train
    Some? I would imagine it accounts for less than 1% of people who have actually used the service.
  31. Avatar
    Would rather pay an easy jet 1.5 hour flight and nice hotel works out cheaper than a berth on the sleeper - added bonus you wont get woken up with the clacking of the rails and movement of the train.
  32. Avatar
    Good deal relative to the usual highway robbery but still a ridiculous price for an advance fare. A 600 mile walk on-walk off round trip in Belgium costs about £20. Similar elsewhere in Europe.

    It's only because we've become duped into accepting the Dick Turpin daylight robbery & poor service that has been the end result of the utterly failed policy of privatisation in just about every sector that this seems cheap.
    Agreed, even as the OP, I too feel that this should be cheaper, should be like £20 as you've said The fare is flexible though, unlike rail advance tickets (Where you have to sacrifice £10 for a refund). Travel prices these days are ridiculous
  33. Avatar
    I'd stick with easyjet over the Mk5 train seats anyday. Tried it once and will not be a repeat customer.
    The seats are actually worse than normal train seats. Lots of metal everywhere so if try to get into a comfy position will no doubt be pushed against a hard surface.
  34. Avatar
    I did this once for £25 one way on the seating. I should've paid the extra £5 for a blanket hire. Coldest night of my life!! Don't expect to get much sleep..
  35. Avatar
    I tried sleeping on a silmilar seat on boat Portsmouth to Caen. I didn't get 1 minutes sleep. Its a no from me.
  36. Avatar
    Best value for the experience is London to Fort William on 8th or 9th Jan in a club room(en-suite) £198.50 for 2 people with railcards!.
  37. Avatar
    I travelled in a seat years ago.. vever again! You get no sleep
  38. Avatar
    1hr 20 minutes to fly
  39. Avatar
    It wasn't that long ago when we could get £19 bargain berths on the sleeper. You could also get free access to the Euston 1st class lounge for showers and breakfast.
    This 'deal' is about double that price yet only for a seat and no bed!
  40. Avatar
    £37 for the pleasure of a guaranteed sleepless night which also then ruins the next day? Makes no sense to travel at night unless you absolutely have no other choice.

    World's gone mad that this is considered a deal
    I think most people have clicked hot thinking it's a berth ticket...