Slide Arch Keyboard @ Maplins reduced from £29.99 to £4.99 while stocks last

Slide Arch Keyboard @ Maplins reduced from £29.99 to £4.99 while stocks last

Found 24th Jan 2008
Slide Arch Keyboard

Code A 47HG
Ergonomic design enables you to type comfortably and freely, reducing the muscular strain on your hands
Equipped with a slide-in numerical keypad that can be hidden when not required, saving space in your work area
Windows Office function keys and multimedia keys have been incorporated for easier operation
USB powered and benefits from an LED wheel for scrolling up and down

Don't know if this has been posted before but it looks a good deal. Maplins site says only 28 left in stock. Free P & P if your order is over £35.00 otherwise its £2.99


FAO: Mods

There seems to be something up with the maplin links, there's always…;p=

added to the begining of the url which takes you to the home page.

Some more pics which better illustrate the 'slide' and 'arch'

OK for a fiver - but taking mine back tomorrow as the keyboard is a US one, and not a UK like it says in the FAQ.

Looks like a chinese one to me ?

It's a mixture of layouts. I thought it was UK/Chinese, not US/Chinese.

No £ sign so us/chinese


No £ sign so us/chinese

as he said in the first place, heh.

US layout doesn't really matter though, just select english/british keyboard in your OS and it'll work just like a british one (obviously won't work if people in your house/office will be using it who aren't familiar with the "/@ keys being swapped ;> ).

Looks an OK keyboard (if very cheap), I like the pull out numpad.
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