SlideIT Keyboard for 99p in Android market

SlideIT Keyboard for 99p in Android market

Found 12th Jan 2012
Although it was available for 10p few days back as part of Android Market's celebrations, it is now available for 99p for those who might have missed it
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Good app but prefer TouchPal which is currently free!
I've got this & really like it. Tried other "swipe" apps and prefer this one.

Nice find, have some heat
bought it for 10p - but swype works better for me - more accurate by far
I bought this for 99p the other day myself. Glad I did. Heat for me.
Love this keyboard.

Guide here for those who dont have swype already on their phone -
FWIW the 2.3.4 update for the 2011 Xperia range includes swipe text input as standard.
Don't bother with this if you have the Samsung Galaxy S2 - the inbuilt Swype keyboard is LOADS better than this in terms of accuracy and use (_;)
Swiftkey X is miles better! Not a swype style, but amazingly accurate.
free with getjar app
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