Slim fast 450g tin for £2.99 @ savers

Slim fast 450g tin for £2.99 @ savers

Found 17th Sep 2009
Hi this is my first post and i am new to all this, but i have just been into my local savers in morley and they were selling the 450g tins for £2.99 they had chocolate,strawberry,vanilla,cafe latte flavour
they also had peach and mango 325ml bottle for 78p and rasberry 325ml bottle for 78p
dont know how long they are on offer for but just thought i would share with everyone else


Excellent price for this.

Little tip if you want to make the shakes thicker (like mc'd ones!)- add a couple of ice cubes when mixing/blending.

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thanks for the tip =)

Yep good tip............ and good price

Am going to get some!! if you shake instead of mixing they are ok, hot

Great price as i been getting them from Asda at 2 for £7 ! Nice find ..heat added

whats the advantage of this over buying a tub of protein powder.
it has loads of flavours available, tastes same/if not better, cheaper and will keep you fuller.


Hot from me


good price for the fatties


lol dont be mean

Here's a better tip..have a bowl of cereal or a bowl of porridge instead. Slim fast only works because you are replacing a meal where you would usually eat around 600 cals for a shake that is about 200 cals - you can achieve exactly the same thing by just eating lower cal food and you'll remain full longer and it's actually sustainable. If you just rely on slim fast and learn nothing, the weight will go straight back on once you stop having it.

Not trying to lecture, good price if you are determined to use slim fast - but it's a bit of nonsense really.
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