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Childs Football Bed Frame ( factory seconds ) £35 delivered @ Sleep Solutions
I thought this bed frame was good value , may have minor marks but should not affect the bed too much ;-) I bought the slightly more expensive ( £40 delivered ) wooden slatted one in white for my Gra… Read more
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does any1 know how much these weigh boxed?

The delivery details say 15KG

I will expire now as the price has gone up!!

does any1 know how much these weigh boxed?

My single is up against the wall so decided to give it a go for my little man - cheers op

I wouldn't bother with these cheap beds, I bought one for my son's first bed and now I have to buy another bedframe as the mattress slides of easily, there is no lip for it. Save your money for a decent bed.

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The link doesn't seem to work but try this one to see both beds on offer ;…asp

They seem to be approx £69 everywhere else!! x

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Planning to replace mine soon, I thought I would have a look.

Found first mattress I was interested in:…ble
= £359 delivered

Quick Google - the first one I linked to:…e=1
=£270 + 19.99 del = £289.99 delievered

in the chance that Quidco will track, the saving is tiny, clearly they have just added it to the price, I would go for the cheaper on in the certain knowledge it doesn't matter then, and as it happens, when I checked, that company do 7% Quidco anyway, so it is a potentially better anway

Didn't bother to look further on either site!

There might even be better deals elsewhere, I spent no time looking for other offers, was just checking as I can wait a little longer

COLD I am afraid! :-(

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