Slimline X-Wing Airer for £6 at John Lewis

Slimline X-Wing Airer for £6 at John Lewis

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Found 20th Jun 2016
These are great. Better than the A-wings

Slim and lightweight, this x wing airer is perfect for smaller spaces yet still offers a useful 11m of drying space.

Includes 4 corner hanger hooks 2 detachable sock drying clips


2 year guarantee included
- rodman


Lol! classic, heat from me, needed a laugh

Add £2 C&c fee.Should be£8 unless buying up to minimum for free delivery.

I think ties are better than this?

I had a similar model but it didn't get on with my cravats, I think it was called a Tie Fighter.

The force is strong with this one.

Red Socks standing by.
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Red Socks standing by.

Gold socks standing by.

Yoda thought this would have been more expensive.....

Where's the cockpit?


Just make sure you don't have a TIE rack nearby !

down to £6 now folkd

These can also be purchased at the Darth Mall

.....I`ll get me coat...........

Hot. For drying a small child's clothes.

This is not the airer you are looking for...

Shouldn't the title be "Slimline X-Wing Airer for £6.00 AT-AT John Lewis" ?


Picked up yesterday. It's tiny. Barely enough for half a washload
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