Sliced duck breast  £1 @ Farmfoods

Sliced duck breast £1 @ Farmfoods


Bargain, which store?

Nice... Bet there's none in my local.... Good find though

What a deal! Hot hot hot

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Farmfoods rotherham parkgate plenty left
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Came here to see some duck gifs.
I am disappoint...

how heavy are the bags please


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340g gram bags

Got a few on my way home from work, ate one last night and was impressed for a quid. It's 340g and half that is duck, you also get a single potato gratin and a sachet of sauce. Small meal but tasty, may pop back later and see if they have any more.

Be nice to know the size of the product?

🤯 there’s more than £1 of food here 😋 Duck tender, gratin tasty sauce nice too 🥇 would expect to pay around £6-7 for this else
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