Sleepyhead pod £45 @ Amazon

Sleepyhead pod £45 @ Amazon

Found 6th Aug 2016
Sleepyhead pod for less than half price. They rarely get much of a discount so this seems a really good deal.
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This is incredibly hot. They're over £100 at JL and the replacement cover alone is as much as this. Regardless of how cynical you might be, this is an amazing deal.

wasn't this posted the other day and it says somewhere it's just the cover?
it is just the cover. it says in the description
"Box Contains
1 x Sleepyhead Deluxe cover"

Bl**dy sneaky though, you have to read right down to the bottom to find this
The rest of the description says it's the actual sleepyhead though, so if you buy it and they send the cover you might get a Sleepyhead out of them.
Just read the questions on Amazon and they mostly say it's the pillow and cover for this price making it a great bargain.
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