SLEEPY TIME IGGLE PIGGLE £25.99 instore @ Asda

SLEEPY TIME IGGLE PIGGLE £25.99 instore @ Asda

Found 6th Dec 2009
went to asda living last night and got this formy lil one down from £39.99, went to tesco extra st8 after and it was priced up at £40, and ive looked online cheepest is £29.99 in toys r us, a good deal, if you livie by a asda,its not online ive just looked,x not done many post so dont know how to put a photo up sorry,



To add an image, first find an image of the product, i use google, Then right click on it and click "copy image location" then come back to your post and paste the url into the img location box :thumbsup:

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i tght it was a good deal i know a friend who bought this few weeks back at £35 for a birthday and her lil one loved it,x thanks for putting a pic up ,x

I was shocked to see this priced at £40 in Tesco, it is so not worth that! £25 is obviously better, but it's still a rip-off for what you get (imo).

good price voted hot hope it works better then blanket time Iggle Piggle!

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yes i agree i have blacket time one and to hard for LO 2 cwtch, so trying this one for her, and yep price is way over what i think its worth 2, but arnet all toys over priced lately?x

Couldn't see any in my local asda... but managed to find one in my local tesco today for £26.?? (can't remember the pennies lol) Still not a bad deal for anyone who's still after one!
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